[Nathaniel Taylor?] Pennsylvania, to Robert Taylor, Co Down.

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Document ID 0702006
Date 05-01-1821
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation [Nathaniel Taylor?] Pennsylvania, to Robert Taylor, Co Down.;Copyright retained by Heather Taylor ; CMSIED 0702006
[Front of Letter]
[---?] of [---?]
[Mr?] Thomas Battersby
County Down

Robert Taylor

[Written on bottom right]

[Stamped on left]

[Page 1]
            Cumberland County Pennsylvania 
              January 5th 1821

Dear mother Brother and Sister
I take the oppertunity [opportunity?] of writing these 
few lines to you to let you know we are all well at 
present thanks to God who is the giver of all good I  
recd [received?] your letter dated December 20th 1819 the 
7th of April likewise the one with Jean which gave me great 
satisfaction to hear of your wellfare [welfare?], you may 
think by this time I have forgot you in not writing sooner 
but the reason was I wanted to be settled in a place that I 
could write more fully and expecting you heard in Jeans and 
Thomas Browns letter from [me?] I intended to have a place 
to farm or to went [sic] to the western country again Spring I 
could have got places plenty [there?] and I was offered one in 
the State of Ohio to build me A house and I might have it for 
paying the tax as long as I pleased on the sale of it reasonable 
enough but times is so Dull at present there is nothing to be 
made by farming which hindered me of taking one, I am earning 
more than If I was farming I fell in to work at an Iron furnace 
where I have fourteen Dollars per month and finds myself
I can find [no? [---?] [---?] [---?] for four [Dollars?] [---?] 
and [fr---?] [---?] [---?] [---?]  for [some?] [---?] [---?] 
[with?] [---?] [---?] [---?]       from [---?] [---?] 
[per?] [---?] [---?] [---?]       [---?] [---?] [---?]                             [---?] [---?] [---?] [---?]       [---?] [---?] [---?] [?                       

[Page 2]
For the particulars of the Country in respect of
farming I refer you to Thomas Browns letter my
employer carries on great work here he has A furnace
A forge and slitting mill for making hoop and nail
rod iron there is twelve watter [water?] wheels turned by 
A spring and it is all charcoal the use which gives employ 
to A great many men chopping [wood?] and he has not as much
pride as some farmers in Shanrod.

John had a Better errand [here?] than me he need never work a 
days work in his life he has got in with the best people in this 
country his school is not large at present but he expects to get 
A better one again spring and he is well liked by the people and 
he has behaved very well since he came here.
Jean metioned [mentioned?] that you had some notion of coming here
But I would not advise you yet I think if you would get the place 
at A moderate rate you could live easyer [easier?] than you have 
Done the time back and fowlow [follow?] the plan of labour I was 
on when I came Away and I would be glad you would keep up the name 
on the place when you
[---?] [send?] me word [al---?]  [----?]  [total?] [rent?] you
[---?] [----?] mention [----?] [----?] [-----?] for any
[---?] [----?] this    [----?] [----?] [-----?] and
[---?] [----?][----?]    [----?] [----?] [-----?] [--n?]
[---?] [----?][----?]    [----?] [----?] [-----?] [ow?]

[Page 3]
Little John had a spell of sickness [and?] [----?] [----?]
part of the summer but he is thriving well[----?] [----?]  
carry in stove wood now and little Jean    [----?] [----?]  
We have got note [--?] from James Brown  [----?] [----?] 
but there was A Neighbour seen him 15 [miles?] [----?] [----?] 
Baltimore and he [----?] [----?] could be here [but?] [----?]  
[butter?] was [well?] [----?] [----?] [--wel?] [----?] [----?]
Thomas Brown is [well?] [and?] so is Betty [----?] [----?] 
mentioned in her letter [---?] John [Simpson?] [----?] [----?] 
we wrote to the man he was with [and?] [----?] [----?]
over his sickness and went to [Columbia?] [----?] [----?] 
word from him send me word if he does [----?] [----?] 
I was well pleased with the last letter [----?] [----?] 
acount [account?] of letting me know the state [of?] [----?]
and I expect you will write as soon [as?] [this?] [comes?]
to hand and it will satisfy me if [----?] [----?] 
the same again and let me know [----?[----?] [----?]]
country and how the old neighbours [----?] [----?] 
to be remembered to all my [enquiring?] [friends?]
and neighbours

                      Dear mother Brother [and sister?]
                            I remain [--?]