Account of Sums applotted by Vestries in Ireland under Parochial Rates, 1827

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Cork-3 B. 
125 / 

N° 1 7.—Kinsale. 
a Vestry held the i6th April 1827, by the Protestant 

parishioners, the following sums were assessed : Por repairing the church ---£.10 
--the salaiy ofthe parish clerk ---18 9 2 ^ the d° of the sexton ---15 15 -bread and wine for the sacrament -6 --Visitation fees and expenses ----16 -

At a Vestry held the same day, by the Protestant and Roman Catholic parishioners, the following sums were agreed to be assessed: por the salary of the vestry clerk, and for making out the collection books ----£. 
13 1 -

the salary of the engine-keeper --9 4 j| _ candles for the church ----4 2 -

„ coats for the vestry room ----12 -

_ regulating the church clock for one year -1 1 -

_ providing coffins for certain of the poor -10 --

_ officers of health, for white-washing houses 

ofthe poor, &c. 
-----7 10-At a Vestry held the 7th of May 1827, by the Protestant and Roman Catholic parishioners, the sum following was or-dered to be assessed: fo Robert Dünn and Henry Massey, late churchwardens, being the balance due to them on settling the accounts of the parish -----£.847! 
Henry H. 
Beamish, vicar. 
John Skottowe, Peter Despourrins, churchwardens. 

N° 18.—Dunderrow. 
At a Vestry held April i6th, 1827, the following sums 

were levied: For the clerk £.10--

-the sexton ------2 10-

-interest due to the Board of First Fruits -657 -coffins ------

--17 6 -bread and wine -----i _ _ 

-support of a foundling ---3 --

£ 23 13 1 John Murphy, Wm. 
Beazley, churchwardens. 

N» 19.—Innishannon. 
At a Vestry held the 17Ü1 April 1827, the followingsums were voted, (exclusive of Roman Catholics), and distinet and separate from a general vestry, held also the same day: For parish clerk's salary -


-sexton's -d° -----52--sacramental elements ----110--repairing the cornice of the church ---10 -

Ata Vestry held the same day, and which was attended by Roman Catholics as well as Pro-testants, the following sums were voted : Forremunerating the person appointed to calcu-late and draw out the assessment and applot-ment upon the several inhabitants -5 --For providing a book for registering the valua-tion and applotment of the parish ---8 -For providing coffins for the poor ---6 10 -


John Miller, John Horgan, churchwardens. 
N° 20.—Ballymartle. 
At a Vestry held the 17th April 1827, the following sums -, were levied: '•"the parish clerk's salary ---£. 
10 --~ the vestry clerk's d" ---3 --~ sexton's --d°----2--~ repairs of the church, bread and wine for 

sacrament, &c. 
-----6--~'or the support of foundlings --7 --


No other vestry held for the year, except oneon the 22d of May, to con firm the applotments, at which no mouey was levied. 

John Meade, curate. 

John Lane, Edward Roberts, churchwardens. 

N° 21.—Ballymodan. 
Account of sums voted by Vestry for the year 1827 = Bread and wine -----£.10--
Clerk's salary ------10--Sexton's d° ------14 15 9 Sexton's suit of clothes ---3 3 -Keeping church clock in repair ---1 1 -Washing surplices -----11-Repairs of said church -----6--Henry Hayle's second instalment due of the parish, for erecting new galleries --55-Vestry clerk's salary (subjeet to legal opinion) -20 --Assistant sexton's salary ---5 --Coals -------2 10-Candles and oil-----"3--Arthur Huen, vicar. 

Benj" Thomas, Richard Bright, churchwardens. 

N° 22.—Deserserges. 
At a Vestry held at Easter, 1827, the following sums 

were levied s For building a vestry room and chancel -£. 
20 --Clerk's salary ------10--Sexton's d° ------4__ For foundlings ------g__ Bread and wine ----

--2 — — Prayer-books ------2--Repairs -


Longfield vicar. 

M'Carthy, George Stanley, churchwardens. 

N° 23.—Templetrine. 
At a Vestry held the i6th April 1827, the following sums 

were levied: For the parish clerk's salary -

-the vestry clerk's d° ---.4 
— _ -sexton's --d° ---.44.. 
-coals ----

-_ -_8_ -bread and wine for the sacrament ---10 -

-coffins for the past year ----1 15 7 -painting and white-washing ---2 10 --hrush and bellows ----


-5 _ -repairing door, &c. 


_ c _ -collecting the cess -----2---washing surplice, band, &c. 

-g 2 Jobn Stewart, acting curate. 


Walter Tresilian, churchwarden. 
The other churchwarden is not in the country. 

N° 24.—Durrus. 
At a Vestry held in 1827, distinet for the purpose, the 

following sums were applotted : For maintenance of parish clerk --£. 
10 -D° ---of sexton ---2 -• Elements for the sacrament of the Lord's supper, 2 10 New rails round communion table --3 -Whitewashing the church inside --


-1 10 Parchment registry book ---5 -New Bible ------.3-, 
Repairs of reading desk and pews ---2 -Quarry men, for lowering churchyard, near the church wall -

------2 Glass for windows -----6 Repairs of slating ------10 For the purpose of erecting a (gallery in the church, to be added to the sum already in hand for the same use ---3 18 

£•33 16 -Edward Jones Alcock, curate. 

Thomas Duclow, William V.ckery,