Return of Correspondence and Documents relative to Building of Castlederg Union Workhouse

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RETURN to an Order of the Honourable The House of Commons, 

dated 14 March 1842 ;—for, 

COPIES of Mr. 
TTittznson's Estimate for the Castlederg Union Workhouse, of the Contract for building it, and for executing Extra Works, with, the Specifications and Statement of Prices (if any), and of any written Orders for Extra Works given by Mr. 
Wilkinsonto the Contractor;—of Mr. 
Wilkinson's Report on the Castlederg Union Workhouse, to the Poor Law Commissioners, and of the Reports of Messrs. 
Leeson and Ryan; of the Account for Extra Works and Fittings sent, in by the Contractor, with the Deductions made from it by Mr. 
Wilkinson; of Mr. 
Keane's Report on the Workhouse, and of Mr. 
Wilkinson's Observations on it, with the Reply of the Board of Guardians of the Castlederg Union ;—of any Notice served on the Contractor by the Poor Law Commissioners, and of any Notice served on the Poor Law Commissioners by the Con¬ tractor, with Dates j—of the Letter of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Castle¬ derg Board of Guardians, of the 2d day of April 1841, addressed to the Poor Law Commissioners, on the State of the Union Workhouse, with the Reply of the Poor Law Commissioners of the 14th day of April 1841, and the subsequent Communications on the same subject between the Commissioners and the Guardians; and, of any Memorials addressed to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland by the Castle¬ derg Board of Guardians, on the subject of the Castlederg Union Workhouse, with the Answers. 

Poor Law Commission Office, Dublin,") 

8 April 1842. 

Arthur Moore, 

Chief Clerk. 

(Sir Robert Ferguson.) 

Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 

21 June 1842.