Diary of John J Elder, Ashgrove, Co Donegal and Toronto, Canada.

Document ID 8811020
Date 01-01-1881
Document Type Diaries and Journals
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Diary of John J Elder, Ashgrove, Co Donegal and Toronto, Canada.; PRONI T.1264/6; CMSIED 8811020

Epitome of Diaries,  1881-1898            Pages  1 to 58

Marriages, 1881-1898                      Pages 59 to 62

Deaths, 1881-1898                         Pages 63 to 71

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                      EPITOME OF DAIRIES  1881 - 1898
                               1881                      1
JAN    1  John Bright - Received letter from
       3  Attended Meeting of Castlefin Land League, Robert
          McKinlay in the chair
       8  Annie Caldwell seriously ill for several days
      18  Rev [Reverend?] Wm [William?] [Colquhoun?] ordained at Ahoghill
      19  Assisting Andrew Taylor in correcting proofs of his
          "Comments on Irish grievances".
      21  Went to Lifford [in?] Robt Michan's sleigh, returning
          via Ballindrait (there were several weeks of continued
          frost that winter)
Feb   18  Election of Medical Officer, Killygirvin dispensary, Dr.
          Farnwick, 7 votes: Dr. Ferguson, 6 votes
Apr    7  Gladstone's Land Bill is introduced
      16  In Raphoe Fair selling cattle, J G McCleery
          Postmaster, showed me how a telephone works
          Heard voice from Derry whispering numbers 1-90
      29  Uncle Clark sails for Canada
May   12  C S Caldwell slips [ships?] 3 of Ashgrove sheep
June   5  Father attended church today for first time since
          his serious illness last September
       6  Accompanied father to Castlefin fair - his first
          time to attend markets since Sept last
      22  Uncle Clark has bought 320 acres in Manitoba
July  16  At Lifford assizes - Father's name called fourth time
          for special jury, when Dr Button appeared
          stated that father was unfit to appear at present assizes
16 - 19  Alick and Nessie Houston spent weekend here
                               1881                        2
July  18  George Bustard - agent for Bustard estate, calls.  He
          asks Brother Stuart his name, and he replies, "Charles
          Stewart Parnell, the Land Leaguer".  Mr
          Bustard, looking surprised, turned to [Gilles?] and
          asked "I suppose this is Miss Fanny Parnell".
      20  Rev. [Reverend?] J M Rodgers lectures at Carnm [Carnmoney?]
          on "What I  saw across the ferry".  Rev [Reverend?] Robt
          [Robert?]  Wallace, criticised the lecturer's references to
          instrumental music in New York churches
      22  Rev [Reverend?] Robt [Robert?] Wallace accepts call from Lylehill
      24  New Congregational Church, Castlefin, opens for worship.
      31  Walked to Raphoe to hear Rev [Reverend?] R [Robert?] Wallace preach
          (Was formerly monitor in Carnine Nat. [National?] School)
Aug    7  In Stranorlar, Heard Rev [Reverend?] Wm [William?] [Colquhoun?]
          preach twice.  He and I dined at Robert Ewings
Aug    9  Visitation Presbytery at Donaghmore: 3 elders
          ordained (Robt [Robert?] Roulston James Harper, and John J Harpur)
[B       9  Irish Land Bill passes House of Lords (amended)
      17  Rev [Reverend?] W [William?] Colquhoun and C S Caldwell spend evy.
          [evening?] here
      17  Irish Land Bill - Lords accept Commons amendments
      22  Jas [James?] B Gamble opens shop in Castlefin, next Post Office
      26  Tyrone By election [By-election?] - Colonel Knox (C),
          [Conservative?]  T A Dickson (Lib) [Liberal?]  Rev [Reverend?]
          Harold Rylett (Nat). [Nationalist?]           Executive Committee of Castlefin Land League wires to Newspapers
          A resolution favouring Dickson: on Aug 30 Mr
          Parnell directs branch to rescind resolution
      30  Heard Parnell at Meeting in Strabane to-day
      30  Tyrone Election "Standard says resolution" strikes
          the true key (see Aug 26)
                               1881                      3
Sept   1  Thos [Thomas?] Sexton writes John Taylor that if resolution of
          Aug 26 is not publicly withdrawn "Your branch
          will be cut off from connections with Land League".
       2  Tyrone election - Report published of meeeting of "prominent
          Members of the Castlefin branch" at which chairman
          said the meeting on Aug 26 was erroneous, and
          that no such meeting was held.  The meeting
          passed resolution supporting Rylett (Nat) [Nationalist?] On
          reading above report, went to Castlefin to consult
          John Taylor.  He wired  Belfast that report
          is a fabrication and that he, as President, Knew
          nothing of it.
       7  Polling day, Tyrone Election.  Today's Journal published
          letters from John O'Flanagan and Hugh Gallagher
          (secretary, and treasurer, respectively, of Castlefin branch)
          in which J J Elder gets the burden of the blame
          for the resolution ("brought it with him in his pocket")
          Mr John Taylor came here this afternoon, and we
          drafted separate letter for the "Journal"
          Tyrone Election - Dickson wins, 3168 votes: Col. [Colonel?] Knox
          (C) [Conservative?] 3[1?]054; Ryalett (Nat) [Nationalist?] 907
      12  Castlefin Branch meets and rescinds resolution
Oct    4  Lizzie A Wray, at Intermediate Exams, gets exhibition
          of 70 a year, tenable for 3 years
      13  C S  [Charles Stewart?] Parnell arrested.  Taken to Kilmainham
      20  Land League claimed "an unlawful association".
      20  Land Commission sits for first time to fix rents
Nov   12  Hugh Law becomes Irish Lord Chancellor
Oct   25  Bustard's Tenants apply to have fair rents fixed.
Nov   19  Measuring drains and making Map of [Meenahoney?]
          farm for Land Commission
                               1881                   4
Nov   20  Newtowncunningham new Presbyterian Church opened.
      21  John McCrea C E [Civil Engineer?] values Meenahoney farm
      21  Violent storm Thatch on back of dwelling house
          is almost entirely blown away
      26  Andy (brother) and Andy Conaghan left at 8 am
          in charge of Uncle Stewart's bull, to be met
          halfway by Uncle's men.  They did not return to night
      27  This morning Sam Black rode towards [Roughan?] in
    (Sun) search of Andy and A Conaghan.  He met them
          coming on Uncle Stewart's car at Galdonagh.
          It appears that Uncle did send a man yesterday to
          meet the boys, but he "took the high road" over the
          hill from Ballyholly to the Deanery, while the boys
          took the "low road" via Kindaid's Mill - so they
          missed each other, and the boys went on to [Roughan?]
B          where they stayed last night.  Letter from Uncle
          Stewart says the storm of Nov 21 overturned 10
          corn stacks, with hay and flax stacks, and that
          30 would not cover the loss
      29  Heard John E Redmond M P [Member of Parliament?] in Strabane
Dec   26  Attended drag hunt at Carricklee, walking
          there from Castlefin with Uncle Caldwell
          and Johnnie Elliot (now at home for his
          Christmas holidays from Queen's College, Belfast)
          amongst those who rode at the drag hunt
          and pony races were; Lord Ernest Hamilton (on
          John Herdman's mare, Lady Conyngham), James
          King Jun. [Junior?] Dr Boyd, David B McCorkell B [L?],
          Emmerson T Herdman, John Herdman, Wm [William?]
          Wilson (solicitor), Harry S Hamilton Jun. [Junior?]
                               1882                 5
Jan    5  Rev [Reverend?] R Smyth is presented with car and harness;
          and Mrs Smyth with a purse of sovereigns.  Yesterday
          Mr Smyth was fined £1 and costs for carrying
          a gun without a licence.
       3  Rev [Reverend?] James Knox installed at [Alt?] as assistant
          and successor to Rev [Reverend?] Samuel Stewart (see page 15)
       9  Attended funeral of Johnnie Thomson, who died in
          Derry on Jan 6.  Staying at Moyle tonight
      10  Aunt Huston gave me for preservation 20 of Morgan
          Thomson's (her great great grandfather) letters to his son John
          between 1741 and 1757.  These had been given her
          by her Uncle James Thomson, a childless widower,
          who died Sept 9 1878.
Feb    1  W A Smith enters Strabane Academy (Kerr's)
      22  Chas [Charles?] Bradlough expelled from House of Commons
Mch    2  Roderick McLean attempts to shoot Queen Victoria
      25  Made 4 maps of [Kilton?] farm for Land Commissioners
          and solicitors
May    2  C S [Charles Stewart?] Parnell and John Dylan released from prison
       2  [10?] E Forster resigns Chief Secretaryship for Ireland
       2  Earl Spencer appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
       4  Lord F Cavendish appointed Chief Secretary of Ireland
       6  Phoenix Park Murders - Lord Fredk [Frederick?] Cavendish
          and Thos [Thomas?] H Burke slain with Knives
       9  Geo. [George?] O Trevelyan appointed Chief Secy [Secretary?]
          for Ireland
      20  Bob McKinley leaves for America
      20  Making Maps of Uncle Caldwell's Meenahoney farm
      25  Surveying field by field Caldwell's Meenahoney farm
      26  Computing, by logarithms, areas of fields
          surveyed yesterday
                               1882                   6
May   26  Surveyed, with Uncle J C my father's Meenahoney farm
          and computed areas
      29  Making maps of Uncle's and Father's farms for use of
          solicitor and witnesses at hearing before Sub Commission
          in Stranorlar, at hearing of Bustard's 'tenants' application
          before Sub Commission, let request of commissioners, converted
          from Cunningham into statute measure, the
          areas of fields in Fathers, Uncle Caldwells and [Kilton?] farms
June   1  Sub Commissioners (Ulick Bourke,) Robert Sproule, and
          Pierce Mahony - afterwards called "the O'Mahony")
          visited Meenahoney farms and others today
       2  Spent evg. [evening?] in Meenahoney with W. [Colquhoin?] &
          John Elliott
       3  Judicial rents fixed in Bustard"s cases.  Father's rent
          reduced from £44 10s-9d to £34 10s-0d
       2  Rev [Reverend?] W [William?] Berkley ordained in Second Raphoe
       6  Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine taken on a
          Months trial (£6 16s-6d)
      20  At Robert Blackburn's funeral to Stranorlar
          (he died on 15th from effects of vehicle accident)
      24  Darby Murray - wrote out a brief of his proposed
          evidence before Sub Commission
      26  John Taylor wrote out list of his improvements on farm
      30  Charles J Guiteau, murderer of Garfield, hanged
          (his trial occupied 10 weeks)
July  11  bombardment of the forts of Alexandria
      16  Rev [Reverend?] [10?] Colquhoun preach at Donaghmore in
          morning and in Castlefin in evening
                               1882                   7
Aug   16  Edmund Dwyer Gray M P High Sherriff of Dublin
          sentenced to 3 months imprisonment and a
          fine of £500, for contempt of court in publishing
          an article in the "Freeman's Journal" (Mr
          Gray was released on Sept 30)
      19  Uncle Stewart and Aunt Minnie visit us
          (first visit since their marriage on Mch [March?] 30
      30  Painting Elder headstone Carnmo [Carnmoney?] graveyard
Sept   2  Our dog "Tyrant" dies rather suddenly
       3  Uncle Caldwell is bequeathed estate of
          Dullaghan through will of Charles [Sproule?]
          of Grennan
      13  Battle of Tel-el-Kebir.  British, under Sir
          Garnet Wolseley, rout Egyptians under
          Arabi Pasha.  He was captured Sept 15
          and his army surrendered.
      14  Joe Blackburn leaves for London intending
          to enlist Life Guards, but did not
          like their rations or their pay, so
          returned home on Sept 19.  (He married
          Miss Wauchope on April 5 1883)
Oct   17  Irish National League organised
      26  W A Smith, who has been staying in Meenahoney since
          June 1879, returned today to Liverpool
      28  With Joe Buchanan this afternoon surveying
          fields in Kiltown
Nov    4  W R Thompson, (Strabane) goods sold by Sheriffs
          sale.  (He died Dec 27 at Lisbellaw).
                               1883                  8
Jan   29  Great floods in River Finn.  No trains running
Feb    2  Dr James Hugh Fergusson elected unanimously as
          Medical Officer of Killygordon Dispensary District
      17  Phoenix Park murders - Jas [James?] Carey T C turns informer
      26  Attended Dr Kinnear's lecture at Ballindrait on
          "The House of Commons and its members"
Mch    3  Made maps of Carrick for John Taylor and list of
          farm improvements for D. Murray (for Land Commission)
       5  [?] [valuer?] (of Land Commn [Commission?]) views Father's
          Meenahoney farm
      21  Commenced study of Duployan shirt hand
Apr    4  Land Commission at Lifford hears Bustard appeals
          Was there instructing Dr Todd, etc
       6  Irish Press Theological Faculty - First degrees conferred
          (T.Y. Killen, Wm [William?] Magill, Smiley Robson, Prof
          [Professor?] Witherow, Prof [Professor?] Croskery, Prof [Professor?] Given, & Wm [William?] McCaw,
       7  Land Commission gives decision in Bustard
          cases.  (Father's old rent £44 10s-9d: judicial rent
          £34 10s-0d: Appeal rent £38 0s-0d)
       9  Wrote Thos [Thomas?] Sexton M P [Memeber of Parliament?]
          requesting him to call attention
          in House to recent decisions in Bustard
          appeals.  Question asked of Mr Gladstone was
          answered by G O Trevelyan, Chief Secy [Secretary?] for Ireland
          who read reply of Land Commissioners declining
          to enter into any justification of their decisions
      10  Wrote letters to Derry Journal and Freeman's Journal
          regarding decisions and court valuer's estimates
      13  Editorials in both papers comment on the decisions
      13  Phoenix Park murder trials - Joe Brady found guilty
                               1883                    9
Apr   18  Phoenix Park Murders - Daniel Curley found guilty
      27  Phoenix Park Murders - Michael Fagan found guilty
May    2  Phoenix Park Murders - Patrick Delany pleaded guilty
       2  Phoenix Park Murders - Thos Caffrey pleaded guilty
       9  Phoenix Park Murders - Tim Kelly (3rd trial) found guilty
Apr   23  Brought Era Hydraulic Clothes Washer from James
          McDermott at £1 17s-6d
      27  Killygordon Dispensary changed to Dr Fergusson's
          house at rent of £8 per year
May    4  Thos [Thomas?] Sexton, M P [Member of Parliament?] asks
          question in regard to Court valuers.  Commission informed
          Mr Gladstone that they are "nearly assisted, but not in
          in the remotest degree bound, by Court Valuer's reports"
          Alex McKinney, former school mate at Raphoe,
          licenced to preach
      16  Parnell Testimonial fund - The Pope writes
          Irish bishops forbidding ecclesiastics from
          taking any part whatever in recommending
          or promoting the Fund
      16  James Fitzharris ("Skin-the-Goat") sentenced to
          life imprisonment for aiding and abetting the
          Phoenix Park murderers
      18  Parnell Testimonial Fund.  The Pope's letter (see
          May 16) causes excitement at National League
          Meeting.  [Tim?] Healy M P  [Member of Parliament?]
          subscribes £10  "as a protest against Italian
          intrusion in Irish politics".  Mr Mayne M P
          [Member of Parliament?] said, with O'Connell that
          the "Irish would take their theology from Rome but
          their politics from Ireland"
                               1883                    10
May   31  Maggie Blackburn called to say good-bye.
