Letter from John Ferguson and Matilda Ferguson, Philadelphia to Samuel and Magy

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Document ID 200909005
Date 16-10-1871
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Letter from John Ferguson and Matilda Ferguson, Philadelphia to Samuel and Magy;Donated by Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 200909005
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					Philadelphia 16 October 1871

Dear Samuel and Magy wee [we?] are very uneasy in mind in regard 
of not getting a letter from yous [you?]. This long time we think it 
strange but wee [we?] trust yous [you?] have not forgot we sent a 
letter to yours [you] on the 8th agust [august?] and one on the 7th 
of September and has got no answer but wee [we?] hope yous [you?] 
are in good health as this leaves us all at present thank God for 
his kind [-------?] to us. We have got letters from Castletown 
and [droit?] but all the time we are requesting yous [you?] to 
rite [write?] for we are expecting it every day as regards us in this 
Countery [Country?] wee [we?] are dooing [doing?] as well as could 
be expected wee [we?] are making plenty of money and has good 
health as regards to myself I am in steady employ [employment?] 
I am at present in a Marble and Brownstone yard about 10 yards 
from my house 

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it is very convenient to me. I had been working to the same man for 
some time before out at west Philadelphia when that Bilding 
[Building?] was done hee [he?] told me to gow [go?] into the yard as 
it was conveniant [convenient?] to me hee [he?] said hee [he?] was 
from Tyrone and hee [he?] had a good mind to any one ought [out?] 
of the countery [country?] the work that is done in this yard is 
verry [very?] nice but not sore work the name of the Boss is 
McCoplin. Thomas is steady in the business he was at and hee [he?] 
has got the Charge of  the men. Johney and David and Seragh is in 
the same employment the [they?] was [were?] in when I 
rote [wrote?] before. Catherine William and Samuel is at school 
your mother is much the same in health as before. The hot time 
is over and the weather is now much the same as at home.

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The people in this Country Lives verry [very?] nice besides 
[besides?] the [they?] doo [do?] at home both in aperil [apparel?] 
and victuals but I hear that the Crops is very bad in Ireland this 
season. I hope yous [you?] have been fortunate in regard to 
having a good crop as John Mellons daughter Margret [Margaret?] 
went home from here on the 2nd September and Thomas sent 
some little preasents [presents?] home with her. Ther [There] 
was a Shale [Shawl?] for Magy and a brest [breast?] pin for 
you and a little pocket boock [book?] for Little John Alexander 
and a ring for your sister Mary Anne. Wee [we?] hope yous [you?] 
have saw her and had some talk with her about this countery
 [Country?] and if you have not rote [wrote?] to us before you 
receive this rite [write?] immediately and Let us know all particulars 
for we are longing much for a letter from you Dear Magy your 
grandfather died in the begining [beginning?] of last month it is 
very expensive here to bury the dead your uncle paid 65 Dolars 
[Dollars?] for the grave to bury in and the Funeral expenses

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otherways [otherwise?] cost upwards of 100 Dolars [Dollars?] 
provisions here is prety [pretty?] high Butter is 40 cents per 
pound and eggs 36 cents for Dozen potatoes from 75 to 80 cents 
per basket meat from 14 to 18 cents per pound Flower [Flour?] 
9 Dolars [Dollars?] per Barrle [Barrel?] There was great 
disturbance in the City yesterday and a great many kiled [killed?] 
it was the election  I intend Sending yous [you?] a paper and you 
will hear all the news  give our best respects to your Father 
hoping he is well and all the Family Likewise Joseph and Elisa 
and Mother Brother Sister and family in [droit?] and all 
enquiring friends and Let them know we are every day expecting 
a Letter from them the Family all joins me in sending Their Love 
to yous [you?] in the kindest maner [manner?] while we remain 
your sincer [sincere?] Father and Mother
		John and Matilda Ferguson