Maggie McDermott, Kilkeel To My Dear Cousin , [USA ?]

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Document ID 108004
Date 30-01-1927
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Maggie McDermott, Kilkeel To My Dear Cousin , [USA ?];Document Presented By & Copyright Retained By Sharon DoranTurnbow; CMSIED 108004


              Jan. 30th

My Dear Cousin
I am sure you will be surprised to hear from me I am one of your
uncle Barneys daughters and heard of the death of your husband
through Katie Doran.  Please accept my sincere sympathy with you
was your husband long ill or have you many children I dident
[didnt?] hear much particulars about it I asked Minnie Doran for your
adress [address?] that is how I came by it she lives quite close to me
as she is married to a cousin of my husbands.  We used to get letters
ocasionally [occasionally?]  from  Mrs Whelan  that  is uncle Toms
daughter but the adress [address?] got lost and we couldent [could'nt?]
write to her does she live near to you my father & mother are both dead
since 1920 Lord have mercy on them there is no one at home now but the
two boys I have another sister lives close to me Alicia she remembers
seeing your husband when he was in [Ireland?] I was in L pool [Liverpool?]
then I came home to look after my Father & Mother when they got sick I was
married in 1920 ) please drop me a line in answer to this and let me
know how yous [you?] all are, with
From Your Cousin Maggie McDermott

Adress [address?]
Mrs Patrick McDermott
    Grange Kilkeel
        Co Down
be sure to put Mrs Patrick as there is three Mrs McDermotts in
the same
            Good bye Please
                  write when
                                     MMD  [Maggie McDermott?]