Seventy-seventh report of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, with appendices for 1908-09

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9 The following table gives an outline of the progress made with the various Marine works in operation or completed under the Act, with a statement of the expenditure thereon up to the 31st March last:— 

Works Tioposeil. 
Pi ogi ess Marie. 

Estimated Total Oost. 

Expended to 31st March, MO'l 

Cape Clear, County Cork : 

An inner harbour cross wall, with entrance (and booms) at one end; repairs and improve¬ ments to the harbour walls, and deepening of the inner har¬ bour. 
Bound stone, County Galway : 

The extension of the existing north pier to cover a dangerous rock. 
Kilronan, County Galway:— The extension and partial recon¬ struction of an existing old jetty. 
Cleggan, County Galway : 

Construction of a breakwater and cattle slip, and the removal of a portion of the existing groyne. 
Kinvarra, County Galway: The restoration of the pier and wharf walls, and the erection of a new storm wall and other minor improvements. 
G-ortnasate, County Donegal : 

The construction of a deep water quay for steamers, and of an approach road, and the re¬ moval of shoals. 
Cladnageeragh, County Donegal • 

A timber jetty extension of the existing pier. 
Portnoo, County Donegal : 

Kebuilding of an old pier, Downies Bay, County Donegal • 

An extension of the existing pier and the removal of rock from the end thereof. 
Falcorrib, County Donegal : 

* The construction of a boat slip, . 

Liscannor, County Clare : 

The deepening of the harbour; the construction of two special berths for steamers; an exten¬ sion of groyne at the entrance; and the formation of a service area for traffic. 

Cleggan, County Galway : 

Extension of the pier, Benard Point, County Kerry : 

The widening and extension of an existing boat slip and the con¬ struction of a protection wall. 
Downies Bay, Co. 
Donegal : 

Further extension of the pier, 

Works completed, 







The work is finished, except for 

some rock excavation in the bed of the harbour, which the contractors have failed to deal with. 
The Board have ter¬ minated the contract, with a view to arranging for the exe¬ cution of the unfinished work. 
The work has been commenced, and is proceeding satisfac¬ torily. 
Considerable progress has been made with the works, which will, it is anticipated, be com¬ pleted in the summer or autumn of 1910. 
In addition to repairing the da¬ 

mage done to the pier head in January, 1908, a further ex¬ tension of the pier was sanc¬ tioned in September, and the work is now in hands. 

d £ s. 

6,493 7 9 

8,500 0 0 

1,949 4 a 

3,319 15 8 

3,733 18 6 

5 4 

5,712 1 a 

1,250 0 1 

3,091 0 4 4.369 
9 8 

1,007 13 0 7,083 9 7 

7,800 0 0 

2,500 0 0 

4,850 0 0 

745 14 4 

1,289 3 10 

2,739 10 7