          Leaves for Canada to-morrow with Johnnie and Bob
May   14  Joe Brady executed (see Apr 13); Ivan Curley on May 18
          Michael Fagan on May 28; Thos [Thomas?] Caffrey on June 2,
          and [Tim?] Kelly on June 9 - all five in 30 or 31
          days after being sentenced.  Delany's sentence (see
          May 2) was commuted to life imprisoment
June   4  Tim Healy, M P [Member of Parliament?] unconditionally
          released from Richmond Bridewell, Dublin, after an
          imprisonment of nearly 4 months because of default in
          giving bail in £1.000 to be of good behaviour
       5  Completed making of first [car?] frame [hive?]
       8  General Assembly decides, by 320 to 309, not to
          proceed any further against the Members and
          congregations who use instruments.
      30  Letterkenny Railway opened for passenger traffic
          Construction began in 1863 and suddenly stopped
          in 1865.  Not resumed rental 1881 when track
          was changed to narrow guage
July  19  Surveying fences & drains at Jas [James?] Taylor McCorraghy's
      24  Andrew Stewart Elder born at Roughan
      29  James Carey, informer on Phoenix Park Murderers,
          is murdered by Patrick O'Donnell on board the
          S S [Steamship?] Melrose near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
Aug 4  7  Alick & Hessie Houston spend weekend at Ashgrove
      20  Visit from Aunt Jane Smith and her children
          Chas [Charles?] Stewart and Bella
Sept  17  Tooth extracted by Dr Ferguson on 4th attempt
          Broke it off jaw bone, to which it was growing
                            1883                      11
Sept  17  Geological surveyor examines rock foundation of
          dwelling house at Ashgrove
      25  Head T P O'Connor M P [Member of Parliament?] at Strabane
Oct   27  Archie Dickie gets degree of M D [Doctor of Medicine?]
Nov    5  Bob McKinley pays visit, returned from America
          last week (seen May 20 1882)
      10  James Gallagher (with wife, son and daughter)
          sail for America (see March 6 1894 page 45)
      15  began referencing Dunfanaghy Railway at Letterkenny
          making headquarters there for the present
      26  Left Letterkenny (Lairds Hotel) for Kilmacrenan
          Staying at Post Office (Mrs Campbell's)
      29  Headquarters at Creeslough (Ed [Edward?] Lafferty's)
Dec    3  Headquarters at Dunfanaghey (Stewart Arms)
       7  Reached Falcarragh, where railway is to end
          and proceeded to Creeslough to begin
          referencing of Leitrim branch to Mulroy,
       5  Referencing Lord Leitrim's branch
      10  Ended work of referencing.  Stayed in Milford
          on 8th 9th and 10th.  (Mc [Devitt's?] Hotel)
      11  Returned to Ashgrove via Rathmullen and Derry
   12-13  In Derry, correcting proof sheets of reference books
      15  Attended funeral of Aunt Houston (died Dec 12)
      17  Patrick O'Donnell hanged for murder of Carey (see July 29)
      22  Wm [William ?] McClintock Wray leaves for New-Zealand
          [New Zealand?] (died there Feb 1 1897)
   24-27  In Todd's Office, Derry, filling out Parliamentary
          notices for Railway
      28  Went to Belfast with Dr [Doctor?] Todd, taking trunks filled
          with Parliamentary notices to be registered at Belfast
      29  Left Belfast at 9.50 am Arrived home at 6 pm
                               1884                  12
Jan   17  Attended funeral of Esther Buchanan of [Roshine?],
          Gartan - formerly of Powderly - who died Jan 14
          Met funeral at Letterkenny.  Burial at Raphoe
      24  John Bogan of Leacht, and the daughters of his late
          brother Dominic ("Dimlick") - malicious injuries
          to call [cattle?] and property.  Mary Jane Bogan and
          Ellen Dorrian found "Not guilty"
Feb    5  Attended funeral of Kate Thomson, who died Feb 3
          in Derry.  Buriel in Allsaints churchyard
       8  At Rooskey, surveying drains and fences for
          Jas [James?] Taylor McConaghy for land case to be heard
          at Strabane on Feb 11. (on July 9. 1883 I Made
          a rough measurment of drains and fences to
          enable Mr McConaghy to settle the matter with his
          landlord, but this must be more exact)
      12  Bought charcoal filter (2 gals [gallons?]) at 10s.
      11  Charles Bradlaugh takes oath in House of Commons
B         on a Testament he carried in his pocket.  He
          was than excluded from precints of the House
      12  Bradlaugh apptd. [appointed?] Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds
          (Method of resigning seat in the House)
      19  Bradlaugh elected a 4th time for Northhampton -
      26  Arthur Wellesley Peel (son of Sir Robert Peel statesman)
          elected Speaker of the House of Commons
Mch    4  Bought Charcoal Filter (4 gals [gallons?]) at 21s 6d
          The 2 gal [gallon?] one, bought Feb 12, has refused to
          work and will be returned.
      14  In Lifford at session of grand Jury, which is considering
          Dunfanaghy Railway, it having been alleged that several
          townlands were not referenced.
                               1884                     13
Mch   15  Again at Lifford regarding Dunfanaghy Railway, Dr [Doctor?]
          Todd was willing to abandon the line beyond Creeslough, but
          the Grand Jury, by 12 to 6, threw out the scheme
June   2  Dr [Doctor?] Jas [James?] Maxwell Rodgers elected Moderate Genl
          [General?] Assembly
       7  Instrumental Music - Genl [General?] Assembly, by 14 majority
          decides not to exercise discipline on "erring" congregations
       8  Heard Rev [Reverend?] W [William?] Colquhoun preach in Donaghmore
          Pres [Presbyterian?] Church
      16  Wm [William?] Nicholson case in Dublin Courts.  Leaves watch
          and large Testament and trunk to "Mr John Elder,
          Ashgrove, Casslefin [Castlefin?].  I did not apply for
          Testament or trunk.  (He died June 16 1879)
  [B    28  Alick and Hessie Houston visit Ashgrove.  Party here
          on June 30;  in Meenahoney July 1:  Alick went home July 4
July   3  Holmeses of Rossgere spent this eveg. [evening?] here with
          Alick and Hessie Houston
July   5  At Party in Meenahoney, with Jeanie and Hessie H.
          Miss Rick and Rebecca Caldwell also there
      17  Aunt Jane Smith (a widow since Apr 30) and three children
          arrive in Meenahoney
      26  Joe, Martha and Elsie Houston spend the day here.
      26  Robert and Martha Crockett spend the day here.
Aug  8-9  Visit from Uncle Stewart, Aunt Minnie and baby boy.
      22  Mrs Wm [William?] Nicholson (see June 16) writes that she has
          sent Testament to Mrs Wilkins, Irish Street,
          Strabane Have decided not to claim it ("I
          have one of me own", as Paddy Ward would say)
   22-25  Visit from Aunt Jane Smith and children
Sept 2 to)
Oct  3   )Drove 41 stocks of condemned bees
                               1884-85                  14
Oct 16-18 Uncle John Houston and Hessie visit Ashgrove
Dec    2  Made hole for window in gable of workshop
      15  Took away stairs in kitchen and put loft
          over part of it.
      30  Made recess in wall of sitting room for desk & press
Jan   28  Mapping Donaghmore Presb [Presbyterian?] Graveyard
      30  Dr [Doctor?] John McKinney spent evening here.
Feb   26  At Donaghmore House auction (Mrs C J M Irving)
          Severe thunderstorm.  Lightening struck down
          Charlie Nelson and Willie Oliphant, who
          remained paralized for hours
Mch    8  Rev [Reverend?] George Love, Carnone, accepts call to a mission
          station in Killala, Co Mayo.  (Reason
          Father left Carnone Presb. [Presbyterian?] Church in the Spring
          of 1879 was that methods contrary to the laws
          of the Church were used "to foist Mr Love on
          the congregation")
Apr    4  Alick Patterson writes that he is one of the
          Canadian Rifle Team going to Wimbledon this
          year, and expects to visit Ireland
Apr    8  Attended Christening party in George McCurdy's
          (baby was born March 1)
      13  Visit from Rev [Reverend?] Wm [William?] Colquhoun
      25  Prince and Princess of Wales, and Price Albert Victor
          drive through Strabane to Sion Mills station
          about 5 pm
Apr   30  Attended funeral of Sam Blackburn, who died
          in Liverpool on April 27.
May   22  At Dr [Doctor?] John McKinney's (Demesnes) spending evening
      26  Rev [Reverend?] John R Bartley, of Trentagh installed in
          Carnone Pres. [Presbyterian?] Church (attended soirie in evening)
                                  1885                           15
June   7  Rev [Reverend?] James Knox (Alt) preached in Donaghmore
          Presb. [Presbyterian?] Church from the text "Almost thou
          persuaded me to be a Christian".  These are the
          words he has said to have used in his student days
          in reply to the question "What did the ass
          say unto Balaam?"
      16  W A Smith is about to be appointed a clerk in the
          Ulster Bank.  Today Father and Uncle Caldwell
          signed in Strabane a Fidelity bond for W.A.
      21  A cow ill of catarrh.  E B McLoy, Scottish
          vet, [veterinarian?] said "You can kill her after she
          dies", but we preferred to kill her before that event
      22  W A Smith leaves for Ulster Bank Belfast
July 4-5  Uncle Houston & Hessie spend weekend here.
     6-7  Thomas Ewing of Australia (a former chum of Father's
          in Austraila, 1852-55) visits Ashgrove
       8  Small party here for Hessie Houston (including John
          and Fanny Elliot, Wilsons, Wrays and Caldwells).
   13-15  Alick, Martha & Elsie Houston visit Ashgrove
      14  Party at Elliott's Carnadore (Houston's, Caldwells &c)
      30  Alick Patterson arrives at Ashgrove.  Remained
          until Aug 14
Aug 22-24 Hessie and Eliza Houston spend weekend here
Sept 7 to)
Oct  8   )Drove 41 stocks of condemned bees
                               1885                   16
Oct   14  Joe Houston sells his farm at Killyverry for £1.000
          to Alex [Alexander?] Reid.  Stock, crop &c to be auctioned Oct 22
      16  Attended funeral of Daniel Elliott, Carnadore, who died
          Oct 14 - the third funeral I have attended visiting
          same house, the first being Mrs Elliott's and the
          second Lydia Anne's (June 7 1880)
      20  Lizzie Wray pays farewell visit sails for Canada on 23
      22  Wrote rhyming confession for "[Tourist's?] Album", which
          Jeanie Elder presented to Lizzie Wray tonight
      23  Lizzie Wray leaves for Canada by S S [Steamship?] Parisian
      26  Visit from Thomas Lea, in my father's absence.  Was
          accompanied by W J Hanna and Ross Hastings.  We
          discussed election prospects, Catholic vote, etc
      28  First appearence in witness box (At Lifford Quarter
          Sessions) proving debt of James Coyle to A. Elder
          (£1 19s 0d for seed oats).  Took oath with uplifted
          hand.  No defence entered.  Decree granted.
      31  Am appointed agent for Mr Lea in Stranorlar
          district.  Began duties Nov [November?] 12.  Am to go
          to Stranorlar every day by midday train
Nov    5  James Thomson's legacy to Mother - Called at
          office of clerk of the Peace, Lifford, and received
          cheque for £9 16s 0d, payable to "Mrs Hessy Elder",
          the legacy was £40 , but estate did not
          realize enough to pay legacies in full
      10  Hans Mc Mordie, Belfast solicitor called to Irish bar
   19-24  Joe*, Martha, Ernest and Elsie Houston visit us.
      21  Drive (acompanied by Joe Houston) to Cronadun and
          [Reelan?] Bridge to get back canvassing lists
          * He died in Melbourne Aug 5 1926
                               1885                     17
Nov   23  At Castlefin: meeting addressed by Mr Crea in Town Hall
      27  City of Derry [Londonderry?] Election. Chas [Charles?] E
          [Edward?] Lewis defeats Justin McCarthy by 32 votes
      28  Selected 9 polling agents for election day at Stranorlar
      30  Lea's meeting in Stranorlar Court House at 6 pm
          preceded by a large meeting of canvassers at 4.30.
Dec    3  Instructing polling agents as to duties to-morrow
          Stayed at Millar's Hotel to-night
       4  Election day (East Donegal).  Visited the 9 polling
          stations several times during the day
       5  Poll declared: Arthur O'Connor, 4089, Thos Lea, 2992
      11  Rev [Reverend?] Jas. [James?] W. Whigham, Moderater [Moderator?]
          of general Assembly, delivered lectures on Nov [November?] 6
          and to-night in Donaghmore Presb [Presbyterian?] Church, on his
          "Travels in Palestine." HF dressed up members of the audience in
          various costumes - Uncle Caldwell as a Jewish rabbi, Rev
          [Reverend?] James Knox as Arab sheik, Miss Mc Creary a veil like
          Ruth's, etc
      24  Mary and Janie Thomson arrive.  Remain until
          New Years Day.  Parties for them at Ashgrove on
          Dec 26: at Rockfield on Dec 30: at uncles Caldwells
          on Dec [December?] 29.
      31  East Donegal Election - At Killygordon Railway
    [B      Station at 11 am, paid 4 polling agents, 1 clerk,
          1 messenger.  Came home by Ballinacir and paid
          Samuel Seaton, polling agent and novelist, per his
          sister.  Polling agents each received 2.  Was
          accompanied on this trip by Mary and Janie Thompson
          and Jeanie & Alick Elder
      31  Martha Wray (in Germany) recd [received?] bookmark from
          "Vergiss mein Nicht" (forget me not)
                               1886                   18
Jan    1  Mary and Janie Thompson returned to Derry to-day.  They
          had been visiting at Ashgrove since Christmas Eve.
          [Evening?]        6  Was vaccinated: re-vaccinated Jan [January?] 29 and March 11.
          The last was successful
      13  Arthur W Peel re-elected Speaker of House of Commons
Feb    1  W E Gladstone becomes Prime Minister (third time)
      17  Signed Blue ribbon Army pledge (at Ashgrove).  Had
          been a member of Robert Harper's Band of Hope
          Society since Sept 11 1871
      27  Making map, on parchment, of Donaghmore Presby. [Presbyterian?]
          Church graveyard.  Sent it in frame to Mr Smyth on Apr 14
Mch    8  Rev [Reverend?] Wm [William?] Colquhoun, Ahoghill, accepts
          call to First Omagh
      24  Wrote W F Braithwaite, Belfast, asking if he could
          get a Snider rifle for Capt. [Captain?] Robert [Kirkpatrick?]
          (Rifle arrived Apr [April?] 8 - no charge)
      27  Sent out 20 circulars regarding sale of bee-hives
      30  Received Intermediate Passage Ticket for S S [Steamship?]
          Peruvian, calling at Moville on April 16.  Paid
          £2 on account.  (Balance £5 0s 5d)
      30  In Derry, with C S Caldwell, buying overcoat, trunk &c
Apr    2  Received flattering testimonial from John C White, Mr
          Lea's chief election agent last December.  (This Mr
          White was afterwards Lord Mayor of Belfast and
          A "Right Honorable".  He bequeathed £100.000
          to charities etc
       9  W R Orr, Strabane, calls.  Buys 6 stocks of bees
       8  Gladstone introduces Home Rule Bill
                               1886                     19
Apr   14  Sent out several farewell letters
      15  Lizzie Thomson Black to sail Apr 30 on Polynesian
      15  Paid several farewell visits to neighbours
      16  Sail from Moville on S S [Steamship?] Peruvian, bound for Halifax
      24  Landed at Halifax at 11 am Leave for Moncton at 2.30 pm
          Leave Moncton at 4 am arrive at St John at 7 am
      25  Leave St John for Mc Adam at 8.30 pm (Sunday).  Arrive 1 am
          Found there was no Monday morning train to Quebec at
          that time.  Slept in waiting room
      [B26  Leave Mc Adam at 7.30 am Met by Capt Kirkpatrick
          At Canterbury Station.  Arrived at Debec at 12 noon
          and cable home my arrival.  In afternoon drove
          to Richmond Corner.  This was provincial general
          election day.
