Seventy-seventh report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1908-09

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New Royal College of Science. 
In our Report for 1907-08 we stated that a contract for the erection of the superstructure of this building had been entered into in January, 1908, and that satisfactory preparations of materials and plant had been made by the During the financial vear under report the execution of the work proceeded with considerable speed. 
The progress made was so good that the walls of the greater part of the building had reached the roof level by the end of the year. 
The floors of the building also were completed by 31st March. 
In our last Report we stated that working drawings were under preparation for the new Mechanical Engineering School of the College, which will occupy a site contiguous to the main building. 
During the past year, arrangements for the erection of the Engineering School were completed, and the excavations for the foundations, and oilier preliminary works, were carried out by the Con¬ tractors (Messrs. 
McLaughlin & Harvey, of Belfast). 
A contract has been entered into for the heating and ventilation of the new buildings, and considerable progress has been made with the work. 
Schemes for the electrical and other equipment, and for the electric lighting of the buildings are also in course of preparation. 

State Residences. 
erection of the new glass houses in the gardens has been completed, and a new heating system for the houses and the existing vineries has been installed. 
Dublin Castle.—It 
has been felt for some time past that the State Apartments in the Castle, and particularly the servants' quarters, fell in some respects short of modern requirements as to heating and ventilation. 
There was, however, much difficulty in making the necessary structural changes in so old a building without interfering with its periodic occupation. 
A scheme of alterations was, however, worked out, and with your Lordship's approval carried into execution during the past year. 
The works comprise a central corridor on the ground floor and improved access to the bedrooms on the upper floor; improved ventilation and natural lighting; additional cooking apparatus; some new bathrooms; the heating of the State Apartments by hot water radiators; hot water services throughout; some sanitary renewals; and the extension of the electric lighting to the whole premises. 
These alterations have added to the comfort and convenience of the occupants of the State Apartments, and substantially increased the stability of the buildings, without injuring or interfering in any way with the structural or decorative features of the Apartments. 

Royal University and Queen's Colleges. 
The Irish Universities Act, 1908, which establishes two new Universities in Ireland, incidentally provides that the Buildings of the Royal University and of the Queen's Colleges in Belfast, Cork and Galway, shall as from the appointed day, be transferred from our charge to that of the^newly constituted authorities. 
The necessary arrangements, however, were not completed, and the date of innoS|er5 according1y> had not been fixed, before the end of the financial year 

General Post Offices, Dublin and Belfast. 
Plans for large extensions to each of these buildings have been prepared, and tenders received. 
For details see Appendix A, page 50. 

Land Commission Office. 
The staff of the Land Commission has considerably increased with the progress of Land Purchase, and this enlarged staff has been accommodated, at some inconvenience, in houses in Merrion Street and the neighbourhood, taken on temporary lettmgs. 
A substantial improvement has now been effected by the erection of a large building in ferro-concrete behind No 23 Merrion btreet, in direct communication with the principal office of the Estates Com¬ missioners. 
These premises, which are now occupied, consist of four floors over the basement, each floor providing an area of about 4,400 square feet, available for offices, besides strong-rooms, etc