Letter from Jim Baul Giving Family History

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Document ID 0709009
Date 21-11-2002
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Letter from Jim Baul Giving Family History;Jim Blaul; CMSIED 0709009

 My name is James Patrick Blaul and for years I have been researching
the Campbell side of my family. The family worked as fishermen off of
Lough Neagh and my great great grandfather James Patrick Campbell died in 
Lough Neagh in Nov 1880 at the age of 40. The family definitely was 
from Co Tyrone, Ardboe, in the townland of Farsnagh. That was based on a 
very recent find of my great grandfather's birth registry.
 There is so much unknown. How many brothers and sisters did my great 
grandfather have (Patrick James Campbell)? Where did they attend
church/mass (Roman Catholic)? How long did my great great grandmother 
live and where is she buried? Did she remarry? Are there distant
relatives on the Campbell or Dillon side in Northern Ireland?
 Any help you can provide will be appreciated!

Jim Blaul
7151 West 177th Place
Tinley Park, IL 60477 USA

 HOME- 00 1 (708) 614-0798

 PS- I am enclosing many of the documents I have on the family. The 
only thing I did not include is the Griffith Valuation document from
the 1860s, which mentions Mary Dillon in Farnsagh. Also, some names
listed may be incorrect in chart below
                   Descendants of James Patrick Campbell

                         James Patrick     Mary 
                           Campbell 	   Dillon
                         Born in Ireland = Born in Ireland
                         Died: 1880 in     
                         Lough Neagh        

       Annie	Bridget	 James	     Sara	   Mary
       Campbell Campbell      Campbell       Campbell  Campbell      O Malley      
	                       Died: 1880  	            Born 1871        Born 1871 	                          in                    Cooktown area, [Married?]
                             Lough Neagh          Co Tyrone, Ireland   Died   
                                                  Died: Jan 05          March 10                                                                   
                                                   1924 in Chicago       1901

                                                                                                         1824 in Chicago

Patrick James        Ida Winnifred
  Campbell              Beilfuss
Born September       Born December
  15, 1872 in          05, 1874 in 
Cookstown area,         Germany
  Co Tyrone,            [Married?] 1899
   Ireland            Died: March 06,
Died: August 28,      1950 in Chicago
1940 in Decatur,           Illinois
  IL Wabash              Evangelical
   Hospital               Hospital

Transcribed by Jonathan Engstrand