      27  Leave Debec at 11.35 am for Woodstock, Bristol and
          Florenceville.  Visited Mat [Matthew?] Caldwell (first
          cousin of Uncle's) at Bristol.  At Florenceville
          met Mrs Cogswill and her daughter Mary
          McKay (from Macky).  Staying at Mrs Cogswill's
      28  Visited houses of a dozen distant relatives at
          Florenceville, driving in a buggy with Mary McKay
          Leave for Debec at 8.30 pm
May    1  In Woodstock in afternoon with R Kirkpatrick
       3  Making maps of Florenceville district in genealogical
          tables of Caldwell descendants in NB. [New Brunswick?]
          Sent them home Alick Patterson and Allan Macfarlane enter
          into partnership as Macfarlane & Patterson
       7  Visited [Houlton?], Me, [Maine?] 8 miles from Debec.  First
          time to be on foreign soil (USA)
                               1886                    20
May   22  Left Debec at 4.30 am for Florenceville.  Spent the day
          at Mrs Cogswills.  Staying to-night at Sam McCain's
          (whose wife Kate is a sister of Mary McKay)
      23  Attended Greenfield Presb. [Presbyterian?] Church (3 miles
          from Florenceville
    (Sun) with the McCains and Mary McKay
    (Sun) Attended Florencevile Baptist Church in evening with
          Mary McKay (who is a Baptist) Tom Caldwell,
          then a boy of 18.  Afterwards M.P [Member of Parliament?]
          for the County in the Dominion Parliament, and a noted
          speaker there
    (Sun) Staying to-night at Mrs Casper Caldwells (grandmother
          of Tom and mother of Andrew C., A County Councillor
          The last Casper Caldwell was an Uncle of Uncle Caldwell
      24  Dined at A C Caldwells.  Attended marriage of
          Kate Kirkpatrick (granddaughter of Mrs Casper's)
          and John McKnight.  Was the only invited guest
          Signed marriage register as a witness
          Staying at Mrs Cogswill's to-night
      25  Visited Alonzo and Chas [Charles?] Edwin Stephenson
          Wrote rhymes in Kate McCain's autograph book
          (Whereer I roam, whatever my fate" etc)
          Left Florenceville at 6.30 for Woodstock
          and Richmond, where I stay to-night at Horace
          Kinney's (whose wife is a sister of Mrs Kirkpatrick)
      26  At Horace Kinneys, superintended a carpenter
          (Deacon Purrington) making a bar-frame hive
          Returned to Debec this evening
      29  Edith Caldwell (sister of Tom) writes Annie Caldwell.
June   2  Sent Caldwell genealogical tables to Irish Caldwells
       9  Wrote Uncle John Caldwell giving details of my
          second visit to Florenceville, May 22  25
                               1886                   21
June   9  Gladstone's Home Rule Bill defeated in Commons (341 - 311)
   10-12  Visit Kirkland (David Kennedy, whose wife is the oldest
          sister of Mrs Kirkpatrick) accompanied by Mrs K [Kirkland?]
          and her fifth son, Jay.  Stayed at Mrs Kennedy's June 10 & 11
          Attended backwoods trial held by the magistrate
          or "Squire" in his saddler's shop 9 x 11 feet.  He sat
          at a table without collar, tie, coat or vest.  Trial
          lasted 4 hours.  Jury of 3 found verdict for the
          plaintiff.  $17.05, value of lumber, etc supplied to
          the defendant
      12  On returning to Debec from Kirkland was informed
          that H A Connell (who is mayor of Woodstock)
          wants me to begin work in Connell Bros. [Brothers?] office
          on the 14th
      14  Went to Woodstock, Secured room
          at Frank Bull's
      16  Removed from Debec to Woodstock (Frank Bull's)
      17  Began work in Connell Bros [Brothers?] office at 7 am, first
          job being sweeping the office floor
      30  Jeanie Elder engages to marry Wm [William?] J Tynan on Aug 5
July  10  Thos Lea is M.P [Member of Parliament?] for South Derry,
          defeating Tim Healy
          (He died in 1902 as Sir Thomas Lea. Bart [Baronet?])
      19  At [Forepaugh's?] circus in afternoon.  There I heard
          the new song "Annie Rooney" and saw the
          horse that walked a rope
       8  Arthur O'Connor re-elected for East Donegal
      20  My editorial on "Ireland's share in British Politics"
          appears in "Woodstock Press"
       8  Ate ice-cream for the first time
      23  Rowed a boat for the first time.
                               1886                    22
Aug    3  Gladstone ministry following defeat on Home Rule Bill,
          give up seals of office to Queen Victoria.  She hands them
          to Lord Salisbury and his colleagues
       9  First ride in a canoe (with Sandy Grieves)
          (Last was on Lake Rosseau with nurse [Grovra?]
          in 1903)
       9  Mrs Mary A Liggett, mother of Mrs Bull, dies suddenly
          she had prepared my supper before I started on
          canoe ride, & was dead when I returned
      23  Photographed with Sandy Grieves (ten-type)
Sept  28  Found that Mrs Richard Bull's sister is the
          wife of mother's first cousin, West Park, Chicago
Oct    3  Attended R.C. [Roman Catholic?] Church for
          first time.  Advised hearers to "avoid
     (Sun)night company & Protestant company"
          In evg. [evening?] heard an ex-priest, Father Chiniquy,
          tell the story of his life, conversation, etc.  He
          spoke in Presbyterian Church, Woodstock
      22  Heard Justin McCarthy Lecture on "The Cause
          of Ireland"
Nov   11  Eyes troublesome.  Bought green spectacles
      15  Mother writes that father had a slight attack
          on angina pectoris.  Being alarmed, I
          cabled home "How is Father?" and next day
          received answer "Well".
      15  Thomas Elder, Carrigans, arrives in Woodstock
          leaves next day at 9 pm for Boston
      24  Left Woodstock for Montreal to consult
          oculist, Making farewell calls at
          Debec on the way.
                               1886                  23
Nov   25  Left Vanceboro Me.[Maine?] at 2 a.m.  Arrive at Island Pond
          Vermont, at 8.40 p.m.  Staying at Stewart House to-
          night (first time to sleep in an American bed)
      26  Left Island Pond at 6.40 a.m. arrive at Montreal at
          12.10 p.m.  Alick Patterson met me and we drove
          to 112 Chatham street, where I became acquainted
          with Hessie Patterson and Johnnie for first time, Aunt I
          had seen before she left Ireland, but was too
          young to remember her
      26  Bought 2 pairs of spectacles (at B Laurences) one blue,
          the other clear lenses
Dec    2  Received letter from Father, reassuring me as to
          his health
       3  Called at James A Mathewson's store.  McGill street
      10  Lizzie Black and 2 children call at Aunt's
      20  "Father dead" - the words of a cablegram received
          (Alan) at 5 p.m.  At once took passage from Portland
          Maine, by S S [Steamship?] Sarnia on Thursday Dec, [December?] 23
          Cabled Mother saying "Sailing Sarnia Thursday"
      22  Leave Montreal for Portland, Me. [Maine?] at 10.15 p.m.
      23  Arrive Portland at noon "Sarnia sailed at 3 p.m.
      25  Christmas Day - arrive at Halifax at 10 a.m.
[6~          Sail for Ireland same afternoon
      31  At noon to-day the "Sarnia" was 1542 miles
          from Halifax
                               1887                   24
Jan    1  On board the "Sarnia", 1797 miles from Halifax
       3  Arrived off Moville at 9.30 a.m. Derry noon.  Met
          by C S Caldwell.  Arrived at Ashgrove in evening
      22  Arranged with Sandy Weir to auction land for
      25  Attended with Andy, funeral of Uncle John Houston
  B        who died Jan 22, after an illness of 6 weeks
   27-29  Joe Buchanan surveys fields preparatory to
Feb    4  Auction at Ashgrove of stock, crop and farming
      25  R Kirkpatrick cables "twenty" (code word
          Meaning that McConnell wants me to return
          at May 1st and that there is good prospect of
          my brother Andy getting employment)
Mch    2  Employed Sam Morrison, solicitor, to take out
          Probate of Father's will.  Paid £3  on account.
       5  Visit to Maghernageeragh with Uncle Caldwell
          and Andy
       8  Returned the "scarecrow" photo to Hessie Houston
       8  Uncle Caldwell renounces excecutorship
      16  Cassie Blackburn calls.  Goes to Austin's (Derry), [Londonderry?] tomorrow
      19  Probate of Will received.  Entire cost £6 , include
          correct fees £4.0.6 .
      21  Produced probate at Northern Bank, Raphoe,
          to get amount at credit of Fathers account
Apr    5  Secured Steerage passages on the S S [Steamship?], Sardinian for Andy and me, at £4 14s 5d less discount
          of 4s each (from "Moore, the stationmaster O")
          Ship calls at Moville, April 15
                               1887                     25
Apr   13  Visit from Johnnie and Hessie Houston.  Remain tonight
      15  Board the "Sardinian" at Moville at 3 p.m. with
          Andy, C Caldwell, Tom Roulston & James Robb,
          all going steerage.  Ship has 985 passengers
      24  "Sardinian" arrives at Halifax at 1 p.m. Left
          (Sun) Halifax with Andy and C Caldwell, at 9 p.m.
      25  Arrive Moncton, 9 a.m.  Leave for St John.  3.40 p.m.
      25  Leave St John for Debec at 8.30 p.m.
      26  Arrive at Debec, 4.30 a.m. cabled arrival.  Charles
          Caldwell went on to Florenceville
      28  Leave Debec (with Andy) for Woodstock.  Engaged
          room and board at Frank W Bull's
May    2  Began duties as bookeeper to Connell Bros [Brothers?]
       3  C Caldwell returns from Florenceville
       9  Andy goes to Robt [Robert?] Brown's, Northampton, as farm hand
      18  Landlady (Mrs Bull) reduces board from '3.50 to '3.00
      30  C Caldwell goes with Adner Bull as farm hand
          Returns to Woodstock in 5 days (June 4)
      28  Martha Wray writes from Kirtown Ont. [Ontario?] that
          she arrived there May 21, having stopped
          two days in Toronto
June   1  Have been starting work at 8 a.m. but began
          today to come down at 7 a.m. as Charlie
          Connell is going out travelling
                               1887                    26
June   6  George Shea resigns as foreman of machine shop
       7  Donald Munroe begins duties as foreman of machine-shop
       8  Grieves & Shea (Sandy Grieves and Geo [George?] Shea) advertize
          [advertise?] as manufacturers in [Houlton?], Mr Shea left
          Woodstock for Houlton to-day
       8  C. Caldwell employed by Moses [Burfee?] in N B.,           [New Brunswick?] R Y office
      12  Drove with Rev [Reverend?] W C Calder to Greenbank to see Andy
      14  Elected a trustee of St Paul's Prest [Presbyterian?] Church,
      23  Handling Hugh Davis's bees
      16  "Uncle Tom's Cabin" - Andy and I and two Brown boys see the
      21  Andy left employment at Robt [Robert?] Brown's to-day
      27  Andy leaves Woodstock for Montreal
      28  Charlie Caldwell and I leave Frank Bull's to-night
          after verbal warfare (in which Annie's father
          described her as "The Flower of Woodstock") and
          go to Boyer's Hotel.  Next morning we removed
          our baggage to the hotel and took a room
July 1-5  Weather very hot.  102 degrees in shade on July 5
       5  C. Cadwell and I remove from Boyer's hotel to
          Mrs Astle's on Park street
      11  Took out my first accident insurance (to get
          rid of agent's daily visits)
      14  Allan Porter Tynan born.
Sept   5  Charlie Caldwell leaves Woodstock for Toronto
       7  Signed application to join Odd Fellows
       9  Martha Wray is Governess in Hellmuth Ladies College,
          London Ontario
                               1887-1888                  27
Sept  12  Raphoe Royal School is closed.  Dr Weir goes to
          England (he died at Raphoe Oct 7 1889)
      19  Tom Caldwell leaves for Michigan.  (Have not
          seen him since that day.  He returned to N B [New Brunswick?]
          after I left it)
      26  Chip Hartley, law student, is helping me in afternoons
      29  Initiated into Odd Fellowship
Oct   11  Andy employed by Hess Bros., [Brothers?] Montreal
Nov  5-7  Alan Macfarlane visits Woodstock
Jan    9  Town elections.  My first time to cast a vote
Feb    2  Helping H A Connell in his newspaper controversy
          with ex Mayor R K Jones
       9  Chip Hartley ceases to help me (came Sept 26 last)
Mch   16  Andy is offered position in Howe Grammar
          School, Lima, Indiana (Declined it)
Apr   10  Alick Elder commences apprenticeship to
          W J Simms, Castlefin
June   3  Andy Middleton arrives at Montreal from Ireland
   14-20  Trip to Boston by sea from St John.  Returned
          by sea.  Visited Fredericton on way back
       ?  Chas S Caldwell pases final exam for
          solicitor.   Gains fourth place
                               1888-1889              28
July   7  Examined by Dr Sprague for insurance (New York life)
      17  Went on excursion to Grand Falls N B. [New Brunswick?]
      20  Met Mrs W H Park at Richard Bull's
      24  Recd [Received?] policy for $1000 in New York Life,           (Pd [paid?] $2,971)
Sept   3  W A Smith reached Quebec on the S S [Steamship?] Circassian
      13  Out rowing in the evenings & sometimes alone in early morn.
          [morning?] Oct   17  Commenced excrcises [exercises?] on home excrcises
      18  Chip Hartley sworn in as attorney
          Opens office in Woodstock, Oct 22
Dec    4  Examined for insurance in Odd Fellows Relief Assn, [Association?] (passed)
Jan    5  Edison dynamos started at Connell Bros. [Brothers?]
          Connected with lamps uptown.  Crowds came to see machines
          First electric lighting in town
      11  Connell Bros' office now lighted by electricity
      11  Was teaching two fellow roomers to sew books & bind them
Feb   12  Photographed in group with Stanley Bent.
          W M Austin and Abner Mott
      20  John Wray (Rockfield) is first year student at Magee College
      27  C S Caldwell takes Wm [William?] Foster as partner in law firm
Mch    1  Photographed in group with Robr. [Robert?] Kirkpatrick
          Donald Munroe and Chip Hartley
Apr   17  Fred Villiers, was artist of the graphic, lectures
                               1889                   29
Apr   24  Chas. [Charles?] Moffett Fredericton, writes that he has
          complete genealogies of the Thomsons from Morgan & son.
      25  My tribute to Sandy Grieves who died on April 23
          appears in to-day's "Daily Telegraph" (St John)
May    1  Andrew Stewart Tynan Born
~[6~6~[6~May   13  Half-owner of a road-boat with W Austin, On May 20
          and 22 painted boat: on May 27 and after, constructed
          boat house
July 13-15At Fredericton (Chas [Charles?] Moffitts) over week-end
       ?  "Watch", Airedale terrier, dies at Ashgrove
      28  Attended Odd Fellows funeral at Houlton. Me.[Maine?]
Aug 17-19 At Debec over week-end.  Was with Dr [Doctor?] Coltis in
          his buggy to-night when another ran into it & overturned
          it.  Got some slight cuts
      20  Shook hands with Sir John Macdonald at Ry. [Railway?] Station
          (He did not appear to feel flattered)
Sept  10  Catherine Mary Francis Caldwell born in Toronto
   12-19  Spent a week's vacation among Caldwell Kin
          at Florenceville, Greenfield, Mt [Mount?] Pleasent & Lockland
Dec 24-26 In Fredericton - Visiting the Moffitts, Mackys and McKnights
~[6~      26  Photographed in group with Jane & Maggie
          Moffitt, Sam and Jane Macky
      26  C Moffitt gave me two of John Thompson's books,
          Hill's Arithmetic, and a work on Physics (1760)
                               1890                  30
Jan    1  Working in Connell Bros. office since May 2 1887
      13  Woodstock Town Elections - Allan [Dibblee?] elected Mayor
      20  Provincial General Election in N B [New Brunswick?]
          "Votes for opposition [candidate?], Dr [Doctor?]
