Naturalization Certificate for Francis Gallaher,Ireland

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Document ID 303023
Date 22-06-1853
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Private Donor
Citation Naturalization Certificate for Francis Gallaher,Ireland;Photocopy Donated by Ms. Gwen Jordan; CMSIED 303023
State of Ohio, Guernsey County. SS I [Alin?] M [Fannin?], Clerk
of the
Court of Common Pleas for said County, do hereby certify, that
at a Court
of Common Pleas held at the Court house within & for said
county, on the 22
day of JUNE Anno Domini eighteen hundred and fifty three FRANCIS
free white person, an alien and native of Ireland came into
court and it
appearing, to the court that he had on the 11 day of November
[ASE?] 1850 before the court of common Pleas [Gleo?] made the
under oath of his intention &c.,as required by law and the court
satisfied by legal and sufficient proof of his having resided
the five years
last past within the United States and under the jurisdiction of
the same,
and the last year thereof within this State,and during that time
he has
behaved as a man of good moral character attached to the
of the Constitution of the United States and well disposed to
the good
order and happiness of the same, he is permitted by the Court to
take the
oath of abjuration and allegiance, prescribed by law. Whereupon
the said
Francis Gallaher took an oath to support the Constitution of the
States and that he does absolutely and entirely renounce and
abjure all
allegiance and fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate,
state or
sovereignty whatever, particularly to Queen Victoria of whom he
was a
subject.  Whereupon the said Francis Gallaher is admitted as a
of the United States of AMerica

Guernsey County  In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
and affixed the seal of said Court at Cambridge this 22 day of
                                                    ANNO Domini

Transcribed by Jim Buchanan