[?], Belfast to W.J.C. Allen, Dublin

		My dear Allen
            I do not think that M Montgomery would
take such a step as that suggested by you, but I
will Endeavour to get a letter from him addressed to
me of such a kind as will make it imperative on
Mr Bruce [Erskine?] to abandon the trust or approve
of the Deed.
   I know the peculiarity of our Situation & I feel
that which we may with propriety ask M Montgomery to
[warm?] the Covenant for [--ain?] we cannot advise
him to do without the Covenant on the [l-pee-?] part
to pay the [rent?]
   I hope Mr [Mu-t-?] [W--?] be arranged before Jan
[--tain?] Which I [pre----?] will be in a week or 10
              Mr [?] [---------?]
              [----?] K. South

 Belfast 6 May 1841

                    W.J.C. Allen Esq
                    76 Lower Gardener Street
                         Dublin [?]