          Marcus C Atkinson, who headed poll.
      24  Attended funeral of Frank Bull, who died Jan 22
          [?] at his [?] in 1886 and 1887
      30  Samuel Macky, Fredericton, visits me until Feb [February?] 6.
Feb    6  Dr [Doctor?] Colter called in.  Have been away from office
          since Jan 27
      24  Resumed work after Months illness.  Dr [Doctor?]
          Colter visited me 6 times.
March 22  Alex J Osborne - recd [received?] his poem on "Independence"
      22  Odd Fellows pay me 4 weeks' sick beneifts
       ?  Dr Rentoul (Jas [James?] Alex Rentoul, LLD) elected
          M P [Member of Prliament?] of East Down
April 24  Sent large genealogical charts to Uncle Caldwell
May    1  George A Shea becomes partner in Connell Bros firm
       7  Quarrel with H A Connell about signing other names
          than his to letters without the persons authority
      31  Harper Sproule Jun [Junior?] calls to see me
June   2  Electric Light books, which I have looked after for more
          than a year, are removed to A B Connell's office
July   1  Alex Thompson, of [----?] Cal.[California?] (formerly
          of Altaghaderry)
          writes me that he is in jail charged with murder
          of enemy who threatened to shoot him.  When they
          met Thompson shot first.  He wrote me in
          August that jury found him guilty of murder in
          the first degree and fixed the punishment at
          imprisonment for life.  There was a new
          trial in June 1892.  Jury disagreed, 4 being for
                               1890                   31
          acquittal and 8 for verdict of manslaughter.  He died
          in prison on June 19 1893
July   2  Recd [received?] long letter (16 pages of fool-scap)
          from George Hughes, Belfast, on genealogy of Mathewsons
       3  Installed as warden in Odd Fellows Lodge
      13  Andy Elder sails on visit to Ireland (Landed at
          Liverpool (SS [Steamship?] Cassiers) on Sunday July 27 at 5 am,
          voyage of 14 days.  Officers and crew were Germans.
          Letter to me written at Stokes Hotel, Liverpool, July 29)
Aug 23-24 At Harper Sproule's (Millville) over week-end
      26  Photographed at E M Campbell's (cabinets)
Sept   1  Photographed in my room by Harper Sproule, with his camera
      14  Scotch-Irish Congress meets.  Robert Bonner
          Millionaire Newspaper owner presided.  He comes
          from Ramelton District, and told me that he
          often crossed in the Portstewart ferry boats
June   2  Leave Louisville for Scott's head office, Indianapolis
          Nettie Thomson* travelled on the same train to
          her former home in the city.  Next day she
          helped me to search for lodgings
       4  Occupied room at 95 North Alabama street
Aug   22  Alick Thomson - Met him for first time in America
          (had seen him in Ireland at Uncle Houston's)

          *Nettie Thomson died July 12 1926
                               1891-1892                36
Sept   9  Recd [received?] letter from Lady Ernest, written at Meenglass,
          Stranorlar.  Answered it Sept [September?] 10
   18-22  In Louisville, posting account books of the Branch
      19  Met Thos [Thomas?] Walker Mathewson in Louisville
Oct    9  Joined Elecution Class (Prof [Professor?] T J McAvoy)
          at Y M C A [Young Men's Christian Association?]
      20  Heard speeches of General Lew Wallace (author of "Ben Hur")
          Gen [General?] Dan Macauley and Gen [General?] A P Hovey
          (Governor of Indiana) all of them Northern generals in Civil War
      29  First letter to Matilda G Elder (Burnfoot Kin) on
          Elder genealogy
Dec    3  John Sproule (Kirklish) - First letter to, on Sproule
[6~========================================================================== == 
Jan 10-13 Indianapolis Street Car Strike.  No cars running for 4 days
      21  Heard [Mas?] O'Rell lecture on "America as Seen
          Through French Spectacles"
      22  Surgical Institute Fire, Indianopolis - 18 deaths
Feb    1  Chaplain CC McCabe lecturer on "The Bright
          Side of Libby Prison
      13  W A Thomson joins firm of Bullett & Co.
      20  Mary A Livermore lectures on "Columbus"
    21-29 Another street car strike Cars stopped for 8 days
Mch    8  Fred Emerson Brooks (poet humorist) reads from
          his works
                               1892                    37
6~[6~Mch   27  Mr McComb, father of Rev [Reverend?] Samuel McComb, speaks
          at Y.M.C.A. ( he called to me on April 5)
May   11  Y.M.C.A. Literary Society organized
      18  Debate -  Took part in one for first time at Y.M.C.A.
          Literary Society (Subject "Chinese Exclusion")
      24  Rachel Mitchell, MD [Doctor of Medicine?] declines
          two professorships
June  13  Attended dabate at High School, led by W
          Kerfoot Stewart
      19  Teas family, Irvington - first visit to, with F Carter
      16  John James Elder Tynan born
   25-29  At Martinsville. Ind., [Indiana?] on short vacation
July   9  Maud Pickerill begins work as Scott's Stenographer
      30  Uncle Clark (Manitoba) wants Andy E as foreman
Apr    3  Archbishop W H Elder (RC) [Roman Catholic?] speaks in
          Tomlinson Hall
      13  Jacob R Bloom, Gen Sec [General Secretary?] Y.M.C.A. -
          Farewell reception
      28  Rev [Reverend?] John McComb - Heard him preach at Olive St
          Pres [Presbyterian?] Church - Also on Nov 30 and Dec 18
Sept   2  Alick Elder sails for Canada on "Mongolian"
          Arrived in Montreal on Sept 16, having been
          quarantined at Grosse Isle
       7  Stewart Elder (Buffalo), son of Stewart Elder, my fathers
          uncle, writes me.  Had seen my query about his
          father in the "Magazine of American History" for August
Oct   14  Heard Senator W P Frye of Maine
      17  H A Connell joins New Brunswick Cabinet as
          minister without portfolio - the same cabinet
          that I have heard him call "A gang of boodlers"
                               1892-1893                38
~Oct   24  Heard campaign speeches by Chauncey Depew
          and Whitelaw Reid (Presidential election)
      28  Saw President Harrison and Ex-President
          R B Hayes at funeral of Mrs Harrison
          (Hayes died January 17 1893)
Nov   18  With Mary M Teas at Schubert Quartette Concert
          (This is "the beautiful Quakeress")
Dec    5  Burgler takes suit of clothes, razor, a half sovereign
          from my room
       8  Visited dissecting room of Indiana Medical College
      14  Y.M.C.A. Literary Club organized
Jan    9  Present at swearing in of Claud Matthews
          as Governor of Indiana
      16  First public (unprepared speech) - Y.M.C.A. Literary Club
      20  Annie Besant on "Hypnosis in Mesmerism & Theosophy"
      21  Invitations to Y.M.C.A. meetings - Visited 12 saloons
          (on Jan 28, visited 16 more of them)
Feb    6  My first public essay "Irish Bills" (Y.M.C.A. Lit. [Literary?] Club)
Mch    2  "Chloe" - Sent supposed photo to Mother
      15  Lecture by Dr [Doctor?] Jalmage on "the School of Scandal"
      24  Mystery reception at Y.M.C.A. (acted as wizard)
Apr   10  Elected President of Y.M.C.A. Literary Club
      17  First Mock Trial - Larceny (Y.M.C.A. Lit [Literary?] Club)
                               1893                    39
Apr   21  Jean and Kate [Leitch?] - met them for first time
May    4  Robert C Ingersoll lectures on "Abraham Lincoln"
      19  Y.M.C.A. Lit [Literary?] Club - Second Mock Trial - Breach of
          Promise - Amanda Brown vs Ezekiel Jones
      29  Y.M.C.A. Lit [Literary?] Club closes for season - Was presented
          with "The Marble Faun" (by Hawthorne)
      30  Heard Governor Wm [William?] McKinley of Ohio (afterwards
          President of the United States)
June 10-18At World's Fair, Chicago - First visit
      18  Heard D [L?] Moody v John McNeill in Chicago
      23  Vinnie R Goode - First meeting with, at church social
      25  Rev [Reverend?] John McComb (see Aug 28 1892) preaches farewell
          sermon at Olive St [Street?] Presb [Presbyterian?] Church, on
          Aug [August?] 28 1892, I made the acquaintance of Mr McComb's
          Mother and his sister Mary; also of their cousin
          Mr Kilgore and his daughter Fanny.
July  11  First swimming lesson at Schissel's
      25  A H Seeding leaves for home ([Lebanon?], Ohio)
      30  [O T?] Logan is Physical Director New Albany Y.M.C.A.
Aug 18-19 At World's Fair - Second Visit to meet Andy Elder
Sept   6  Heard James Whitcomb Riley recite at Grand Army
          camp fire ("Good-bye Jim; Take Keer o'yerself" & another)
      30  Maud Pickerill receives week's notice to leave Scott's
Oct    9  Wm [William?] Scott & Co going out of business.  Notice given me
      23  Prof [Professor?] Loisette lectures on "Memory Training"
      27  John J McClintock visits me on way to World's Fair
      31  Finished employment with Wm [William?] Scott & Co.
                               1893                   40
Nov    1  Leave Indianapolis for Ireland, Via Montreal
       2  Arrive Montreal 8.40 p.m.  Met by Andy and by a
          young man whom I did not at first recognize as my
          brother, Alick (whom I had not seen for 6.5 years)
          Surprised Aunt Matilda and Hessie Patterson
       6  Visited (accompanied by Hessie P) Lizzie Black at
          509 Albert street
       8  Sailed from Montreal for Liverpool by S S [Steamship?]
          Lake Superior
     Wed  of the Beaver Line at 8.30 a.m. having signed the roll
          as a cattleman to receive £1 10s 0d for the voyage.
          Pat Lavery is fireman and I am assistant fireman
          in charge of a dozen cattle.  The night watchman
          of the cattle is Hubert Edward Pelham Clinton,
          (nephew of the Duke of Newcastle who accompanied
          Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, to Canada in 1860)
          (see supplement regarding Clinton at end of Index)
      20  Landed at Liverpool at 10 p.m.  At once wired mother
          saying "Just landed.  Going London Tuesday evening
          Home next week.  Telegraph me Victoria Hotel if
          all well home.  Am waiting" John
      21  Telegram from home received - "Surprised and
    Tues  delighted you are coming.  All well here".
      21  Received £1 10s 0d, my wages as cattleman.  This is to
          be handed to Foreman Lavery (I did no work; in
          fact, did not see the cattle during the voyage)
      21  Left Liverpool at 4.05 p.m. for London.  Arrived at
          Euston station about 8.40.  Staying at Tranter's
          Temperance Hotel, Bridgewater Square
      22  Was in Stranger's Gallery at House of Commons from
     Wed  1.00 to 5.30 p.m.  Saw Gladstone, but he did not
          speak.  Heard Harcourt, Gosaken, Balfour, Dilkie,
          Joseph Chamberlain, Joseph Ard & others make short speeches.
                               1893                    41
Nov   23  In House of Commons (stranger's gallery) from 4 to 9.30
    Thur  Heard long speech by Joseph Chamberlain; another by
          Asquith (Home Sec'y [Secretary?] , Dr [Doctor?] Renteul
          and others, Gladstone was in the House but did not speak.
      24  In house of Commons (special gallery) from 3.30 to 9.30
          Heard Gladstone and John Morley answering questions;
          also speeches by Jesse Collings, Sir Henry James etc.
      25  Received letter from H H Porter, Indianapolis, stating
     Sat  that E E Stacy, State Secretary of Indiana Y.M.C.A.
          wants me to assist him in his office, beginning Jan 1
          wrote Porter asking him to cable me whether Stacy
          could wait till February 1st or later.
      26  At Metropolitan Tabernacle in morning, heard part
          of sermon by Rev [Reverend?] Thomas Spurgeon, church being too
          cold to remain for entire service:  At 3 p.m. heard
          Canon Farrar in Westminster Abbey.  At 7 p.m.
          heard Rev [Reverend?] Joseph Parker in City Temple.
      27  Left London for Liverpool at 10.10 a.m.  Arrived at
     Mon  2.40 p.m.  Crossed by night boat "Cavan" to Dublin
          Slept soundly, the Irish Sea being smooth, for a wonder
      28  Arrived in Dublin at 8 a.m.  Staying at Morans Hotel
    Tues  Saw principal sights of city
      29  Left Dublin by 10.10 train via Portadown.  Arrived at
          Liscooly about 6.  Met by Wm [William?] Tynan and
          Stuart.  The  latter I identified when I heard
          Wm [William?] Tynan say "Stuart, mind the horse!".  At
          Ashgrove, I found Jeanie Tynan, also her four
          children, whom I met for the first time.
Dec    6  In Derry, [Londonderry?] viewing houses as residence for Mother
          and the family after January 1st
       8  Recd [received?] printed notice of dissolution of
          partnership between Wm [William?] & Robt [Robert?] Scott.
          Robert will carry on the business
                               1893                   42
Dec 10-11 Visit from Alick Houston.  Went with him to Moyle
[          At Roughan, Murlough, and Ballyhaskey House,
          where widow of Rev Wm [William?] Scott dwells.  Her son,
          Wm [William?] Scott had sent 5 bottles perfume by me to his
          mother and sisters.  Before landing at Liverpool I was
          told that the customs officers would seize 4 of
          the bottles and leave me but one, so I gave a
          bottle to Lavery, one to "the Duke" (Clinton) and one to
          Thos. [Thomas?] [Crorue?] (in charge of the cattle shipment)
          intending to get them back after we landed.  But next
          day my companions were becoming so intimate
          with John Barleycorn that I cleared off for
          London earlier than I had intended, without
          asking them for the perfume bottles.  A few days
          later I called at the Manchester Hotel, London
          where Tom [Crorue?] was staying, and found him
[5~          sprinkling the barmaids with perfume from
          the bottle I gave him, and too intoxicated to
          reason with; so that bottle was lost.  Then
          Clinton had told me to call and see him at
          his brothers residence in Belgrave Square, but I did
          not care to go among the aristocracy on land
          (though one of them had borrowed my cap to
          wear at night on shipboard when watching
          the cattle), so the second bottle was lost.
          When I returned to Liverpool, Lavery was not
          at home before I left for Dublin, so the third
          bottle was lost.  The customs officers had
          siezed one of the two bottles I carried ashore,
          so the fourth bottle was lost - and I
          had only one to distribute among 5 people!
          I failed to gain admittance at Ballyhaskey
          but bottle was delivered later.
1893                                                     43
Dec   13  Left Newtowncunningham via Derry [Londonderry?] for Ashgrove
      13  Recd [Received?] cablegram from Indianapolis reading "Elder
          Castlefin, Ireland.  March" - which means that I
          need not arrive at Indianapolis before March 1.
          Cabled back, saying "Yes"
      18  In Derry inquiring about a house to rent.  This was
     Mon  the anniversary of the Shutting of the Gates.  This
          was the first time I saw the effigy of Lundy burned
      21  Attended large party at John Bates's
   29-30  In Derry, agreed to take 6 Rosemount Terrace
          (subsequently changed to No 7, as someone had
          recently died of consumption in No 6)
Jan    2  House and garden at Ashgrove let to Wm [William?] Hilles
          at £3 per year.  Agreement signed.
