Condition of the poorer classes in Ireland: remarks by G. C. Lewis on the third report

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Boards of Guaidians. 

Officers of health. 

Difficulty as to parishes in Ireland. 



As the Commission here referred to has existed for several years in England, and as its inquiries have not yet been completed, it may be presumed that this subject alone would, if properly attended to, occupy a large part of the Com¬ missioners' time. 
By s. 
32, the Commissioners are enabled to exercise a control over voluntary charitable associations. 
The plan contained in the Report with respect to these voluntary associations is very obscurely indicated; but as it is not likely that any such associations will be formed, this recommendation cannot be expected to add much to the burdens imposed on the Commissioners. 
Lastly, I may mention, that by s. 
25 it is recommended that " 

a loan fund "be established in each district, and that it be administered according to such regula¬ tions as the Commissioners shall approve." 
The Report omits to specify out of what fund the capital to be thus advanced in loans is to be provided; and there¬ fore it may be expected that this branch of the Commissioners' duties would also prove a sinecure. 
The Boards of Guardians are to be elected by the rate-payers; rate-payers being