Elisa Steele to Dear Aunt

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Document ID 201001011
Date 13-12-1880
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Elisa Steele to Dear Aunt;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 201001011
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Castletown Decem [December?] th 13th 

Dear Aunt I take this
opportunity of writting [writing?] 
you these few lines to let
you know that we are
pretty well I herd [heard?] my
Uncle was bad with a
cold I hope he is better
now I thought to get down
to see you before now but I
was not able to go with pain
in my legs Joseph sold
 the bulls in Omagh fair at
16 10sh [shillings?] he bought young

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pigs on Saturday at 3 pounds
He has began to plough
Dear Aunt you and Willy
might come up again
Christmas leave we have 
builded [built?] a nice little house
in the bog down the brodd [broad?]
road I hope Grandmother
is getting through the winter
pretty well

 No  more at present but remain yours
truly Eliza J Steele