       9  Removed from Ashgrove to Rosemount Terrace,
    Tues  Derry. [Londonderry?] Alick Houston's float took a load
          of our furniture.  Remainder goes by rail.
      24  Borrowed Calligraph typewriter (Kind I am to use in
          Indianapolis) from Belfast, & am practising on it
Feb    7  At Model School.  Arranged to send Stuart to it
          for a time.
      16  Bought steamship ticket for New York by S S [Steamship?]
          State of Calfornia, calling at Moville to-morrow
          Fare, including railway fare, New York to Baltimore
          £7 12s 1d.
                               1894                   44
Feb   17  Photographed this forenoon at Glass studio, Derry.
    (Sat) In group with Mother, Stuart and Isa
      17  Left for Moville on the tender Albatross at 6 p.m.  At
          the wharf to see me off were C S Caldwell, David Wray,
          Tom Stevenson, Wm [William?] Stewart and George Roulston
          Brother Stuart went with me to Moville.
Mch    1  Landed at New York at 1 p.m.  Cabled home my arrival
     Thur Paid duty of $7.20 on set of china for W A Thomson, which
          I shipped to him by express.  At International Y.M.C.A.
          offices found 15 letters awaiting me from friends in North
          America.  Sun shining brightly in New York.
       2  Visited John James McClintock at 149 East 38th Street,
          where I also met 6 Miss Hegartys and two Miss Alexanders,
          all from Castlefin.
       3  Heard Mark Twain and James Whitcomb Riley at
          Chickering Hall.  Mark Twain gave an account of
          a duel he once prepared for: an encounter with an
          interviewer: and a ghost story of a lady who had
          a golden arm (as told by a negro).  He did not
          smile all the time.  Six weeks later, the publishing
          firm of Charles L Webster & Co (in which Mark Twain
          owned a large interest) executed assignment papers
          and closed its doors.  It was argued that Clemens (Mark
          Twain) should pay 50 cents on the dollar when the
          assets were fully realized upon, and receive acquittance
          Mark himself declared that sooner or later he would
          pay the other 50 cents, dollar for dollar.  He was
          then 60 years old and in poor health.  In August
          of the following year he started on his famous
          lecture trip around the world, chronicled in "More
          Tramps Abroad".  The proceeds of the lecture trip &
          the profits from the books enabled him to pay off the
          last cent of the indebtedness in January 1895, which
                                 1894                  45
          was two years sooner than he expected, "The world
          heralded it as a splendid triumph".
Mch    4  Heard Rev [Reverend?] Dr [doctor?] Talmagh preach at the Brooklyn
    (Sun) Tabernacle at 11 a.m. from Isaaiah 63 1.  At 3
          p.m. I attended Y.M.C.A. service, where I met J J
          McClintock, and went with him to his lodgings
          At 7.30, accompanied by J J and by Cassie, Bella
          and Mary Bella Hegarty, went to Madison Square
          Presb [Presbyterian?] Church and heard a sermon by the pastor
          Rev [Reverend?] Charles H Parkhurst, D.D. [Doctor of Divinity?]
          who obtained great publicity two years before through his
          visits to the New York slums.  Stayed to-night
          with J J McClintock
       5  Left New York this afternoon for Princeton to visit
     Mon  John Wray at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Stayed
          with him in Alexander Hall to-night
       6  Left Princeton for Philadelphia: arrived at 10 a.m.
     Tues Went to Dr [doctor?] Harvey Henderson's (brother of Mrs
          Robt (Robert?) Kirkpatrick, Debec).  In the forenoon he
          took me to the Mint, Wanamaker's etc and in the afternoon
          to Independence Hall, etc.  At 3 p.m. Mrs
          Henderson took me in charge.  On the street, she
          intoduced me to Mr George Bidwell, one of the four
          men who swindled the Bank of England out of
          millions of dollars, and now an evangelist.  I
          later became better acquainted with him in
          Indianapolis.  He published an autobiography.
       6  To-night I visited Mrs Jamie Gallagher, formerely of
          Holmestown.  Her husband died on Jan [January?] 15.  She has
          her son Jamie living with her.  Staying at Dr [Doctor?]
          Henderson's to-night
       7  Left Philadelphia at 10.10 a.m. for Washington D.C.
    (Wed) Arrived at 1.42 p.m. and went to J R Fritti's
          (father of Nettie Thomson).  Stayed there Wed           [Wednesday?] & Thur [Thursday?] nights
                               1894                    46
Mch    7  Visited the Capital, Washington.  To-night, heard Moody
          and Sankey in Convention Hall
       8  Saw numerous sights of Washington, escorted by James
    Thur  R Fritts, and later by his son Howard.
       9  Was at the White House, and saw the President and
     Fri  Mrs Clevland driving.  I was the only one on the
          grounds and as they passed, Mrs Cleveland bowed
          and the President raised his hat in response to
          a similar action on my part.
       9  Left Washington at 11.10 p.m. for Lousiville by C & O
      10  Arrived at Louisville at 9.50 p.m.  Staying at W A
          Thomsons to-night, also Sunday night
      12  Left Louisville for Indianapolis at 1.50 p.m.  Arrived there
      Mon at 5.50, just 11 days after landing in New York.
          Met at station by Dr [Doctor?] Heath and H H Porter.
      13  Began work in Indiana Y.M.C.A. as Office Secretary
Apr   27  To-night with Geo [George?] Sutherland (former Secretary Y.M.C.A.)
      Fri at [Lansing?] Mich [Michigan?] I went to the outskirts to see
          at an abondoned tannery, "General" Fryes
          Industrial Army of the unemployed, on its
          march to Massillon, Ohio, to join "General"           Jacob S Coxey's army on its march to Washington
          We posed as newspaper men and came near
          being roughly handled by the tough element, who
          had been lampooned by newspapers on their
          march to Indianapolis.  Next night the "army"
          paraded & held meeting in Tomlinsin Hall.
May    1  To-day changed my lodgings from 21 Ft. [Fort?] Wayne ave
          to 81 East Vermont street (where I lodged
          for seven years, having four different land
          ladies [landladies?] in the period
                               1894                  47
May    9  Geo [George?] Sutherland is Secretary of Y.M.C.A. at
          Keokuk, Iowa
      16  Mr Stacy (State Secretary, Y.M.C.A.) leaves for London to
          attend World Convention of Y.M.C.A.
      28  As guest of Miss Marie Teas (Quakeress) attended closing
          exercises for the season of Irvington Womens Club
      30  Left crayon portrait of my father, with Mr Wm [William?]
          Scott, to be taken by him to Derry [Londonderry?] when
          he sails on June 2
June  16  David Ross writes poem on "Soldier Boys Two -
          Ollie & Jed".  Made typewriter copies of it and
          sent them to Ollie (Oliver J Logan) and Jed (Jediah
          H Clarke), both medical students now with
          the Indiana National Guard, preserving order of
          a coal strike in southern Indiana (Sullivan)
      22  At Bethany Park (First Presb. [Presbyterian?] annual
          excursion).  To-night attended "Welcome Home Meeting"
          given at State House to soldiers who returned last night from
          the scare of the mining troubles (Sullivan Ind [Indiana?])
July   4  Independence Day.  Attended Caledonian [Quoiting?]
          Club's picnic at Blue River Park, Shelly County
          (Later on described in blank verse doggerel
          entitled "The Pilgrim's Progress from Blue River
          to Morristown"
       7  Heard Joseph Cook lecture at Greenwood on
          "Ultimate America"
       9  Letter from Mother says that Stuart passes exam
          for pupil teacher in the Model School.  Was the
          first in 4 counties.
      17  E E Stacy returns from England and continent
          Gone since May 16
Aug    3  Leave for Y.M.C.A. camp, Lake Geneva, Winsconsin
          on short vacation.  Arrived next afternoon.
                               1894                  48
Aug    8  Leave Lake Geneva at 7 a.m.  In Chicago, visited
          ruins of last years World's Fair Building, Left
          Chicago for Indianapolis at 8.20, renting a Pullman
          sleeping berth for first time.
      13  Introduced Dr [Doctor>] Heath to Marie Teas at Irvington to-night
      21  W A Thomson leaves Bullitt & Co. and starts in
          business for himself as W A Thomson & Co (see Oct 8)
      31  First Presb. [Presbyterian?] Christian Endeavor picnic at
          Fairview Park (Basis of my rhymes on "The Last Rows [Rose?]
          of Summer")
Sept 6-7  Y.M.C.A. Secretarial Conference at Indianapolis
Oct    8  W A Thomson's partner is Geo [George?] W Sevcaringen,
          President of the Union National Bank
      15  Attended Dr [Doctor?] A Conan Doyle's "Readings and
          Reminiscences".  Attended his reception at
          Denison House and shook hands.
      17  Attended Gypsy Smith meeting.  Suffered much
          from bad ventilation.
Nov 8-11  At Y.M.C.A. State Convention, held at Columbus, Ind [Indiana?]
          Took shorthand notes of speech of H O
          Williams, State Secretary of Virginia Y.M.C.A.
      12  Returned to Indianapolis from Columbus.
      18  Heard Bily Sunday (advance agent for Dr [Doctor?]
          J W Chapman, evangelist) at two services
          He had not then adopted the Methods that
          have made him so well-known
Dec 13-19 Was an usher at Chapman's meetings
      22  Heard speech by John Burns M.P.[Member of Parliament?]
      31  Last day with State Y.M.C.A. work being
          too heavy, and in some respects uncongenial
                               1895                   49
Jan    1  Started the year out of work.  Quit Y.M.C.A. yesterday
      23  Y.M.C.A. Literary Club, for men and women, organized
      28  Lord Aberdeen's supposed descent from John Knox.
          Letter recd [received?] from his secretary
Feb    1  Canvassing for Collier's "Once a week".
      12  Heard F Hopkinson Smith, novelist, read from his works.
      26  Began work in office of H A Crossland, broker
      27  Read essay on "Irish Bulls" at Y.M.C.A. Literary Club
Mch   13  Maude Hixson - First meeting with, at Literary Club.
      16  Geo. [George?] Mackey (Memphis) - Called to see him
      24  At Fleming's farm with Jean and Kate Leitch.
      29  Degree of M.D. [Doctor of Medicine?] conferred on David Ross,
          Oliver J Logan and Jediah H Clark (see June 1894)
      30  Sold 4 carloads of potatoes - largest sale I ever
      30  Clothing stolen - 1 overcoat, 2 suits, etc (never recovered)
Apr   14  Dr [Doctor?] F C Heath is ordained a Deacon
      21  Dr [Doctor?] Heath became engaged to Agnes Cochrane a week ago.
May   12  At Teas's, Irvington, with Jean and Kate Leitch.
      18  H A Crossland sells his business, & I am out of work
   24-25  Canvessing for fire insurance (no success)
June  19  Began work at Indiana Car and Foundry Co
          in West Indianapolis as assistant bookkeeper
July   7  At Leitch's with Marie Teas.
Aug    3  Resigned post at Indiana Car & Foundry Co., having
          accepted position with Merchant's Despatch
       5  Began work with Merchant's Despatch (fast freight line)
      15  Blanche Thomson (daughter of Harry) - Met her
          for first time
                               1895-1896                50
Aug   19  Stuart is Senior Pupil Teacher in Derry [Londonderry?] Model School
Sept  20  W Kerfoot Stewart leaves for Yale University
Oct   25  Heard lecture of James Keir Hardie, ex M.P. [Member
          of Parliament?]
      31  Earthquake shock: nearby chimney falls.
Nov   29  Heard lecture of Maurice Thompson on "Learning and Life"
Dec    3  Heard Russell Convell lecture on "acres of Diamonds"
      17  [Grover?] Cleveland issues Venezuelan Message.
Jan    1  Working with Merchants Despatch since Aug 5 1895
      15  Heard lecture by John Habberton (another of "Helen's Babies?)
28-Feb 1  Off duty, from congestion of the lungs.  Nettie
          Thomson, now in the city, visited me three times
Feb    4  Leap year proposal from "Sweet Marie" of Ireland
       4  Heard John Temple Graves on "The Reign of the Demagogue"
   20-21  Weather cold.  Natural gas supply for lighting is too
          weak.  Had to use oil lamps.  Temperature of
          my room 42 degrees F.
Mch    5  Saw "Picture Play" by Alexander Black
      20  Recd [Received?] letter from T Chalmers Gilmour (Library of
          Parliament, Ottawa) regarding my continuation to
          "Notes and Queries" on the descendants of John Knox
Apr   12  Ex President Benjamin Harrison and his second
          bride (married April 6) appear at First Presb [Presbyterian?]
      19  Shaved off beard (growing since Nov 12)
                               1896                     51
May    7  Dr [Doctor?] Oliver T Logan, interne, [intern?] leaves
          City Hospital
      14  Geo [George?] A Shea has left Connell Bros [Brothers?]
          (is now in Holton)
June   4  Well discontinued in University Park.  Wrote several
          letters in protest to newspapers.
       8  Heard Bertha Hixson's Commencement Essay on "The Pathos
          in Scotch, Irish and American Songs".
      16  Dr [Doctor?] David Ross (who has been an interne [intern?]
          at City Hospital for a year) opens office in Indianapolis
          and starts private practice.
July 3-13 Spent 10 days's vacation in Kentucky
     7-8  Visited Mammoth Cave of Kentucky
      12  Dr J H Fergusson is a Diplomat in State Medicine
Aug    1  Mammoth Cave Trip in blank verse is published
      17  Bought Vanguard bicycle (price $45.00)
Sept 2-3  Gold Democrats nominate Gen [General?] John M Palmer for
          President, and General Simon D Buckner for Vice-Pres.
      12  Gold Democrat Notification Meeting in Louisville
          Auditorium.  Went on special train to Louisville
          to attend it, with the Russell Club.
      15  Heard lecture of W H Harvey ("Coin" Harvey), author
          of "Coins Financial School"
      20  Martha Wray writes me of her engagement to N Hobson
          (married Dec [December?] 21 1896)
      20  Dr [doctor?] Ernest Kirkpatrick first child (a boy)
          born Sept [September?] 12
      14  Stuart Elder leave[s?] for Training School in Dublin
          (a "Queen's Scholar").
                               1896                   52
Sept  28  Changed lodgings to adjoining room
Oct    1  Franklin L Carter leaves for Oberlin College, Ohio
       3  Heard W Bourke Cochran on "Sound Money"
       6  Heard Wm [William?] Jenning, Bryan at open-air meeting
      24  Heard Benj [Benjamin?] Harrison on the political situation       28 Heard John L Griffiths on the political situation
      30  Heard General Lew Wallace on the political situation
Nov    3  Presidential Election, McKinley elected
       3  My bicycle stolen (recovered Dec [December?] 31)
      22  Heard Dr [Doctor?] W R Harper (President of Chicago University)
    (Sun) deliver two addresses
      30  Heard Pauline Johnston and Owen A Smiley
Dec   14  Heard Bob Burdette on "Good Medicine".
