R. A. White, Ardboe to Joseph Anderson, Co. Tyrone.

		To: Master Joseph Anderson
    Ballymaguire [County Tyrone?]

      Brookend July 6th [1851?]

  Master J. [Joseph?]
           I sit down
to address you hoping you
will not be offended at me
for doing so and only that
I had the pleasure of seeing
you at the house I could not
have brought myself to address
you, and which I am ashamed
to acknowledge on account
of me not making my appearance
but I hope there will be
forgiveness as I was not in the house
I did not see you until
you were on the road going
home and then I thought
that it was better for to not
appear at all,
and as for Mr C. I hope
you will appologise [apologise?] to him
on account of me not being
in the house, for He was a great
friend of mine the last day
I was in Cookstown,
Master Joseph you dissappointted [disappointed?]
a great many on account
of you not coming to our
Church according to promise
now I hope you will
not be offended at me
for taking the liberty of
sending you these few lines
and if it does offend I hope you will
pardon and forgive

     Yours truly R. A. White