Fictitious Votes (Ireland): first report, minutes of evidence, appendix, index

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Persons Registered jj0> as Marksmen. 

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Hugh Byrne. 
John Callan. 
Michael Carragher. 
John Connolly. 
John Fox. 
James Flinn. 
Owen Haughey. 
Merit Hays. 
Thomas Hinchey. 
Daniel Hanevoy. 
John Hanlon. 
Roger Hanlon. 
Denis M'Gee. 
Thomas Malone. 
James Malone. 
Michael M-Donald. 
Lawrence Mills. 
Owen M-Ginness. 

Borough of Dundalk. 


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James M'Kay. 
James Martin. 
Daniel Marley. 
Patrick M'Ardle. 
Thomas M'Geone. 
John M'Bride. 
Henry M'Court, sen. 
John Mathews. 
Patrick Murphy. 
Nicholas Mathews. 
Patrick Murphy. 
John M'Govern. 
Edward M'Cormack. 
Michael M'Donald. 
Terence M'Guire. 
Michael Murphy. 
William M'Dermott. 
Hugh M'Cullogh. 


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John M'Gowan. 
John Noble. 
Patrick Neilly. 
Thomas Nicholson. 
Luke O'Donnell. 
James O'Hare. 
Luke O'Donnell. 
Patrick Rice. 
Thomas Roddy. 
Patrick Reid. 
Hugh Rice. 
Peter Rice. 
Owen Rice. 
Patrick Smith. 
John Taaffee. 
Patrick TaafFe. 
Owen Woods. 

Thomas Bourne, Clerk of the Peace. 

Borough of Dungannon. 
There are only 12 Persons Registered as Voters for this Borough who have signed their 

Affidavits as Marksmen. 
Omagh, 2 March 1837. 
Daniel Auchinleck, Clerk of the Peace. 

Borough of Dungarvan. 
Freeholders Householders -

Waterford, 2 March 1837. 

233 81 Bat. 
Delandre, Clerk of the Peace. 

Borough of Ennis. 


Names of Persons Registered in the 

Borough of Ennis, who have Subscribed their Affidavits of Registry 

as Marksmen. 

Jeremiah Buckley. 
John Carrick. 
Patrick Geraghty. 
Michael Halpin. 
John Molony. 
Thomas Marrigle. 

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Names of Persons Registered in the 

Borough of Ennis, who have Subscribed their Affidavits ofEeg^y 

as Marksmen. 

6 March 1837. 

Lott Meehan. 
Patrick Collins. 
Daniel Browne. 
Patrick Robinson. 
John Clanchy. 
William Lysaght. 
William Kean, Clerk of the Peace. 

James Ball. 
James Brennan. 
Charles Bland. 
James Carmichael. 
Michael Cullen. 
Richard Crooke. 

Borough of Enniskillen. 
Edward Custello. 
Daniel Cleary. 
Daniel Curry. 
Thomas Davis. 
Robert Glenn. 
William Johnston. 

Thomas Lowxy. 
Thomas Mooney. 
Nicholas Mulhenn. 
Denis Mulherin. 
William M'Farland. 

Hugh Monagha®. 
James Nolan. 
Daniel Quinton. 
James Treacey. 
John Walsh. 

Adanmon, Clerk of the ft*