      20  Heard Rev [Reverend?] Sam Small on "His Majesty the Devil"
      26  Newspaper controversy with D R Harrington (a
          visitor from Ireland) on State [endowment?] of Roman
          Catholic education in Ireland
      31  Bicycle stolen on Nov 3 was found in Adams
          Express Office
                               1897                  53
Jan    1  Working in Merchant's Despatch Office since Aug 5 1895
       1  Poem, "King Railroad of Indianapolis" appears
       4  Heard Geo [George?] Kennan's lecture on "Mountaineers
          of the Caucasus"
      11  An inauguration of Jas [James?] A Mount as Governor of Indiana
      19  Poem on "The Deacons Birthday" (Dr [doctor?] Heath)
      28  Acrostic "To My Mother on Her 60th Birthday" (Feb 10)
          appears in to-day's "News"
Feb    2  Rhymes "Soldier Boys Two: an up-to-date Sequel"
          sent to Dr [Doctor?] J H Clark, Evansille (see June 16 1894)
       2  Sent post card bearing the words "Proverbs 25 25"
          to Hessie Patterson: one on Feb 11 to Tellie Newsom:
          one on Feb 12 to Mrs Sam McCain (nee Mary McKay)
          and one on Feb 12 to A H Seeding
   21-22  Heard three lectures by B Fay Mills
      22  Wrote chorus "Daisy at the Phone" (on March 5
          wrote 6 stanzas of rhymes: later increased to 10 stanzas)
Mch   17  Heard Henry Watterson's lecture on "Abraham Lincoln"
      18  Met Miss McDougall & Miss Maneary (Canadian nurses)
Apr    1  Rhymes to the Gipsy [Gypsy?] (Miss Bessie Wells) regarding
          prediction at Y.M.C.A. mystery reception on March
          24 1893, which has not been fulfilled.
       1  Andy Elder begins traveling [travelling?] for American
          Rattan Co.
May   28  Ananias Club re-union at Dr [Doctor?] Heath's office
      13  "Ad Dorotheam" controversy between "News" & "Journal"
June   2  James Fleming leaves on visit to Ireland.
     5-6  At Brazil, Ind. [Indiana?] with Dr Ross at his father's home
                               1897                     54
June  19  Andy Elder pays short visit to Chas. [Charles?] Moffitt
July 7-17 Vacation spent in Canada - Toronto Niagara Falls
          St Thomas (where I met Isa Wray, Janie being in Ireland)
          and Delaware (Dr [doctor?] F H Mitchcell's)
    16-17 At Winona Park, Ind. [Indiana?] (on way back to Indianapolis)
Aug    4  Affected by great heat.  Poured water on my head with a hose
       6  Declined promotion to Gen. [General?] Western Agent's Office of
          Merchant's Despatch in Chicago (good on McGeod)
       ?  Andy Elder meets with Uncle Clark in Manitoba.
Sept  15  "Hugh Manity" - First letter appears in "Amenities
          of the Telephone".  Second appears Sept [September?] 17
      28  Mrs Harvey Henderson (Philadelphia) calls at Merchants
          Despatch office (see March 1894
      30  Mrs [Hahn?] (Aunt of Blanche Thomson) calls at M D office
Oct    5  Eyes tested by Dr [Doctor?] Heath: got spectacles
      12  Mayoralty election - Tom Taggart re-elected for 2 yr [year?] term
      21  Uncle Robert Elder - Burnt out of house and home
          No insurance
      27  Attended Quaker wedding, Dr [doctor?] Jesse S Baily
          & Pauline Osborne.
Nov    3  Anna Cochrane - Declined request about typewriting
      24  Heard Russell Conwell's lecture on "The Jolly Earthquake"
      30  Heard Bishop Chas. [Charles?] J Fowler's lecture "Great Deeds
          of Great Men".
Dec    5  Commander & Mrs Booth Tucker at Roberts Park Church
      13  "Hugh Manity" - Letter on New Telephone Company
      21  Heard George Kennan's lecture on Russia
      22  Morris Ross, Editor of the News, calls at M D J office
                               1897-1898                55
Dec   23  "Hugh Manity" receives letters from W A Vail, State Supt
          [Superintendent?] of Central Union Telephone Co. [Company?]
          asking for a personal conference
          The request was twice repeated and each time
      25  Mother fell on ice (Dec -[December?]) and was badly bruised
Jan    1  Working at Merchant's Despatch Transportation Office
          since Aug 5 1895
     1-2  At Brazil with Dr [Doctor?] David Ross;  at his Aunt's Mrs Anne
          Stevenson (in the town) and at Mrs Neil Ross's
       8  "Hugh Manity" receives Silver Plate from telephone
   B       operators through Morris Ross of The News, who
          said he would "rather have that plate than be
          Governor of Indiana
      10  Heard Dr [Doctor?] Fridty of Nansen's lecture on his Artic trip
      15  "Hugh Manity" appeals to telephone subscribers regarding
          opening of new exchange of Central Union
      17  "Hugh Manity" - W H Smythe desires to meet him, but
          H M writes giving reasons for declining
      20  "Razor-Back Telephone Hog" - Rhymes published
      24  "Razor-Back Defiance" (in prose) appears in The News
      29  Contribution on the "New Telephone System" appears
          as a news item
      31  "Epitaph on a Razor-Back" - Rhymes published
Feb   26  "Hugh Manity" informs W A Vail regarding McLaughlin,
                               1898                  56
          assistant manager at Telephone Exchange.  Mr Vail
          answers, proposing a committee of three subscribers
          to investigate grievances.  "Hugh Manity" wrote on
          March 9 stating his objections to proposal.
Mch    8  Telephone Girls' Salaries - Letter appears, signed "Equity"
       9  Heard Gen [General?] John B Gordon lecture on "The Last Days"
          of the Confederacy"
      16  Telephone Girls' Salaries - Various letters
      21  "Telephone Philathropists from Chicago" - Rhymes
          published signed "E Quay Knox" (Equinox)
      21  Telephone Manager (Hill) is holding Court of
          Inquiry (asks operators who Hugh Manity is)
      23  Two operators (Miss Carleton & Miss Richardson)
          discharged because they collected funds to buy
          Silver Plate (see Jan 8)
      28  "Hugh Manity" is introduced at Dr [Doctor?] Ross' office to
          the two discharged operators
      29  "News" publishes two column article giving statements
          made to Morris Ross by the discharged operators:
      30  "Hugh Manity" comments on reason advanced
          for dismissing the two operators
Apr    1  Heard General Booth, founder of Salvation Army
       4  Aunt Jane and Bella Smith removed recently
          from Ivy Lodge, Portstewart, to Derry [Londonderry?] (Aunt died
          there on Sept [September?] 2)
       6  "Hugh Manity" at suggestion of Morris Ross,
          arranges about meeting of operators at Miss
          Richardsons's house to form a union (but none
          of them came)
                               1898                  57
Apr   19  Letter of "Hugh Manity" openly advocates a Telephone
          operators' union (written at request of Edgar A Perking
          labour leader
      23  "Operators of the Central Union Telephone Co. [Company?] wrote to
          The News stating that the articles in that paper
          give them an "unpleasent notoriety" and
          asking that they be discontinued.
      26  "Hugh Manity" deals with operators" "Manifesto"
May    2  Miss Carleton (discharged operator) begins work
          as a bookkeeper and cashier in Huffs dry goods
          store, Martinsville, Ind. [Indiana?] (her home town)
       4  "Hugh Manity" sends copies of several of his letters
          to Edgar A Perkins for his use in writing articles
          in "The Union" (5 of his articles appeared - May
          21 June
      29  At Grandview, New Albany (W A Thomson's)
       ?  Meenahoney Farm - Judicial rent fixed in 1882
          reduced from £38 to £28 11s 0d.  Judicial rent
          fixed every 15 years (see June 3 1882, Apr [April?] 7 1883)
June  13  Telephone Exchange - General increase of wages
      25  Andy elder sails on the Labrador for Ireland
July   1  Saturday night work in stores - Wrote numerous
          letters on subject to the News, under various pen names
                               MARRIAGES                   58
July   1  Dr [Doctor?] Fred H Mitchell to Rachel Blair Elder
May    6  John Russell (Cavan) to Rebecca Elliott (Bauchinb[r?]ury)
      24  John McKnight (Fredericton) to Kate Kilpatrick
          (granddaughter of [?] Caldwell
Aug    5  Wm [William?] John Tynan (Carricknamana) to Jeanie M Elder
      10  Robert Wilson (Cloghard) to Lizzie McKinney
Nov    ?  Alex McCullough to Kate Wilson
Feb   10  Wm [William?] Keatly CPS (Strabane) to Annie F Holmes (Rossgere)
Mch    8  Richard Wisely (St Thomas) to Maggie Anne McCreery
May   23  Alex [Alexander?] T Patterson (Montreal) to Catherine Louise Martin
                               MARRIAGES               59
Sept   ?  (?) Galloway (banker, Strabane) to Lizzie Risk
Dec   22  Dr [Doctor?] Jas [James?] Hugh Fergusson (Killygordon) to
          Annie M Caldwell
June   7  Chas [Charles?] Caldwell (Toronto) to Martha Kyle
       ?  John Michan Jun [Junior?] (Liscooley) to Minnie Montieth (Kiltown)
July   4  David Wray (Derry) [Londonderry?] to Janie Hood Thomson
Aug   30  Thomas Orr to Hannah M Ewing (Stranorlar)
Sept   ?  David Thompson to Lizzie M Taylor (Carrigans)
Oct   23  James H Smith (Raphoe) to Mary P Anderson in
          Glasgow: he died in July 17 1889
Nov    ?  Rev [Reverend?] John Thompson (aged 84) to Miss Macky (aged
          71) of Raphoe, after 35 years courtship.  He
          died on June 26 1890
Dec    5  John S Weir (Carrickbrack) to Martha McKinlay
                               MARRIAGES                  60
July  11  Sam McCain to Mary R McKay (Florenceville)
          sister of his deceased wife, Kate who died on
          April 13 1888 (grandnieces of Casper Caldwell)
Oct   18  Henry Cook to Mary Kinney (Florenceville)
          (granddaughter of Casper Caldwell)
       3  Wm Hemphill (Attaghaderry) to Rebecca Caldwell
          (grandniece of Casper Caldwell)
Dec   10  Chas [Charles?] W Connell (Woodstock NB [New Brunswick?] to
          Maggie Isabel Kilpatrick, (granddaughter of Casper Caldwell)
      10  Wm [William?] Walker (Derry) [Londonderry?] to Kate
          Blackburn (Carnone)
Jan   13  Rev Scovill Neales to Maggie Bull (Woodstock)
          (niece of Frank Bull, my first landlord)
      28  Johnnie Patterson (Montreal) to Wandah D E Hillman
                               MARRIAGES               61
July  23  J Chipman Hartley (Woodstock) to Sarah Leighton
Oct   30  Barney Murray ([Tiermak?]) to Mary Harvey (Harraghy)
Nov   12  Robert Goss (Woodstock) to Anne Johnston (Debec)
Feb   12  Chas. [Charles?] S Caldwell (Derry) [Londonderry?] to
          Jeanie Hamilton Foster
Mch    9  W A Thomson (Louisville) to Julia Annetta Fritts
Apr   16  Rev [Reverend?] A G Lecky (Ballylennon) to Mary McKinlay
      30  Robert McKinlay Jun [Junior?] (Sessaghmore) to Nannie Weir
Aug   12  Wm [William?] M Austin (Woodstock) to Ada Churchill
      18  James Roulston (St Thomas) to Janie K Wray - at Montreal
Jan   14  Wm [William?] H Barnes (Louisville, Ky.[Kentucky?])
          to Robie A Higdon
Sept  29  Renfrew Kirkpatrick (Debec) to Maud Harron
May    ?  Wm [William?] Hillis (teacher) to Bella Blackburn (Carnmore)
July   7  Andy Middleton to Fanny Griffiths (both of Montreal)
Oct    4  James W Wood (formerly of Ind'pls [Indianapolis?] to
          Lucy Deacon
Nov   28  Oliver H Carson (Indianapolis) to Mary E Dowdigan
Apr   17  Harry H Porter (Secy [Secretary?] Lafayette Y.M.C.A.
          formerly asst. [assistant?] Secy [Secretary?]
          Indianapolis Y.M.C.A.) To (?) Cook she died four days later
May   28  James Brent (Toronto) to Annie Wray
June  19  Dr [Doctor?] Fred C Heath (Indpls) [Indianapolis?]
      25  Dr [Doctor?] Frank B Wynn (Indpls) [Indianapolis?]
          to Carrie Louise Arnold
Sept  30  Thos [Thomas?] Edgar to Maggie A Moffitt (Frederiction)
          (she died in April 1898)
                               MARRIAGES               62
Apr   29  Ellsworth D Bishop (Ind'pls) [Indianapolis?] to
          Mary Una East
Sept  24  Thos A Hendrick's (Ind'pls) [Indianapolis?] to
          Florence East
Dec   21  N Hobson (Grenfall, Sask. [Saskatchewan?]) to Martha H H Wray
June  30  James Miller (Ind'pls [Indianapolis?]) to Binnie Moore
Aug    4  Dr [Doctor?] Oliver T Logan (formerly of Ind'pls [Indianapolis?]
          to Jennie Estelle Manget (pronounced "Mah-zhay")
Sept  28  Richard H Malsead (Derry) [Londonderry?] to Hessie Houston
Oct   27  Dr [Doctor?] Jess S Baily (Ind'pls [Indianapolis?] to Pauline Osborn
Apr   27  Alex J Houston (Moyle) to Mary Smith
                               DEATHS                  63
          Where day or month is represented by a
          Question mark (?) it denotes that the letter from
          home giving news of the death did not supply
          the exact date.
Feb    4  John Mortland, of L[e?]ckin
      20  James McGrorty of Killygordon
Mch   13  Czar Alexander 11 of Russia (assassinated)
      13  John Allison of Breaghy
Apr   19  Earl of Beaconsfield
May   17  John Rea, Belfast attorney (suicided)
      20  Hugh Mehan ("Sharkey") at Donegal
July   2  President Garfield shot (died Sept [September?] 19)
Aug    4  Thomas Barr of Mullanbury.
Dec    2  Henry Harper of Sergeantstown
Jan    6  Johnnie Thomson of Derry [Londonderry?] (aged 20)
Feb   25  Harry Thomson of Indianapolis (aged 28)
       ?  Mrs John Alexander (nee Eliza Jane Park), Hamilton
Apr    7  Denis Florence McCarthy, Irish Poet
      18  Francis Macdonagh QC [Queen's Counsel?] (foremost Irish lawyer)
      19  Charles Darwin, naturalist
June   2  Joseph Garabaldi, Italian patriot
      18  Robert Blackburn of Holmestown (from
          effects of vehicle accident)
      28  Rebecca Taylor of Rooskey (aged 94)
          (sister-in-law of James McConaghy)
                               DEATHS                64
Oct   13  Sarah Jane Love, of Scarvahern
Dec    3  Ebenezer Bustard (our landlord) in 75th year
       6  Anthony Troll[o?]pe, novelist
      18  Prof. [Professor?] Robert Donnell
      19  Thos [Thomas?] O'Flanagan.  Editor of Derry [Londonderry?] Journal
      27  W R Thompson (fromerly of Strabane) at Lisbellaw
      31  Leon Gambetta, French statesman
Jan   23  Gustave Dore, French artist
Mch    1  Prince Gortschakoff, Russian statesman
      28  John Browne, faithful servant of Queen Victoria
      28  Tho. [Thomas?] White Jun [Junior?] of Carrick (from lockjaw?)
      29  Dr [Doctor?] Chas [Charles?] McConaghy, RN [Royal Navy?] of
Apr   30  James McConaghy Sen [Senior?] of Rooskey (aged 73)
May   11  Peter Boyne, of Ramelton (owned land
          in Carnone, of which Paddy McBride was
July  24  Capt [Captain?] Matthew Webb (in Niagara Whirlpool)
      23  Hon. [Honourable?] Wm [William?] Elder of St John N.B.
          [New Brunswick?] Provincial Secretary of NB [New Brunswick?]
