Bill for regulating Keeping of Dogs and for Protection of Sheep and other Property from Dogs in Ireland

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Dogs Regulation (Ireiaiid) Bill.




Short Title; Sect. 1.

Commencement of Act; 2.

Act only to extend to Ireland; 3.
Interpretation Clause; 4.


Commissioners of Inland Revenue to provide Dies for denoting
License Duty; 5.

License to keep Dogs, &c.; 6.

Occupiers to be liable to Payment of License Duty. Joint Occu¬
piers ; 7.

Clerk to make Entry of License in Book to be kept for that
Purpose; 8.

Proceedings on Transfer of Dogs by Sale or Gift; 9.

Power to Justices to enforce Payment of Eees in certain Cases.
Petty Sessions Clerk shall fill up Porms, when required; 10.

List of Licenses to be printed and posted; 11.

Petty Sessions Clerk to accoiuit with the Registrar half-yearly; 12.

Accounts to be verified; 13.

Allowance for Licenses or License Stamps spoiled, &c.; 14,

Repayment of Expenses; 15.

Monies received for Stamps to be subject to Provisions of "The
Petty Sessions Clerk (Ireland) Act, 1858;" 16.

Accounts to be presented to Parliament; 17.

Registrar to fm'nish Notices setting forth Acts required to be done
under this Act; 18.

[Bill 127.]