James Ferres, New York to his family, Larne area, Co. Antrim.

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Document ID 9006129
Date 01-01-1860
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation James Ferres, New York to his family, Larne area, Co. Antrim.; PRONI T 1458; CMSIED 9006129
Dear Margaret I long greatly to see you
and the children many times i dream
i am with you but i find my great mistake
when i awake from my sleep but although i
am absent from you I know that God is
present with you to comfort you in your
trouble but i hope to be with you shortly
if it be Gods pleasure to be so  my continual
Prayer is that God will keep and preserve
you and the children to we meet again in
health with sincere Prayer of your ever loving
Husband and Father
till Death
                    James Ferres

               Maggy Ferres
               from her Da [father?]

Dear Maggy i am glad to hear that
the pain in your breast is not so bad as it
was and that your mother is not so ill as is
represented to be and that nancy & Mary Anna
and big son and Elisa is all well i was
dreaming about my James last night i hope that
he is not sick but i am afraid he is by what
i dreamt about him Magy [Maggy?] I send you this
my likeness but it is not well taken but
it will keep you in mind of me if you
should never see me again in this world
but i hope we will all be spared to meet again
in our own family when we will not part again
till death seperates [separates?] us in this world from
                     Your loving father
                      James Ferres