          (brother of Thos [Thomas?] Elder of Carrigans)
Aug   22  Paddy McElhinney, shoemaker, of Holmestown
Sept   4  William Marwood , public executioner
      10  Hugh Law, Irish Lord Chancellor (at Rathmullen)
Nov   15  Uncle John Patterson, of Montreal
Dec   12  Aunt Elizabeth Houston of Moyle
                               DEATHS                   65
Jan    1  Moses Wallace, sen [Senior?] of Carnone
      14  Esther Buchanan of Roshine, Gartan (formerly
          of Powderly) aged 46
      29  Wm [William?] Wray of Hawstown (elder)
Feb    3  Kate Thomson of Derry (aged 24)
       2  Wendall Phillips, American statesman
       2  M Rouher (was chief minister of Napoleon 111)
      11  Minnie (Marion) Wood of Bushmills
      13  Wm [William?] McCormick of Blairstown ("The Flush")
Mch    1  John McCurdy of Millburn (aged 64)
      14  Mrs Andrew Colhoun (nee Violet Hammond) of Leacht
      17  William Martin, of solicitor, of Ramelton
      29  Sir Barthe Frare (ex-Governor of Bombay)
June   3  Lord Claud Hamilton, former M.P. [Member of Parliament?]
          for Co. Tyrone (known as "Old" Lord Claud, to distinguish
          him from his nephew, Lord Claud John)
Oct    5  John Michan, sen [Senior?] of Liscooley.  (That branch
          spelled its name "Michan"; while the Blairstown
          branch spelled it "Meighan")
Dec    2  Mrs John Patterson (nee Jane King) of Derry [Londonderry?]
       5  Francis Elliott, sen. [Senior?] of Carrickbrack (aged 93)
      19  Wm [William?] Todd, sen [Senior?] of Fyfin (aged 68)
      26  Prof [Professor?] Given D D [Doctor of Divinity?]
          PhD [Doctor of Philosophy?] of Magee College
                               DEATHS                    66
Jan    8  Samuel Taylor, sen [Senior?] of Donaghmore
      12  P.J. Smyth M.P. [Member of Parliament?] of Tipperary
      17  Alex Mitchell (son-in-law of Mrs Harper, Holmestown)
      19  George Irvine sen [Senior?] of Carnone
      26  Gen Chas [Charles?] Gordon ("Chinese Gordon") at Khartoum
Feb    1  Thom Ellison, of Toberoneill
      15  Robert Wilson, of Cashalin
      20  Wm [William?] Harpur of Meenlonghan
Mch   13  Wm [William?] Watson of Ballybegley
      30  Dr [Doctor?] Robert Little of Raphoe
      31  Mrs Elizabeth Harper, widow of Henry Harper
          (who died Dec 2 1881)
Apr    2  Earl Cairns, ex-Lord Chancellor (native of Belfast
          District, Ireland)
      27  Sam Blackburn dies in Liverpool
May   15  Murray Blair (son of Rev [Reverend?] Hugh Blair)
Oct   14  Daniel Elliott, of Carnadore.
      21  Mrs Alex [Alexander?] Reid (nee Elizabeth Bredin) at
          her sister, Martha Crockett's, Plaister
      23  Rev [Reverend?] Isaiah N Harkness, of Stewartstown
          (for many years Editor of the Monthly Messenger)
          31  First Duke of Abercorn
Dec    3  Andrew Elliott of Drummurphy
FEb   18  John B Gough, temperance orator
Mch   15  Mrs Thomas Mehan (Sarah Anne)
Apr    1  Mrs Wm [William?] Thompson (nee Martha McCay), Altaghaderry
                               DEATHS                 67
Apr    5  W E Forster, former chief Secretary for Ireland
May   19  Mat [Matthew?] Hamilton, of Meenlougher
Sept   3  Willie King, of Montreal (formerly of Moneygreggan)
Nov    ?  Hugh Gallagher, of Liscooly (Bustard's bailiff)
Dec   30  Andrew Elder of Ashgrove (aged 65)
Jan   22  Uncle John Houston, of Moyle
Feb    3  Mrs Cogswell, of Forenceville N.B. [New Brunswick?]
Mch    8  John McElhinney, sen [Senior?] of Rooskey (aged 88)
      20  William Porter of Carricknamana
          (brother of Mrs Allan Tynan)
May    2  Mrs David Roulston of Craigmagowan
Oct    ?  Mrs Allan Tynan, of Carricknamana
Nov    ?  John Bogan of Leacht
Jan    ?  Robert Laird of Leacht
       ?  John Hunter of Carnone
       ?  Robt [Robert?] Carson QC [Queen's Counsel?] (County Court Judge)
Feb   24  Forrest Reid, solicitor, Derry [Londonderry?]
Mch    ?  Rev [Reverend?] Issac Nelson of Belfast (ex MP [Member of Parliament?])
      27  Edmund Droyer Gray, of Freeman's Journal
      29  Mrs Fergusson (mother of Dr [Doctor?] James Hugh)
Apr   13  Mrs Sam McCain (nee Kate McKay) Florencville
June   4  Infant son of Rachel Mitchell - (aged 2 days)
Aug    4  Hans McMordie, LLD of Belfast.
       7  Alex Liston of Cottown
                               DEATHS                   68
Nov   19  Joseph Meany, of Carrick, (killed by fall from vehicle)
Nov   26  Rev [Reverend?] John Porter Dickey of Cornone (in 83rd year)
Jan    ?  Mrs William Harper of Raphoe
       ?  John Wm [William?] Stewart, sexton, of Carnone
Mch   16  Rev [Reverend?] Josias Leslie Porter, DD, LLD, D LITT, President
          of Queen's College, Belfast.
      27  Robert Ewing, Clerk of Petty Sessions, Stranorlar
      27  John Bright, statesman
Apr   23  James A Grieves ("Sandy" Grieves) of [Fredericton?]
          (formerly bookkeeper to Connell Bros)
July  17  James H Smith of Raphoe (he married
          Oct 23 last year)
Sept  23  Walkie Collins, novelist
      28  John Moody, Auctioneer, Strabane (aged 66)
Oct    7  Rev [Reverend?] Dr [Doctor?] J A Weir, of Raphoe (former headmaster
          of Raphoe Royal School)
Nov   16  Thomas Elliott, sen [Senior?] of Castlefin (aged 88)
Dec    6  Jefferson Davis, ex-President of the Confederacy
Nov   26  Rev [Reverend?] Hugh Blair of Belfast
Jan   22  Frank W Bull of Woodstock N.B. [New Brunswick?]
      26  Robert McKinlay, sen [Senior?] of Sessaghmore
      25  Prof [Professor?]Thos [Thomas?] Withern[s?] DD [Doctor of Divinity?] of Derry
Feb   19  Joseph Gillis Biggar M.P.[Member of Parliament?]
                               DEATHS                   69
Feb    ?  Isabella Macky , teacher (Grahamsland)
Mch   14  Baron Dowse, Judge of Irish Exchequer Court
          (formerly MP [Member of Parliament?] for Derry [Londonderry?] City)
Apr   15  Edward O'Donnell (nicknamed "Paver") of Leacht
June  26  Rev [Reverend?] John Thomson, of Berwick (he married
          in Nov 1888 at the age of 84)
Oct   25  Alan Tynan, sen [Senior?] of Carrickanmana
Mch   24  George Hughes of Belfast (aged 61)
          Compiled a Mathewson geneology
May    ?  Mrs Sedley (nee Eliza Osborne - first cousin
          of mother's)
      21  Mrs Casper Caldwell of Greenfield, NB [New Brunswick?]
      27  James Astle, sen, [Senior?] of Woodstock NB [New Brunswick?]
June   6  Sir John A Macdonald, Prime Minister
July  14  Dr [Doctor?] James S Wray
       ?  Andrew Gregg of Raphoe (solicitor)
Sept   ?  Bob Blackburn, killed in mining accident
Oct    6  Chas [Charles?] S [Stewart?] Parnell, MP [Member of Parliament?]
          at Brighton.
      18  Alex T Osborne (first cousin of Mother's)
  25-26?  Fannie Elliott (at Castlefin)
Dec   10  Rev Oscar C McCulloch of Indianapolis
Nov   30  Mrs Sam Macky of Fredericton, N.B. [New Brunswick?]
      26  Nancy Hardy at Urney aged 96 (widow
          of John Hardy, Mason and Thatcher).
                               DEATHS                 70
Jan   14  Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence.
      14  Cardinal Manning
      29  Samuel Ewing of Murlough
      31  Rev [Reverend?] C H Spurgeon (at Mentone)
Feb   13  Dr [Doctor?] James Love (formerly of Killygordon)
      25  Daniel Stewart of Indianapolis (father-
          in-law of William Scott)
      27  William John Simms of Castlefin
Apr    4  Wm [William?] Gibson of Woodstock N.B. [New Brunswick?]
      30  Mrs Annie Wilson of Liscooley
Oct    6  Tennyson, the poet
      25  Thomas Elder of Carrigans
Jan   17  Ex-President Rutherford B Hayes
      23  Phillips Brooks, renowned preacher, Boston
      27  James G Blaine, American statesman
June  10  Horace W Dickson of Mattoon, Ills. [Illinois?]
          (former bookkeeper with Wm [William?] Scott & Co)
June  24  President Carnot of France (assassiated)
Oct    6  Janie Ewing of Murlough
      29  Wm [William?] Henry Park of Chicago
June   ?  Robt Colhoun of Brockstown (dies from blow)
      30  Aunt Mary Jane Thomson of Derry [Londonderry?]
Aug    9  Johnnie Houston of Newtowncunningham (aged 43)
                               DEATHS                   71
Apr   29  Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of "Uncle
          Tom's Cabin")
Jan   11  Mrs Richard Bull, formerly of Woodstock NB [New Brunswick?]
          (sister of Mrs W H Park)
   25-26  John Matthewson of Derry
      31  Mrs Robert Park (nee Betty Hood) of Hamilton
Feb    1  Wm [William?] McClintock Wray dies in New Zealand
       1  Richard Bull, formerly of Woodstock NB [New Brunswick?]
Mch   28  Mrs David Wray (nee Janie Thomson)
June   6  Mrs W J A Wray, of Rockfield
Aug   19  Neil Ross, uncle of Dr [Doctor?] David Ross.
Nov   26  Mrs W J Latimer (nee Fanny McBeth)
Apr   25  Stewart Elder, of Buffalo (first cousin
          of my father)
      18  Mrs Thos [Thomas?] Edgar of Fredericton (nee Maggie Moffitt)
May   19  Wm [William?] Ewart Gladstone ("Grand Old Man")
      22  James P Crockett of Plaister (aged 29)
Sept   2  Aunt Jane Smith of Derry (to which she removed
          from Portstewart last March)
Oct   23  Aunt Isabella Caldwell
Aberdeen, Lord ............ 49     Bull, Frank W ............. 21,25,26,30
Accident (overturned Buggy) 29     Bull, Richard Sen ......... 71,22
Acheson John .............. 33     Bull, Mrs Richard ......... 71
Ad Dorotheam .............. 53     Burdette, Bob (humorist) .. 52
                                   Burglars at work .......... 38,49
Baily Dr Jesse S .......... 54     Burke, Thos H (Under Secy.) 5
Bartley Rev John R ........ 15     Burns, John (MP) .......... 48
Bees ....... 10,13,15,18,18,26     Bustard, Ebenezer .........  3
Belfast, Trip to .......... 11     Bustard. George ...........  2
Berkeley, Rev, W L ........  6
Besant Annie .............. 38     Caldwell, Andrew C ........ 20
Bicycle ................ 51,52     Caldwell, Annie M ......... 1,20,60
Bidwell, George ........... 45     Caldwell, Charlie (Toronto) 25,25,26,26
Black, Lizzie Thompson . 19,23     Caldwell, Charlie (Toronto) 29,32,60
Blackburn, Bella .......... 61     Caldwell, Chas S  1,24,27(final)28 Foster
Blackburn, Joe .......... 7,59     Caldwell, Isabella (Aunt)   71
Blackburn, Kate ........ 24,60     Caldwell, Edith (in N.B.)   20
Blackburn, Maggie ......... 10     Caldwell, John (Uncle) .... 4,7,20,24,30
Blackburn, Robert, Sen ....  6     Caldwell, Rebecca ......... 13,60
Blackburn, Robert jnr ..... 69     Caldwell, Thos W (aft'ds MP)20,27
Blackburn, Samuel ......... 15     Canoe ride, First ......... 22
Blakslee, H E (Woodstock)   31     Carey, James (T.C. Dublin)  8,10,11
Blue Ribbon Army .......... 18     Carter, Franklin L (Ind'pls)52
Blue River Park ........... 47     Castlefin Land League (See Land)
Bloom, Jacob R ............ 37     Cavendish, Lord Frederick    5
Bogan, John ............... 12     Chapman, Rev J Wilbur ..... 48
Booth, Wm (Salv. Army) .... 56     Chiniquy, Father .......... 22
Bourke, Ulick .............  5     "Chloe" (mulatto) ......... 38
Bradlaugh, Charles (M.P.) 5,12
Brazil, Ind., Visits to  53,55     Clark, Jediah H (MD) ...... 47,49,58
Bright, John ..............  1     Cleveland, Grover (Pres. US)46,50
Brooks, Fred Emerson ...... 36     Clinton, H E Pelham ....... 40,42
Bryan Wm Jennings ......... 52     Cochran, W Bourke ......... 52
Buchanan, Joseph ........ 7,24     Cochrane, Agnes R ......... 49,61
Bull, Annie ............... 26     Cochrane, Anna ............ 54
Cogswell, Mrs (Florenceville)      Elder, Clark M ............ 1,1,37,54
                      19,20,67     Elder, Jeanie M ........... 21,59
Colquhoun, Rev Wm 1,2,26,13,14,18  Elder, Matilda G (Burnfoot
Colter, Dr Newton R ....... 30                       Branch)   36
Connell, Charles W ..... 25,60     Elder, Minnie (Aunt) ...... 7,13,59
Connell, H A .......... 21,24      Elder, Robert Blair ....... 54
           25,27,30,37,(Hon")      Elder, Rachel B (See Mitchell")
Conwell, Russell H ...  50,54      Elder, Stewart (Uncle) .... 4,7,13
Cook, Joseph (Boston) .... 47      Elder, Stewart (Buffalo) .. 37,71
Court held in backwoods .. 21      Elder Stuart R.C. [Roman Catholic?]
