Ship Amiable, Liverpool to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 8903092
Date 20-05-1801
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Ship Amiable, Liverpool to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 8903092
                             20 May, 1801
                             Ship Amiable
Ship = Amiable: Master = Daniel Tillinghart: From = Liverpool:
Burthen = 252 tons: Built at = Philadelphia: State of = Pennsylvania:
Owned by = Jerimiah Winters: Of = Philadelphia: Bound for = Philadelphia:
Names               |     Baggage
Cabbin [Cabin?] Passengers.
Henry Beggs               two trunks, one package, bed and beding [bedding?]
Joseph Donaldson          three trunks, two chests, one box, bed & beding
Miss E. Nicklin           Three trunks, two chests, two boxes, bed & beding