Barque Lord Stanley, Liverpool to Philadelphia.

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Document ID 2006368
Date 17-08-1832
Document Type Passenger Lists
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Barque Lord Stanley, Liverpool to Philadelphia.; CMSIED 2006368
List of the Passengers names, Ages &c -  on board of the
Barque Lord Stanley, J.R. Hall Master from Liverpool.

Names                          Ages

Alice Bonner                    18
Edward Bonner                   52
Elizth. Bonner                  46
Susannah Bonner                 13
Maria Bonner                    11
Jane Bonner                      9
Tina Bonner                      7
Thos Bonner                      4
Robt Bonner                      2
Timothy Daniels                 24
Miss Daniels                    30
Ellen Greenrod                  40
Wm Greenrod                     8 mos
Elizth. Fearnley                50
Margaret Fearnley               25
Enoch Fearnley                  22
John Fearnley                   26
Martha Fearnley                 10
Thomas Fearnley                  7
John Connor                     40
Robt Martin                     38
Jane Martin                      9
Mrs Kennedy                     45
John Kennedy                    10
Edward Kennedy                   8
Peter Kennedy                    6
James Kennedy                    4
Isaac Miller                    50
Charlotte Miller                46
John Miller                     18
Isaac Miller                    14
Ann Miller                      10
Jane Miller                      7
James Miller                     4
Martha Miller                    2
Betty Brown                     17
Mrs Collins                     36
Kitty Collins                   12
John Collins                     9
Thomas Collins                   3
Patrick Collins                  5 mos
John Tuxford                    21
Martin Tuxford                  19
Daniel Carrol                   46
Evan Thomas                     50
Eleanor Thomas                  46
John Thomas                     18
David Thomas                    15
Thomas Thomas                   13
Daniel Thomas                   11
Evan Thomas                      9
Benjn Thomas                     7
Elizh Thomas                     5
Sarah Thomas                     3
Mary Thomas                     18 mos
Wm Maddocks                     35
Elizh Maddocks                  35
Edward Maddocks                  8 mos
Joseph Lees                     42
William Lees                    11
Margaret Lumley                 25
Mary Lumley                     26
Mary Ann [Wolsenham?]           20
John [Kipz?]                    40
Thos [Gaunt?]                   36
Robt Williams                   24
Margaret Williams               21
Margaret Williams                3 mos
Charles Norton                  23
Charles Norton jr                3
Thos Goaley                     26
Mrs Goaley                      24
Saml Goaley                      5 mos
Biddy Ryant                     36
John Condon                      9
Thomas Condon                    4
Mrs Lockhart                    40
Jane Lockhart                   18
Samuel Lockhart                  7
Daniel Davies                   36
Esther Davies                   36
Ann Davies                      12
Daniel Davies                   10
David Davies                     8
Eliza Davies                     5
Benjamin Davies                  2
John Davies                      2 mos
Andrew May                      46
James Whithead                  27
Mary Whithead                   26
Prudence Whithead                7
William Whithead                 5
Joseph Whithead                  2
James Lahey                     23
Charles Moore                   20
Matthew Ferguson                30
Margaret Ferguson               29
Mary Ann Ferguson               24

List of the Crews

John Ritchie Hall               Master
William Walker                  Mate
Thomas Naylor                   2nd Mate
John Smith                      Carpenter
John Smith                      Cook
Richd Barnet                    Seaman
James Shaw                      Seaman
Thomas Angus                    Seaman
Thomas Hind                     Seaman
James Thompson                  Seaman
James Vincent                   Seaman
James Griffiths                 Seaman
John Storey                     Seaman
John Peter Neilson              Seaman
Robt Williams                   Seaman
Thomas Macklow                  Seaman

Mrs Walen                       40
Mary Walen                       8
Julia Walen                      3
Margaret Walen                  28
Mary Morrison                   50
Patrick McGuines                35
David Edward                    21
Thos Dunning                    35
Matthew Hall                    19
Michael Bow                     21
Kearon Bow                      23
Mrs Bow                         23
Catharine Miller                12

Total                           111
Crew                             16

Total Number of Passengers & Crew 127

I J.R. Hall
do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear that the Report or
Manifest subscribed with my name, and now delivered by me to
the Collector of the District of Philada [Philadelphia?] contains,
to the best of my knowledge and belief, a just and true account of
all the passengers which were on board the Barque Lord Stanley
at the time of her sailing from the port of Liverpool
or which have been taken on board at any time
since; that I am at present, and
have been during the voyage, master of the said vessel. And
I do likewise swear that all matters whatsoever in the said
Report or Manifest are, to the best of my knowledge and
belief, just and true.

Sworn before me this 18th day of August 1832.

[J H Q?]


J.R. Hall