Coxey's Army ............. 46                         41,43,47,50,51
Coyle, James (suit against)16      Elder, Thomas (Carrigans)   22,70 (death)
Crockett, Martha ......... 13      Elder, Wm H (R C Archbishop)37
Crossland H A  ........ 49,49      Electric Lighting in Woodstock 28
"Daisy at the Phone"               Elliott, Andrew (Drummurphy)66 (Death)
                (Rhymes)   53      Elliott, Daniel (Carnadore) 16,66 (Death)
DEATHS ............. 63 to 71      Elliott, Fanny ............ 15,69 (death)
Depew, Chauncey .......... 38      Elliott, John (solicitor)    4
Dickey, Archie ........... 11      Elliott, Lydia (Carnadore)  15
Dickey, John Porter (Rev)  68      Elliott, Thos Senr. (Castlefin) 68
Dickson, Horace W ........ 70      Elocution Class (Indpls. Y.M.C.A.) 36
Dickson Thos A (MP) ..... 2,3      Ewart, Lady ............... 36
Dillon, John (MP) .........  5     Ewing, Thos. visits Ashgrove 15
Dissecting Room ........... 38
Dogs  7 ("Tyrant"), 29 ("Watch")   Fenwick, Dr (Killygordon)   1
Donaghmore House auction    14     Fergusson, Dr Jas. Hugh     1,8,9,10,34,
Donaghmore Presb. Graveyard                                    51,60
                      (map) 18     Filter, Charcoal .......... 12,12
Doyle, Arthur Conan....... 48      Fleming, James (Indpls) ... 53
                                   Fleming, Kate (Indpls) .... 58
East Donegal Election .. 16,17     Florenceville, Visits to ...19,20,29
Editorial in "Woodstock            "Flower of Woodstock" ..... 26
                   Press"   21     Forster, W E ............ 5,67 (death)
Elder, Alex T ....... 27,27,40     Fritts, Jas R (Washington DC) 45
Elder, Andrew, Senr.... 1,1,22     Frye, W P (US Senator) .... 37
                    23 (death)
Elder, Andrew, Junr. 4,25,26,27    Gallagher, Hugh (Castlefin) 3
Elder ...... 27 (Lima), 31,        Gallagher, Hugh (Liscooley) 67
           (Cassino) (Devonian)    Gallagher, Jamie (Holmestown) 11,45
Elder ..... 32,40,53, (Am R        Gamble, James B ..........  2
                    Co), 54,54     Garfield, Jas. Abram. (Pres. U.S.) 6
Elder ..... 57 (Labrador), 39      Gipsy, Rhymes to the .....  53
Elder, Andw. Stewart (Roughan)10   Houston, John, sen. (Moyle) 14,15,24,67
                                   Houston, John, Jun (NTC) .. 25,70
Gilmour, T Chalmers (Ottawa)50     Houston, Joseph ........... 13,16,16,
Gladstone, W E ... 18,18,22,71     Houston, Martha ........... 13,15,16
Goode, Vinnie R (Indpls)    39     "Hugh Manity" ............. 54,55,56,57
Grand Falls, N.B........... 28     Hughes, George (Belfast) .. 31
Gray, Edmund Dwyer (Dublin)7,67
Grieves, Sandy (Jas. Alex)22,29,
Grieves, & Shea (Houlton)   26
Guitcau, Chas J (Washington) 6     Ice Cream ................. 21
                                   Inch, Dr Jas R (Fredericton)31
Habberton, John ........... 50     Indiana Car & Foundry Co .. 49
Hamilton, Lord Ernest .....  4     Indianapolis - Street Ry. Strikes 36,36
Hamilton, Rev S M (Louisville)35   Indianapolis Surgical Institute Fire 36
Hardie, J Keir ............ 50     Indianapolis Y.M.C.A. Literary Society 37
Harper, James (Killygordon)  2     Indianapolis Y.M.C.A. Literary Club 38,49
Harper, Maggie (Killygordon)59     Indianapolis Invitations (Saloons) 38
Harper, W R (Pres. Chicago         Indianapolis Mystery Reception ... 38
                     Univ)  52     Indianapolis Mock Trials ......... 39,39
Harrington, D R (Irish
                  Visitor)  52
Harrison, Benj. (President,
                   U.S.) 38,50
Hartley, J. Chipman
          (Woodslk)   27,27,61
Harpur, John J (Meenalougher)2
Hayes, R B (ex-President
                  U.S.)  38,70
Healy, Timothy M ..... 9,10,11     Johnston, Pauline (Indian Poet) 52
Heath, Dr F C (Indpls)48,49,53     Jones, R K (Woodstock N.B.) 27
Hegartys, (New York) ... 44,45
Henderson, Dr A H (Phila.)45,54    Keatly, Annie F (nee Holmes) 13,59
Hillis, Wm (teacher) .... 43,61    Kennan, George (Traveller)  53,54
Hixon, Maude (Indpls)  .... 49     Kennedy, David (Kirkland N.B.) 21
Holmes, Annie F (See "Keatley")    Kilpatrick, Kate (Mrs McKnight)20
Home Rule Bill ......... 18,20     Kinnear, Rev Dr (Letterkenny)  8
Hovey, Gen. Alvin P(Governor)36    Kinney, Horace (Richmond Corner) 20
Houston, Alex T Moyle)    1,10     Knox, Rev James (Alt) ..... 5,15
                         13,15     Knox, Col Wm Stuart ....... 2,3
Houston, Eliza (spinster)   15     Knox, John - Descendants .. 49
Houston, Elizabeth (Aunt) 5,11     Kirkpatrick, Robt.......... 19,24
Houston, Elsie ...... 13,15,16     Lake Geneva Wis. (visit to) 47,48
Houston, Ernest ........... 16     "Lake Superior" (ship) .... 40
Houston, Hessie  1,10,13,14,15     Land Commission (chief) ... 8,8
                 15,24,25,62       Land Commission (sub) ..... 6,6
Law, Hugh ............... 3,64     Macky Family of Fredericton 29
Lea, Thomas ......... 16,16,21     Mack, Sam of Fredericton    30
Leap Year - Mock Proposal   50     Maghernageevagh, Visit to   24
Leggett, Mrs Mary A                Mammoth Cave, Visit to .... 51
               (Woodstock)  22     Mark Twain ................ 44
Letterkenny Ry. completed   10
Leitch Family (Indpls.)     39     MARRIAGES ........... 59 to 62
Lewis, Chas Edward (MP)     17     Martinsville, Visits to  37,57
Livermore, Mary A (lecturer)36     Mathewson, Jas A (Montreal) 23
Liverpool, Arrival at ..... 40     Mahoney, Pierce (O'Mahony)   6
Logan, Dr Oliver T    39,49,51     Merchants Despatch Transp.Co 49,53
London, Visit to ....... 40,41     Middleton, Andy (Montreal) 27,61
Louisville, Residing in  34,35     Mitchell, Rachel B ........ 33,35,(MD),
Love, Rev George (Carnone)14,59                                37,54
                                   Moffitt, Charles (Fredericton) 29,29,29
                                   "Mother on her 60th Birthday" 53
McCain, Mrs Sam (nee Kate McKay)   Moody, D L (evangelist)     39,46
                         20,67     Munro, Donald (Woodstock)   26
McCarthy, Justin (lecture)  22     Murray, Jeremiah ("Darby")  6,8
Macauley, Gen. Dan          36
McCleary, John G (Raphoe)    1     Mystery Reception ......... 38
McClintock, John James   39,44
McComb, Samuel, sen ....... 37     Newtowncunningham Pres. Church 4
McComb, Rev John ....... 37,39     New York Life Insurance     28
McConaghy, James, Sen. (Death)64   New York, Five Days in (1894) 44,45
McConaghy, James T Jun. 10,12,59   Nicholson Wm (Derry) ...... 13,13
McCrea, John (CE) .........  4     North-West Donegal Light Rly. 11,12,13
McCurdy, Geo (Christening)  14     (Letterkenny to Falcarragh)
Macdonald, Sir John A ..... 29
Macfarlane, Allan ...... 19,27     O'Connell, Daniel (patriot) 9
McKay, Mary ......... 19,20,60     O'Connor Arthur (M.P.) .... 17,21
Macky, George (Memphis) ... 49     O'Connor, T.P.............. 11
McKinlay, Robt. Jun.   5,11,61     Odd Fellows ............... 26,27,31
McKinlay, Robt. Sen...... 1,68     O'Donnell, Patk. (killed Jas. Carey) 11
McKinlay, Martha .......... 60     O'Flanagan, John (Castlefin) 3
McKinlay, Mary ............ 61     O'Flanagan, Thos. (Derry)   64
McKinlay, Wm (U.S. Pres.)32,52     "O'Rell, Max" (Paul Blouet) 36
McKinney, Alex. (Ardahee)    9     Orr, W R (Strabane) ....... 18
McKinney, Dr John ...... 14,15     Osborne, Alex T (Belfast)   30
McKnight, Jack (Fred'kton)  20
                                   Parks of Hamilton, Visit to 33
                                   Park, Mrs Wm H (Chicago)    28
                                   Park, Wm Henry (Chicago) 22,70
Peruvian (Steamship)     18,19     Parkhurst, Rev Chas. H. (New York) 45
Perfume bottles (Wm Scott's)42     Parnell, Chas. Stewart      2,2,2,3,9
Phoenix Park murders 5,8,8,9,10    Parnell, Fanny ............ 2
Photographed  28,28,29,31,32,44    Patterson, Alex. T.     14,15,19,23,32,59
Pickerill, Maud (Ind'pls) 37,39    Patterson, Hessie ......... 23,40
Pope, The and Parnell Fund  9,9    Patterson, Matilda (Aunt)   40
Porter, Harry H (Ind'pls) 46,61
Presby. Gen Assembly (Irish)10,13  Scotch-Irish Congress (Louisville)
Presb. Theological Faculty
                  (Irish)   8      Scott, Robert F ........... 35
                                   Scott, William ............ 34,35,39
Raphoe Royal School ...... 27      Sexton, Thomas (MP) ....... 3,8,9
Redmond, John E ........... 4      Shea, George A (Woodstock)  26,30,51
Reid, Whitelaw ........... 38      Shorthand, Duployan ....... 8
Referencing railway survey         "Skin -the -Goat" (Jas. Fitzharris) 9
(see "North West Donegal           Small, Rev Sam ............ 52
Light Ry.")                        Smith, F Hopkinson (novelist) 49
Rentoul, Dr James Alex (M.P)36     Smith, Gipsy (evangelist)   48
Risk, Lissie (Mrs Galloway)13,60   Smith, Jane (Aunt)        10,13,13,56,71
Richardson, Emma ... 56,56,58      Smith, Mary (Mrs Alick Houston) 2
Riley, Jas Whitcomb ... 39,44      Smith, Wm (Uncle) Liverpool 65
Rodgers, Rev Dr J Maxwell 2,13     Smith, Wm Andrew ....... 5,7,15,15,28,32
Ross, Morris (Indianapolis)54      Smyth, Rev Robt. (Donaghmore) 5
Ross, Dr David ..... 47,49,51      "Soldier Boys Two" ....... 47,53 (Sequal)
Roulston, Robt. (Calhame)   2      Spencer, Earl ............. 5
Roulston, Tom (Toronto)  25,33     Sproule, Harper ........... 30,31
Rowing boat ......... 21,29,31     Sproule, John (Kirlish)     30
Rylett. Rev Harold ...... 2,3      Sproule, Robt. (Omagh)      6
                                   Stacy, Eugene E (Indpls)    41,47,47
Shankey, Ira D ............ 46     Stanley, H M (African explorer) 34
Sardinian (steamship) ..... 25     State of California (steamship) 43
Sarnia (steamship) .. 23,23,24     Sunday, W A ("Billy") ..... 48
                                   Sutherland, George ........ 46,47
                                   Swimming Lessons .......... 39
Thomson, Blanche .........  49     Talmage, Rev Dr T DeWitt    38,45
Thomson, Harry (Indianapois)63     Taylor, Andrew (author) ..  1
Thomson, Jane Hood (Derry)17,18    Taylor, John (Castlefin) .. 3,3,6,8
                             71    Teas, Mary M (Irvington) .. 37,38,47,45
Thomson, James (NewtownC.) 5,16    Teeth extraction of Killygordon 10
Thomson, Johnnie (Derry)   5,63    Tel-el-Kehir, Battle of ... 7
Thomson, John (son of Morgan)29,5  Thomson, Alex (Ind'pls) ... 35
Thomson, Kate (Derry)    12,65     Thomson, Alex (Ione. Cal.)  30
Thomson, Morgan (Newtownstewart)
                          5,29     Washington, Visit to ...... 45
Thomson, Mary R (Derry)  17,18     Watterson, Herry .......... 34,53
Thomson, Nottie (Louisville)       Weir, Dr J A Raphoe ....... 27,68
                      35,50,61     Well in the University Park 50
Thomson, W. A. (Louisville)        Whigham, Rev Jas (Lecture)  17
          31,32,34,36,48,57,61     White, John C (Belfast) ... 18
Thompson, Maurice (lecturer)50     World's Fair, Chicago ..... 39,39
Thompson, W R (Strabane)  7,64     Wray, Annie (marries Jas Brent) 61
Tynan, Allan (death of)     69     Wray, Rev John ............ 45
Tynan, Mrs Allan (death of) 67     Wray, David (Derry) ....... 71
Tynan, Allan Porter (birth of)26   Wray, Lizzie .............. 3,16,16,16,33
Tynan, Andrew Stewart (birth       Wray, Jamie (m. Jas Roulston) 61
                     of)    29     Wray, Martha H H .......... 17,25,26,33,
Tynan, John J E (birth of)  37                                       51,62
Tynan, Wm. John          21,59     Wray, Wm McClintock ....... 11,71
Vaccinated ................ 18
Victoria, Queen ...........  5
(Attemped murder of)
Villiers, Fred (war artist) 28
Vote-First cast (town) .... 27
Vote-First cast (provincial)30
Wales, Prince and Princess of
in Strabane ............... 14
Wallace, General Lew ...... 36
Wallace, Rev Robert .... 2,2,2
Washing Machine ("Era") ...  9
SUPPLEMENT (SEE PAGE 40, Nov 8 1893)
Hubert Edward Pelman-Clinton of an English Ducal Family

Mr Clinton, [who was the third son of Lord Charles Pelham-
Clinton (1813-1894) and nephew of the 6th Duke of Newcastle
who was Colonial Secretary in Lord Palmerston's ministry (1857-
1864) and in that capacity accompanied Albert Edward, Prince
of Wales, on his visit to Canada in 1860] was born on March
30 1862.  His father, Lord Charles (80 years old in 1893)
lived in Stroud, Glouchestershire, and owned 14,000 acres
of land at Crookhaven in Co. Cork.  Hubert, being intended
for the army was educated at Wellington Military College,
but, when about 18 years old a gun accident destroyed
three fingers of his left hand and otherwise disfigured it,
thereby rendering him ineligilble for the army.  So he had
to choose another career, and he chose that of an agriculturist.
He graduated at the Royal Agricultural
College at Cirencester, and obtained a Fellowship of the
Highland Society, both gained by competitive examination
He published a text book on "Ensilage".  He has
been twice in Queensland, Australia, and for several
years had charge of a farm in the Canadian North
West.  Until late in 1893 he had been partners in a
firm in Montreal, and on Sept 23 1893 married Mrs
Henry Fitzwilliam Browne, a widow with two daughter's
in their late teens.  But misfortune came upon him
soon after, for the firm failed - or rather his partner
robbed him and left him practically penniless.  He
decided to work his way to England on a cattleship
and obtain assistance from his father or brother,
the latter living in Belgrave Square, London.  His
wife remained in Montreal during his absence.
        On Nov 8 1893, the day the "Lake Superior" steam
ship left Montreal for Liverpool, I was registered under
my own name as one of her crew.  Another man, wearing
a cardigan jacket was also registered under the assumed
name of "John Duffy".  He was the man who looked after the
cattle in the night-time, a task for which his education has
fitted him.  His real name was Hubert Edward Pelham-
Clinton, and we cattlemen, referred to him as "The Duke" when
he was not present, but always "Clinton" to his face.  He
slept in day-time, and was very attentive to me when I was
seasick for no less than ten days.  He borrowed my cap to
wear on his night-guardianship for the weather was very
cold and the ship coated with ice.  He reflectd on how
sad his father would feel if he knew that his son, whom he supposed
to be prospering in Montreal, was that night
working his way to England in a cattle ship!
        Before we reached Liverpool, Clinton put on his best
clothes and plug hat, looking every inch the aristocrat.
He asked me to call to see him at his brothers house in
London, but I did not carry this out.  After saying good-bye
to him in a Liverpool pub, where we all went
after drawing our pay at the ship (mine I did not pay
to Lavery, the foreman, then, under the conditions prevailing)
I did not see or hear of Clinton again.
        Recently I looked up Burke's Peerage under
"Duke of Newcastle", and found that Clinton's wife
died on Aug [August?] 27 1911, and that Oct [October?] 28 1911, he
married again, his second wife being Helen Halcrow of
Burton-on-Trent.  He died Aug [August?] 29 1913, leaving an
only child, Georgina Elizabeth May, born on May 7 1913.
This child, probably because of her mother's death,
was adopted in 1916 by her aunt, the wife of
Hubert Clinton's brother.  If still living, she is
now in her 17th year.
                                    JAN 12 1927.