Memorial of Rev. P. Morgan, Parish Priest of Drumgooland, to Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, January 1842

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RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons, 

dated 14 March 1842 ',—for, \o' '• vs*/ 

COPIES of the Memorial of the Reverend Patrick Morgan, Parish Priest of Drumgooland, near Castlewellan, County of Down, to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, dated on or about the 7th day of January 1842, on the subject of Outrages committed in the above Locality ;—Of the Answer thereto of Edward Lucas, Esq., 
Under Secretary, dated on or about the ioth day of January 1842 ; —Of the Letter or Memorial of the same Rev. 
Patrick Morgan to the Lord Lieutenant, on or about the 23d day of February 1842, on the subject of his former Memorial, and enclosing a Copy of a Letter from him to a Magistrate of the District;—Of the Answer to the Rev. 
Morgan & Letter from Edward Lucas, Esq., 
on or about the 24th day of February; together with all further and other Communications of the above nature, between the Rev. 
Morgan and the Magistrates, or the Irish Government 

(True Copies.) 
Dublin Castle, 12 April 1842. 


Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 

19 April 1842. 


Under 3 oz.