Rachel Craig, [Lisburn, Co Antrim?] to Sister, Margaret Craig.

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Document ID 9006235
Date 25-08-1805
Document Type Letters (Other)
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Citation Rachel Craig, [Lisburn, Co Antrim?] to Sister, Margaret Craig.;T 1425/3/1: Copied by Permission of Miss V. McKissack; CMSIED 9006235
To:Margaret [Craig?]
From: R. [Rachel?] Craig
                August, 25th, 1805.
Dear Margaret,
            I got a sting of a wasp on Friday night.
It was on my fore finger.  My finger was swelled up so
that so that you would not have known it to be the same
finger.  My father put a raspberry into his mouth and there
was one on it and it stung him.  My mother was at Mr.
Malcom's last night.  Mr. Malcom was telling my mother
that Mary put her feet into a basket with the goose-
berries and bruised them all.  I suppose Mrs. S. was
very angry at her. I forgot to tell you that we found
the wasp's nest and destroyed them all.
           I am you[r?] affectionate Sister,
                       R. [Rachel?] Craig
                                 (Aged 6)
P.S. Give my love to Mary.