Nathaniel Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod

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Document ID 0701094
Date 24-08-1830
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Nathaniel Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod;The Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor; CMSIED 0701094
[The next letter we have is from Nathaniel two years later]

Care Mr Thos [Thomas?] Battersby
County Down
For Mr Robert Taylor

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Philadelphia August the 24th 1830

Dear Brother,
    Yours of the 24th May I recvd [received?] two days 
ago but not from Mr Stuart [Stewart?] I heard about A week 
ago that he was come in and I expected a letter, but not 
having an opportunity of seeing him he posted it and it 
was carried to me. I have not seen him yet. You will pease 
[please?] excuse my few hasty thoughts as an opportunity 
ocurred occurred to me about an hour ago of sending it to 
belfast by hand with a Mr Wood brother of [A?] [?] who is 
going off tomorrow morning who caried [carried?] you one 
before.  I have not wrote you since the one with Barnard
Millighan [Milligan?], an answer by the Francis Peabody 
which was posted in Baltimore, and one Dated October 1828 
and one from Nancy Dated Jany 1829 I recvd [received?]. 
In your last you gave me very little news and I have not 
time to give much now on account of the short warning. 
John Watts came to see me last fall and is here
- I seen him last week. The time I recd [received?] yours 
I also recd [received?] one from John he is in Washington 
and has got an office under 

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the President at 1000 Dollars per annum. April was a year
when he was going there he came this way partly to see me 
and he got some friends and James Brown was here at the same 
time we spent a few days together he had A recommendation 
from all the Legislature of this state and the Governor 
also, and for the office he got he says there was one 
hundred applicants but he obtained it. He wrote to me he 
would be here this summer but he has not come yet.
James Brown was here at the fourth of July and 
stopped two weeks. As to the Cloverseed I will send 
it this fall if I am well and can get a vessel 
for Belfast. I would sent [sic] it last fall if I 
could get the oppurtinity [opportunity?] I could send 
it any time by way of Liverpool but am afraid of it 
being miscarried. I had a son born Feb 27th 1828 named 
Nathaniel he is a fine boy, but he has took the Disentry
[dysentery?] A few days back which he is very bad with.
Jean and the rest of the children are all well, thanks be 
to god for his mercies it is now getting late and I have 
no more thought of at present but when you write me again 
let me know a little more about the [old?] country and the 
old neighbours.
                           no more at present
                           but remains your
                               Nathaniel Taylor

PS I expect the next
my John will be able 
to write it. 
John recd [received?] a letter 
from you the day before 
he wrote to me.