Family Notes Written by Louise Clynch, North Dakota

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Citation Family Notes Written by Louise Clynch, North Dakota;Copyright Retained by Tamara M. Barrett; CMSIED 0612081
Dads Mother
Nellie Golden

His grandmother  Biddy OBoyle
She had a linen shop 
Grandmas Brother was Anthony Golden
who visited at our place
when we were little.
Anthony Golden had been a
horse and buggy seller
working out of  Arvilla  N.D [North Dakota?]
Dad started working with
him, when they sent for Pete,
Dads brother, I dont believe
I ever heard what he did
for a living.
[Dan?] Golden was [Anthonys?]
brother- He died in the [poor?]
farm at [Arvilla?].
When Anthony died he left
$500 to Dan - He couldnt pay
old bills with it.
Mary Caulfield [kept?] house
for Anthony. it was she who
inherited the rest of the money.

Written by Louise [Clynch?] sister of Genevieve
[Clynch?] from East [Grandforks,  North Dakota
Their father Johnny [Clynch?] was true son of
Ellen Golden.
Anthony Golden (will) was Ellens brother &
their mother was Biddy OBoyle (born 1839- yr
[year?] of Big wind)