Ship Nancy, Derry to Philadelphia

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Document ID 201057
Date 10-04-1792
Document Type Newspapers (Shipping Advertisements)
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Citation Ship Nancy, Derry to Philadelphia;The Londonderry Journal, 10 April, 1792; CMSIED 201057
          The fine new SHIP
          Burthen 300 Tons,
         Joseph Glen, Master,
      Will be clear to sail on the
         20th of April next.
  The Nancy has a new Mediterranean Pass,
is so well known for having excellent
Accommodations, for her extraordinary good
Qualities, and for her making short and safe
Voyages, that very little may be said by the
Owners to recommend this Vessel to the impartial
Notice of such Persons as intend going from hence
to America, at so early and so favourable an
  The humane Attention and unwearied Exertions of
Capt. [Captain?] Glen are invariably directed
towards that important Consideration, the endeavouring
to render the Voyage pleasant and comfortable to his
  For Freight or Passage, apply to Mr. Wm. [William?]
King, Coleraine; Mr. Wm. [William?] King, Nn-Limavady
[Newtownlimavady?]; Mr. James Grier [Greer?], Omagh; Mr. Rob
[Robert?] Cochran, Strabane; Mr. King Barton, Nn-
Stewart [Newtownstewart?]; Mr. Hugh Sweney, Letterkenny;
Mr. Jo [Joseph?] Henderson, Castlefin; the Captain on
Board, Mr. JOHN HARVEY, or Mr. JOHN NICHOLSON, Merchants,
  WE the under-mentioned Persons who had the good Fortune
of embracing the favourable Opportunity of taking our
Passage in Board the Ship NANCY from London Derry
[Londonderry?], return our humble and sincere Thanks to
Capt. GLEN, for his familiar and good Treatment to us
and the Rest of the Passengers, and strongly recommend
it to all our Countrymen who intend coming here to
embrace the Opportunity of taking their Passage on
Board the said Ship NANCY, provided Capt. GLEN is
  Hugh M'Dire [McDire?],     Philip M'Ilhare [McIlhare?],
  Wm. [William?] Balintine
  [Ballentine?],             Owen M'Ilhare [McIlhare?],
  James Sweeney,             Chas. [Charles?] Gallagher,
  James Crawford,            Wm. [William?] Canon,
  Alex. Moore,               Doctor Brown,
  John Foster,               James Boyde [Boyd?],
  James Foster,              Edw. [Edward?] Boyde,
  Wm. [William?] Osburn
  [Osborne?],                Edw. [Edward?] Taylor,
  Edw. [Edward?] M'Kenit
  [McKenit?]                 James M'Cord [McCord?].

(Transcribed by James Tuff.)