Rebecca [?], to [?]

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Citation Rebecca [?], to [?];Farrelly Family Letters, Drumriley, Ballinamore Co Leitrim. Photocopies Donated by Dr John Dinnen; CMSIED 0709025
they were both getting along nicely
when I was over last week,
Mamma expects to go over to -
morrow to see her, this is her first
and last [----?] she is able to be
around, I guess she had a
hard time, Fred is very proud 
of his daughter.

I never remember such a month 
as June was, I heard news of
all kinds, a girl I knew
quite well, but an intimate
friend of Carries' had a young
son on the 14th & on the 
20th she was dead, of scarlet
fever, and on the 10th  of
June, Uncle John Abraham died,
Aunt Matilda went out for a 

taking up massage treatment
of the face & scalp, she thinks
she will like that, she is
tired of living out, Aunt Fanny
is well, she was down Sunday
I heard from cousin Richard Reilly,
Cousin Alick had been home
sick for some time, but is
feeling better when he wrote, he
had gone back to his position 
in Belfast, the rest of the
family are well, he sent
his love to you all.
I haven't had a chance to 
get to Brooklyn to see the
folks since I wrote of
Burke and I hope to get over

to see them some night this week, I
went up to see Nellis Daly our evening
they are all well, yes, Nellie got
her glass.  I haven't been down
to see Tillie recently, I think Jim
and some of his family were on
this Spring, no, I do not believe
Beckie is doing anything, I guess
you can live cheaper there, than 
you can here, Frank talks of going
to Europe this summer again.
I met [Vevie?] Heaney one afternoon
she is about the same as usual
her mother has not been very well,
her father is about as usual.
I was very glad to hear Grace [Bain?]
had a young daughter, I expect
she is glad to have a girl.
We were very sorry to hear of the
death of cousin Harry, I am sure
his mother and sister miss him
very much, I thought his mother married
again, I know so very little of that aunt
& cousins, as I never corresponded with
them, always hearing from you about
them, I have another birth to tell
you about, Maud has a little girl
since the 13th of June ["Aguas"]?

I can't begin to mention each 
one, I was very glad to hear
about the children, I guess
they are very fond of
Aunt Beck as she is so good 
to all, Mary must be a little
dear, well I must  stop, I
have to write a few lines to
Bridgeport, to let them know 
I arrived home safely, I think 
my supply of news is exhausted
Each our of the family joins 
with me in sending lots of 
love to Aunt Rebecca, Frank,
and yourself, and xxxxxxxxx
xxx for my sweethearts
Lovingly your sister
while, and when she returned
she found Uncle John stretched
on the floor dead, heart
disease was the cause, it
was a great shock to all, he
was buried on Sunday in
Evergreen Cemetery, Aunt M,
Mamma, Aunt Fanny & Cousin
Maggie just happened
to come in to the city to see
[Hill's?] baby before she went
to Lenox, so she was in time 
to see him, Aunt Matilda
came back to our house
from the funeral, and was
with us three weeks, she

wrote to her brother in Bermuda,
and he came on last week, and
sent Aunt Matilda to Bermuda
to her daughter and mother, and he
is going on to Belfast for about six 
weeks, so she left us last Saturday
Maud is getting a fair education
she is about eighteen years of age
her uncle has charge of this school.
I guess he is very clever, the pupils
that attend this school all pay.
When Maud writes to me she
always mentions you & the children
I never think of telling you.
Carrie and her mother are well,
they are down to Babylon for
the summer, to her brothers.
   I was very glad to hear about
all the girls, I saw the piece
about Dr. Johnston's wedding 
in the paper.
  Lenfesty's house will be very
nice, with such improvements.
  Give my love to all the girls 

Transcribed by Eileen Cassidy