Statement, from the Lord Lieutenant, of the nature and extent of the disturbances which have recently prevailed, and the measures which have been adopted by the Government in consequence thereof

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N° 1,—Evidence of Jam« Sfatter-j/, tft'c/Wew Sa.i'fem, 
and the Reverend JoAn JtyeiN. 
N° 2.-~Statement 
of the Proceedings of the Special Commission held for the County and City of 

Limerick, and County of Tipperary. 
ft» 3, a Return of Persons tried in the Counties of Tipperary, Limerick, Limorick City, Wostnirath, 

and King's County, at Special Sessions, from September 1815, to February 1816*, under the Insurrection Aot. 
N° 4.—Statement 
of the Proceedings at the several Assizes in the years 1S13, 1814, 1815, mid 

Lent Assizes 1816; so far as relates to Committals and Convictions for Criminal Acts connected with the Disturbance of the Public Peace. 

N* 5.—Return 
of the Troops, now cantoned, quartered, ancl employed, in Irf 'erne*, for the purpose 

of assisting Officers of Excise, in seizing-Unlicenced Stills, &c. 

Appendix, N* u 

EVIDENC E of Jofoi S/attery, Mc/wZas Stoow, and the Reverend Jo/m.Ityatt. 
jMitlES SL^TrEET was asked, What is the English of the word MaMauesi* ?— 
^ A. 
I cannot tell. 

You know it perfectly well. 
Is it not-the name of a party in this country ?—A. 
It is. 
J*j/ ///« GV/z'e/' .Baro«.—What 
was the other party called f—A. 
Has there not been a wicked and malicious enmity subsisting between those who call themselves Shanavests and, Caiavats ?—A. 
They are often quarrelling. 
Do not you believe the Shanavests took arms by night?—A. 
I believe they did. 
And the Caravats ?—I 
believe they did, Q. 
By virtue of your oath, has there not been a quarrel between the Shanavests and Caraviits?—A. 
There was. 
What is the cause of quarrel between these two parties, the Shanavests and Caravats ? 
I do not know. 
What is the true reason?—A. 
Indeed I cannot tell. 
Do you know a man of the name of Pandeen Gar ?—A. 
I do. 
He is your uncle. 
Was not lie the principal ringleader and commander of the army -of Shanavests ?—A. 
He is a poor old man, and not able to take command. 

" Q. 
Ey Lord 'Nor/.wry.—What 
was the first cause of the quarrel ?—A. 
It was the same foolish dispute about May-ball's. 
% f/ie C7»>/"Ueero?/.—Which 
is the oldest party ?—A. 
The Caravats were going on for two years before the Shanavests stirred. 


Why were they called Caravats ?—A. 
A man, of the name of Hanly, was haoged. 
-He was prosecuted by ihe Shanavests, and Pandeen Gar said he would not leave,the place ot execution till he saw die Cravat about the fellow's neck, and from that.time.they 
were called Caravats.