Commissioners for Administering Laws for Relief of Poor in Ireland: third annual report with appendices

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13a Return of Emigration. 
[Ai »i\ B. 
XVI Emigration—Abstract of Returns from Clerks of Unions of the Number of Emigrants sent out by Boards of Guardians of Unions in Ireland, since the passing of 12 & 13 Vic, c. 
104, i. 
from the beginning of August, 1849, lo the end of April, 18.50, 
in pursuance of the Provisions of the Irish Poor Relief Acts (not including Orphan Girls sent out as Emi¬ grants to Australia, under arrangements made with the Emigration Com-ruisbioners-*). 


Balrothcry, Baltinghias, 

"Sambeis sent Ileitis lo | yeais of Ofie I and upward *. 

Males iFemahs I 




Cashel, Edenderry, Ennis, . 

Killamey, {-

Kilnialloek, . 

I / •** 




J'la '.Jb 
o( de-ituuition of the i'miyiants. 

73 | Ouebcc. 
3 I America. 

7 ' youth Australia. 

New York. 

New youth Wales. 


_Tew York. 

Observations b\ t ley! 

Tlu-,e are children of a piueiit niuncd Jackson, v\ho dosoiled thorn sonic tnno hack hy going to America, and were sunt to him in charge ot a ftiend mid at 3ns request, at, a cost of £7 ]0f, * (hie of them, the mother--her hiish.uid 
was trans¬ ported some years pre¬ viously, and n free passage was granted hy the Gov em¬ inent to In-, Cuiiily to South Australia; the Hoard of < 'uardiiuis pioetuiiig the outfit for them. 
The Guardians have re¬ solved to scud a pauper iu tho workhouse named Owen Hand, nged 16 yeai -,, to New York; and also ono Patt, Kecnan, his wife, and two chil¬ dren to Quebec (who arc all inmates of the workhouse), hut these persons have not yet been sent out hy the t. 
Board of Guaidinns. 

f With respect to Anieiica, 

the emigration has been to the United States; with tho exception of one family consisting of father, mother, and five children, who proceeded to British America. 
The emigrant to Australia joined her mother in Dublin, a convict pro¬ ceeding to that country. 
The Board of Guardians have agreed to assist eleven others who have not yet left the work¬ house. 
•For Rotura of Orphan Girls sent out as Emigrants to Australia, &ee Table XVII.