J.G. Perrin, Liverpool, to John Byrne, [Ireland?]

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Document ID 205252
Date 16-08-1880
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation J.G. Perrin, Liverpool, to John Byrne, [Ireland?];Donated by Ms M Greaney; CMSIED 205252
Fenwick Court,

Liverpool 16 August 1880

Mr John Byrne

Dear Mr Byrne

I enclose a note I received
from your son some time ago,
and shall be glad to hear
from you if you see your
way to doing as he says.
I would not have troubled
you about this, but I make
sure (sic) that you have overlooked
the matter.
I hope that Byrne will do well
abroad and that you will shortly
hear of his safe arrival in
          I am
             Your Very sincerely
                 J. G. Perrin