Death of James Gibson, New Orleans

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Document ID 201075
Date 23-10-1858
Document Type Newspapers (Births, Deaths, Marriages)
Archive Ballymena Main Library
Citation Death of James Gibson, New Orleans;The Ballymena Observer, Saturday, 23 October, 1858; CMSIED 201075

  August 24, at New Orleans, James Gibson, Esq., M.D.,
aged 31 years.  Dr. Gibson was a native of Inch,
[Co Down?], and previous to his emigration, filled with
credit and satisfaction the important post of Assistant-
Surgeon to the North Down Regiment of Militia.  We
learned the sad tidings of his untimely death from the
Daily Picayune.  He died of yellow fever, after a day's

(Transcribed by James Tuff.)