John Ferguson, Philadelphia to Dear Friends or [?]

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Document ID 201002024
Date 28-03-1872
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation John Ferguson, Philadelphia to Dear Friends or [?];Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 201002024
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           Philadelphia 28th March 1872

 Dear Friends We received your kind 
letter this morning we thought 
great long on account of not getting
any letters from any of you this while
back  We thought that the letters had
went astray on account of us moving from
other Street and I went to the State house
looking after letters that I saw advertised
but the [they?] were not for me but we got 
three this morning one from yous [you?] one from
Castletown and one from roosky so I am
just sending one to each of yous [you?] today
Hoping this will reach you all in good health
as the [they?] have us at present I have not
been very well this month but I think
it was on account of the severe cold
but I am well now and I intend to go
to work on Monday  The work is but 
starting here yet the [they?] cannot get stone in
here until the frost clears of it has to
come about 50 or 60 miles by Boting {boating?]
You tell me that Joseph McFarlane is coming
out here and likewise that you have had
a very soft winter there it is quite to
the reverse here it has been pretty hard here

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I might say freezing all the time since
November but the Spring has opened this
week and I expect the winter is over  This 
is a nice sunshine day  Joseph had a nice
time at home I wish he may have as 
nice here  a man that has no traid [trade?] 
here has got to earn his money pretty hard
The summer is so hot and the winter is
cold and perhaps having to go from 4
to 6 miles to their work  That comes pretty
hard on a greenhorn coming in here.  I do
not mean to discourage any one of coming
out here  There is plenty of money to be 
earned here if a young man is steady
and sober and has good health you
mention of sending a parcel with him
to me but if you do send it in Josephs
name and not in my name as it
would be taken from him in Castlegardens
Let him say that it is his own and not
for any other person but for his use
You want to know if the Drawers I had
from home was of use here the [they?] are better
than any I could get here many a
strange report dose [does?] be sent home
out of this country  all the Difference

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Is the  [they?] require to be made large as the
washing of them so often shrinks them in and the soap in this
country is greatly adulterated with
rosin I had heard about 2 months
ago of Uncle David Dunbar has died
in a letter that Charles Hamilton got
from Alexander Mcglaughlin Plumbridge
I have not seen Uncle Mick Dunbar
since I sent you word if you or any
of the Friends wants to rite [write?] to him his
Address is 316 Redwood Street Philadelphia
It is a long distance from me  I am 
glad to hear that you have got a quiet
horse I hope he will turn out useful
Dear Mother I hope you have quit
thinking long after us the Lord has
endowed us with a blessing of good
health here and we have every reason
to be thankful although we are at 
a distance we have the opportunity
Of riting[writing?] to each other which gives great
satisfaction I believe Sunday First
Is easter Sunday our little ones will 
expect to hold it the same as at home
Hoping William Alexander enjoyed himself the same  

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Johnny left the man he was with
last week he was not doing according [according?]
to contract he is with another man
this week and boards with us but
he is looking out for another kind
of situation as soon as possible  David
is in the store and Mary Ann and Seragh
is in the same places but we intend
to bring them home soon and put them
to a trade that is to operate on a stitching
machine and the [they?] will then be at home
and can assist their mother and make
some money the small pox is very plenty
in this city it is at present next door to us
and one of the men died last week The [they?] are
coloured people and 3 families in one
house Charles Hamilton & his wife comes to see 
us regular and Mitilda and I went to see
them last week  Ellen Speers daughter has
got married about a month ago  her husbands
name is Park. I saw him one day 
in Samuel Carsons and Magy was there
So they appear to be sparkling he is a friend
to Maria Darragh the wedding held in
Robert Hamiltons and Charles and Seragh
was at the wedding  they had about 40 guests
Write us an answer as soon as you receive this
     Yours truly   John Ferguson