Julia Byrne, Australia, to James Walsh,[Co Kildare]

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Document ID 205245
Date 06-11-1898
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Julia Byrne, Australia, to James Walsh,[Co Kildare];Donated by Ms M Greaney; CMSIED 205245
From Julia Byrne, Sydney
Widow of Joe to James
Walsh [Naas Co. Kildare?] Ireland.

Dear James
Just a few hurried lines to ask
you, if you will send out baby's
money. John asked me to do so, as
he thinks its necessary for you to
have an order from me, there is
such  a lot of forms in things
like this isn't there?
How is Aunt Rose?  I have often
wondered why she didnt answer my
last letter I hope she is quite
well, baby often talks of her and
her friends she has a dear aunt
in dear old Ireland.
She has grown such a fine
child and is a most striking
likeness of her father (may his
[soul?] rest in peace) & has
his sweet disposition I will
have her photo taken now
that  her hair has grown its
one mass of curls I send one
to Aunt Rose
I will write to her soon
so now I will finish this
[nasty?] scrawl wishing you all
a joyous Xmas & happy
new year
from yours sincerely
Julia Byrne
Babys sends love and
kisses galore to all