Notes Relating to the Buchanan Family Tree

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Date 25-08-1871
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Citation Notes Relating to the Buchanan Family Tree;Jonathan Wearing; CMSIED 0310041
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Notes relating to the Buchanan Family tree as known at 1/8/02.

Sarah Buchanan had a daughter Annie Louisa Buchanan 25/8/1871,
at Camus Strabane, the father named John Blaney according to
the IGI.

Marriage certificate of James Willis and Sarah Buchanan provided
the following information :- The date of the wedding at the Parish
Churh of St. James Barrow in Furness was 2/12/1873. The fathers
Were given as Jamey Willis, Labourer; and Thomas Buchanan (deceased),
Parish Clerk. (It is believed Thomas Buchanan was Parish Clerk of

The information on the three Harwood children was obtained from the
Vital Records Index and the IGI

Annie Harwood (Nee Buchanan) died young and of her children Thomas
went to live with James and Sarah Willis, John went to live with
John and Esther Buchanan. Fredrick went to America at some point.

A transcription of a letter from Fredrick Harwood in America is
enclosed. This letter describes his life and how he finished up
in America. This letter is the key to finding James Buchanan
along with the similarities with  Sarah and John shown in the
1881 Census for Normanby in Middlesbrough.
It is believed that Fred Harwood never married.

                           J. Wearing.

Transcribed by Jonathan Engstrand