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Irish Emigration Database

What permissions do I require before publishing data from IED?

Most of the data contained in IED does not require special permissions for publication. However, before you can publish data from some privately deposited documents it may be necessary to obtain the permission of the owner/depositor of the archive. Copyright details are indicated at the head of each document. Where there is a copyright issue, it is important that you contact MCMS well in advance of publication to give us time to check if permission is required and then to contact the owner/depositor.

How should I cite data from IED in publications?

The preferred form of citation is given at the head of each document. The MCMS Library welcomes a complimentary copy of any publication containing cited data from IED.

Voices of Migration & Return (VMR): Copyright and Permissions

The copyright of the recorded audio interviews included in VMR rests with the interviewer, Johanne Devlin Trew and the Mellon Centre for Migration Studies, Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Copyright extends for 50 years following the end of the year in which an interview was recorded.

Permission to use material from VMR in publications must be obtained from the copyright holders and the source of the material must always be fully acknowledged. Use of the VMR material is also restricted to fair dealing as defined under the 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act (UK) which allows for limited quotation of material with the following provisions:

  • The amount of quoted VMR material included is no more than necessary and is justified in the accompanying discussion
  • The VMR material may not be distorted or used in a derogatory manner.

Example of Citation

Trew, Johanne Devlin (2007) Interview with Aimie, Colchester, Essex, February 14. Mellon Centre for Migration Studies, Voices of Migration & Return Collection, VMR-078.


For enquiries relating to the use of the VMR material, please contact:Dr Johanne Devlin Trew ( )

Mail enquiries to:Mellon Centre for Migration Studies, Ulster American Folk Park, 2 Mellon Road, Castletown, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, N. Ireland, BT78 5QU.

For further information on copyright and fair use, please consult the UK Copyright Service: