Anna Martin Cook to her sister Clara

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Date 22-06-1929
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
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Citation Anna Martin Cook to her sister Clara;James McLeister ; CMSIED 0712002
To her sister Clara in 1929
				June  22  1929
My dear Clara and Lee:-
London is a fine old city 
so ancient with its old
churches and places of Royalty.
We had a nice visit in Ireland 
with our distant cousins.
drove out to Cullabackey [Cullybackey?] on 
to the old place where father 
was born  rocks mark the
foundation of house where
he was born and an end
wall, now used as part of 
a rock wall, still stands
and is part of house they 
lived in when leaving for
America, a little farm
of about 20 acres divided
in to smaller tracts by hedge
fence trimmed low. it 
stands back of farm owened [owned?] of
[Page 2]
McMasters and the old rock
quarry that father speaks of.
They have a long one & half
story [storey?] house with barn
attached to rear where the
cows and goats are milked
and fed or any other animals 
they may have. They cook on
an open fireplace in iron 
kettles, stone floor in kitchen 
and half doors for outside 
ones, so that only part may
be open at once. McMasters
have five children 2 boys in
early twenties and Jean 19
years old a pretty country 
girl, Anna 15 and Agnes 12.
Since her fifth the mother 
has been an invalid sitting
by fireplace, for she does 
not walk. her name is 
Anna too. her two sisters
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Lizzie a widow and Agnes Martin
who never married, live with
her. (Mrs McMaster I mean) well
we had a time to understand 
them but got in a lot of talking.
It rained as I expected but
we got around any way.
We went to Craigs Parish Church
(Episcopal) where Grandfather
Martin was buried  no mark
is there and plot has been 
reused because Grandma
sold it when leaving for 
America. its a lovely little
spot thou [though?], a high stone wall
all around church yard and
lots of pretty schrubs, [shrubs?] trees &
flowers. the stone church
is very pretty and is yet
in splendid repair. built
before 1840  nearly a hundred
years ago and can be used 
for generations yet it looks. 
Ill tell you more when I get back
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Had a good passage over the
Irish Sea to Liverpool met with
car and driver a fine big
foreign made Minerva Auto,
good driver and we drove thru [through?]
Wales and England down here
stopping to see old castles churches
and many interesting things.
London is wonderful ancient 
city, have seen the changing 
of the Guards at Buckingham 
Palace. The House [Houses?] of Parliament,
Tower of London, British Museum,
St Pauls church, Westminster
Abby [Abbey?] and many other places
Yesterday drove to Oxford to see 
the Universities there. Stopped
at Windsor to see Windsor Castle 
where King George & Queen Mary
are in residence, we were
only allowed to go into outer grounds
but had good view of castle.
We leave here 25th. Girls are
having dandy time, lots of love

(This letter was written by Americans visiting Ireland in 1929 
and writing back to family in America.)

Document transcribed by AlisdairMoran. Checked by CMcIvor.