Ship M. [Mulphford?] Howes, Belfast to New York

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Document ID 101005
Date 08-03-1850
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping Advertisements)
Archive Central Library, Belfast
Citation Ship M. [Mulphford?] Howes, Belfast to New York;The Belfast News-Letter, Friday, 8 March, 1850; CMSIED 101005
                   FOR NEW YORK.
   To Sail Direct from Belfast on the 8th April,

    The United States Clipper-built, First-Class,
         Copper and Copper-fastened Ship,
              M. [MULPHFORD?] HOWES,
               1,200 Tons Burthen,
               G. BEARSE, Commander.

  This Magnificent Ship is daily expected to arrive from
the City of New York, and will be despatched on the above
date from Belfast to the City of New York.
  The M. HOWES was built in the City of New York, of
the very best materials the country could produce, and
on inspection will be found a most superior conveyance.
  The M. HOWES will, as usual, be fitted up in a most
superior style for the accommodation of Cabin, Second
Cabin and Steerage Passengers, under the immediate
inspection of Lieutenant Starke, the Government Emigration
Officer; and will be provided with the following scale of
Provisions free of charge, which is included in the rate
of Passage-Money.
  The following is a scale of Provisions that will be
supplied to the Passengers of the ship M. HOWES, per
  2«lbs. Navy Biscuit, 1lb. Wheat Flour, 5lbs. Oatmeal,
2lbs. Rice, 2 Ounces Tea, «lb. Sugar, «lb. Molasses,
1lb. Beef or Pork, 1 pint Vinegar, and 3 Quarts of pure
Water daily.
  For Terms of Passage, which will be found moderate,
apply to
                               SAMUEL M'CREA [McCrea?],
                          General Emigration Office.
                           37, Waring-Street, Belfast.