John Scott, Philadelphia, to John Bradshaw, Belfast, July 1756

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Document ID 9309163
Date 26-07-1756
Document Type Letters (Other)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation John Scott, Philadelphia, to John Bradshaw, Belfast, July 1756; PRONI D.354/1034; CMSIED 9309163
Mr. John Bradshaw
in Belfast

Mr. John Bradshaw              Philadelphia 26th July 1756
Dear Sir      I wrote you by the Boyne Capt. [Captain?] Godfrey but as she
was lost cant say if you recd. [received?] it as I never could Learn if
Godfrey saved his Letters, but of no great Consequence do not think it
requires a Coppy [Copy?], by some late [stained] from your place am very
glad to hear [torn] good [stained] friend Mr. Daniel Mussenden was recovered
wk [work?] from the many melancholy accts [accounts?] I had both from
England & Ireland I never expected ____
 The trade of this Citty [City?] will now flourish its to be hoped more than
in times of pace provided we get the better of the ffrench on the Contenint
[Continent?] wh [which?] I hope in God we shall_ Gennerall [General?]
Winslow about Eight days ago marched against Crownpoint which is the first
motion our army has made this Campaign, there has been many sch [such?]
[-------?] in all which I think we have the advantage___
  Were you to send a few lowpriced Irish Linnens [Linens?] by every
oppertunity [opportunity?] they would answer well & you may expect speedy
returns, pray does Mr. Mussenden pursue bussiness [business?] still ___
I am [------?] Your mt [most?] Humble St [Servant?]
                                   John Scott
(Coppy) [(Copy?]