Ships Eleanor et al., Captured by Ship Junius Brutus.

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Document ID 9808362
Date 29-05-1781
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping News)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ships Eleanor et al., Captured by Ship Junius Brutus.; PRONI D 2015/5/7; CMSIED 9808362
Transcribed from the Belfast Newsletter, 29 May, 1781

Alexander Davison master of the ship Eleanor of Belfast
in  a letter to his owner advises that he sailed  on the
21st ult. from the Cove of Cork bound for Barbadoes.
The next day she was taken off Cape Clear by the Junius
Brutus of Salem of 20 guns and 150 men.  He also mentions
the capture of three other vessels.  The privateer gave
the Captains and the greatest part of the crews a boat
to carry them ashore and they landed at Crookhaven.