Declaration of Committee of Immigrants to Nova Scotia.

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Document ID 305015
Date 16-11-1761
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Central Library, Belfast
Citation Declaration of Committee of Immigrants to Nova Scotia.;The Belfast Newsletter, 11 March, 1762; CMSIED 305015
   Nova Scotia.
   Halifax, November 16, 1761

These may certify, that we the  subscribers,
being chosen a committee by the people
arrived in this province, from the kingdom of
Ireland, the last summer, have at their request
journeyed to the bason [basin?] of Minis and
Cobuquet, and diligently viewed the land situated
on those bays, which were reserved for Col.
[Colonel?] Mc Nutt, and his associates; and
are of opinion, that the said lands are equal
in goodness, and fully answer the description
given by him in an advertisement, published by
him at Londonderry, bearing date the 20th of
April, 1761.  And do further certify, that in
our opinion, the said lands and soil is equal in
goodness to the best lands in Ireland, and capable
of producing wheat, rye, barley, oats, pease,
[peas?], hemp, flax, potatoes, turnips, and all
sorts of garden stuff, which grow here with the
greater luxurience [luxuriance?]; and (as
some of us have been in the province of Pensylvania,
[Pennsylvania?] that, the soil of this country is
much richer, and bears every thing larger and in
greater abundance than that of Pensylvania
[Pennsylvania]; and that all the lands so reserved
for Col. Mc Nutt, are situated on bays and
navigable rivers, so that every farmer may have
vessels come close to his dwelling, for the
selling, and transporting his produce; whereas
those to be granted in Pensylvania [Pennsylvania?],
are more than two hundred miles within land, and
that carrying the produce to market there costs
as much as the several species of grain are worth
at market. And we take this opportunity to assure
all our countrymen that our reception here exceeded
far what Col. McNutt had assured us of; and that we
found all the inhabitants ready to assist, and
promote us in our undertaking, with all good
offices, and treated us with the utmost goodness
and humanity.
     Andrew Ross, Parish Belreshain,[Ballyrashane?]
     Co. Antrim.
     William Moore,P.[Parish] of Faun,[Fahan?.]
     C.[Co?]. Donegal.
     William Henderson, Rathmullan, C.[Co.?] Donegal.
     William McNutt, P.[Parish of] Mavagh,[Mevagh?]
     C. [Co.?] Donegal.
     John Mahon, Rosses, C. [Co?] Donegal
Joseph Crawford,near Rathmullon,[Rathmullan?] C.
Robert Spencer, Clanda Horky,C. [Co.] Donegal.
John Morrison, P.[parish of?] Ry Tollaghebegly
[Tullaghobegly?], C [co?.] Donegal
Benjamin Mc Nutt, P.[parish of?] Mavagh[Mevagh],
Bar.[Barony of ?] Killmacrenan, C. [co.?] Donegal.
                             Mark Patton, P.[parish of?] Faughan
[Faughanvale?] C.[Co.?] Derry.
John McNutt, Tullyachniss, C.[Co.?] Derry
Daniel Cochron Cochrane?], Derrykeychen [Derrykeghan,?]
         C.[co.?] Antrim.
Robert Smith, of Cahery, Parish of Drummacose
[Drumachose?]and County of Londonderry.
Anthony McClean, near Letter Kenny,[Letterkenny,?]
Co. Don.[Donegal?]
John Clark, P. [parish of?] Tamlaughtfinleggan,
[Tamlaght Finlagen.?]C.[Co.?] Derry.
John Barnhill, P.[parish of?] Lake, [Leck?] C.
[co.?] Don.[Donegal?]
                      Halifax, Nov. 17, 1761.
The above signers personally appeared before me,
one of his Majesty's council for said province,
and subscribed their names to the truth of the
above declaration.
                    Charles Morris

Transcribed by Dympna McGeary