Florence Buchanan, Long Island to william Buchanan, Belfast

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Citation Florence Buchanan, Long Island to william Buchanan, Belfast;Photocopy Donated by Robert James Buchanan; CMSIED 303011
                        In Flight AA American Airlines

                                  c/o Evangeline Rabe
                              Great Neck,Long Island
  Dear William:

This letter no doubt will be a suprise to you in that it has
been an
absence of some 33 years since my sister corresponded with you.

It is rather difficult after so many years to write one who is
so close
in relationship but far away and only hope that you are in good

I know you will be glad to know that we have wonderful memories
of our father
for he was gifted with a wonderful brain and unusual memory and
as the
years went along, we always compared him to other folks and
realized how
fortunate  we were in having a father who we were so proud of.
The  boys
and girls in our set when at High School and College - would
wait for Pa
to come home from business and have him solve their
geographical and historical problems and without faltering,
would be able
to give the answer. Eva takes after him in that respect.

My dear mother followed Pa just five years after him. She had an
[ulcer?] in her stomach and after several years in and out of
and to specialists, they could not find out what really was
wrong - finally
at the 11th hour they discovered what it was but the ulser
broke and she did not survive the operation. They operated
immediately and
it was very sad for the doctors said the operation performed was
a miracle
and if they could only have found out before the ulser [ulcer?]
broke - her
chances for a long life would have been assured.

Well we too had an unusual mother - she was beautiful and a
personality.  Everyone loved her who came in contact with her
and I miss
her so much.

Ten years before my father passed away, the doctor told him that
he would
have to undergo an operation for kidney stones but the chances
were remote
as to survival.  Finally they had a consultation of three
doctors, two were
against operating and one was in favour of it.  Finally three
doctors gave
him the choice of living for 10 years without the operation or
and taking the chance of surviving.  Well Pa said to them "I
will take the
chance and live as long as I can." It was just 10 years when he
passed away
almost to the month.  He was a brave and fearless man but
somehow lacked the
courage to go through with it.

I still go to business and have been in the present position and
same firm
for 25 years and was appointed Supervisor in the capacity of
stenographers to become Secretaries and it has been interesting
Evangeline Has been very happily married to a very fine chap for
the past
30 years and it was through him that some two weeks ago he
happened to be
going through a steel letter box and found your letter attached
to the bottom
of some correspondence that you had sent to my sister.
Incidentally she has
enjoyed good health up to 5 years ago when she developed
arthritis in her
legs and hands and at times, it has benn difficult for her to
even write.

Now William we will look forward to hearing from you and Pray
that both
you and family are well and happy.



Transcribed by

Jim Buchanan