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[Page 1]
[Does?] Margaret have a sister
still living she might help you
The address that comes to
my mind is
Bellanse, Bella Castle
County Mayo

[Gustie?] was 11 when she
started to write to Grandma.
Grandma was born in
the year of the Big wind
lived to be 95 years. Once 
I found the date of the Big
wind listed in a history
book   - Dont  remember.
I think mother was 21 -
Dad 33 when they were
married I tried to figure
what year it was but
figures get all mixed up
in my mind. he might
have come over in 1860 or
earlier ([not right?])

[Page 2]
There was an organization
of about 30 men all Irishmen
who belonged.
Once I talked to a [McCabe?]
[--om?] [----?]. He talked as
if he had known [Anthony?]
Golden but I dont see how
he could have.
Grandma received $500 
too from the estate. She
was given a legacy of  $10 -
every three months. If there
was any money left after
his sister died, it was to
build a tombstone for his parents.
Later on Grandma got a
small pension and lived
with some relative in a
light house off the coast
of  Ireland- I dont know
the name of the people.
Margaret [Mack?] knew
more about things. She took
[Gustie?] & me to Phil McLaughlins
office. I listened for 2 hrs
while they discussed life over 
there the famine the Shin [Sinn?]