Family History of Patricia Simmons

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Pat Simmons

Great Grandparents
Came from Ireland
Probably late 1880s        Dont have their
He died in 1940s                    1st names
She died in 1950s
Settled in Peterborough Ontario Canada

Their son- ??
his daughter Grace Harriet (my mother)

                                                      I think that      
                                                either my Grandfather
                                                 or Gr. Grandfather
                                                       could have been
                                                       Frank or Charles

* These wills could have been either families
of my Great Grandparents

            They were from the estate of my Grandmother
Florence Pilling  1st husband  Munden who
fought in the 1st WW.   was gassed  lost both legs
+ died in Peterborough Ont Canada in the 1940s
his wife died in 1950s also in Peterborough.

Florence  maiden name Sargeant was from England
my mother (her daughter) Grace.

my daughter  Colleen
her daughter  Grace

Frances Crawford  Mundens are their descendants