Stewart Genealogy, Co Antrim, Prerogative Will.

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Document ID 8910005
Date 01-01-1814
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation Stewart Genealogy, Co Antrim, Prerogative Will.; PRONI T 2753/1; CMSIED 8910005
           Prerogative Will, 1814
William Sturrock LL D Archdeacon of Armagh
"I leave all property to James Stewart Moore of Ballydivity Esq. [Esquire?]
my Son in Law, & Henry Sturrock, now my eldest son, a Captain
in the India Cos [Company's] Service & the Rev. [Reverend?] William
Traill LL D. Chancellor of Connor in Ireland in trust for the purposes
hereinafter mentioned.
All household furniture, books horses carriage, stock in farm
etc. to be sold, except the things hereinafter specified &
after payment of debts money to be disposed of in the following
names £200 to be appropriated to the payment of the debts of
my deceased son, the late Rev [Reverend?] James Sturrock Vicar of Seapatrick.
£20 to be given to my two reputed grandsons born in the
E [East?] Indies, £100 each to be applied that [? as] shall appear to
their executors to be the most useful to them when they are
fixed in the way of life chosen and approved by my son William's
Executors £100 to my grandson Lt [Lieutenant] James St. Moore 4th [?11th]
Dgs [Dragoons?]= now in Spain £100 to my grandson William Sturrock
whenever his father Robert Sturrock calls for it.  I owe also
£142 pounds guineas to Mrs. Moore of Ballydivity my daughter with three
years interest to be immediately paid - Whatever sums remain
after what I have disposed of as above to be vested in the
Funds & the interest to be paid in equal parts to my 3 daughters
Mrs. Bathurst Fanny & Harriet - My portrait to Mrs. Robinson &
my minature picture of the Duke of Somerset to my daughter
Margaret now Mrs. Moore, my silver inkstand to Mrs. Moore  My gold
watch which was worn so long by my uncle I leave to my son
Henry who I hope will keep it in the most respectable line of
our family together with its seals & also my silver coffee pot
which I wish to be continued in the same line to Fanny I leave
my silver banded candlestick.

Executors  Son in Law Jas [James?] St Moore Capt [Captain?] Henry Sturrock
The Rev [Reverend?] Wm [William?] Traill LLD. my aforesaid trustees
Witnesses                    Dated 30 Nov [November?] 1812
Henry Bathurst                Wm [William?] Sturrock
Wm [William?] E. Speer
                               Proved 25th March 1814
                             by Capt [Captain?] Henry Sturrock
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Note :
      The above has been copied from an extract from
Archdeacon Sturrock's Will written out by Mrs. Margaret Tracey
on the 19th January, 1909.
4th Jan. [January?] 1960.