The Commonwealth of Massachussetts.

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Document ID 201146
Date 19-09-1857
Document Type Newspapers (Extracts)
Archive Ballymena Main Library
Citation The Commonwealth of Massachussetts.;The Ballymena Observer, Saturday, 19 September, 1857; CMSIED 201146

  There are 331 towns in the Commonwealth including
14 cities. The whole population is 1,132,169, and
the whole number of legal voters 211,809.  The
number of coloured persons in the States is 9,906
of whom 189 are Indians or half-breeds.  Of the
white population 244,685 are foreign born - 181,304
of these, very nearly three fourth, being Irish.
The increase of population, throughout the State,
in five years from 1850 t0 1855, was 16 per cent.
The increase in the several cities was as follows:
Lawrence, 92 per cent; Chelsea, 65; Newburyport, 40;
Worcester, 39; Cambridge, 38; Charlestown, 36;
New Bedford, 24; Springfield, 21; Boston, Lynn, and
Lowell, each 15; Fall River, 13; and Salem, 10.
There are 86 towns in the Commonwealth which have
diminished in population since 1850.

Transcribed by James Tuff