John Taylor, Pennsylvania, to Robert Taylor, Co Down

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Document ID 0702007
Date 28-09-1821
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation John Taylor, Pennsylvania, to Robert Taylor, Co Down ;Copyright retained by Heather Taylor; CMSIED 0702007
[Front of Letter]
    [Mr Thos [Thomas?] Battersby?]
      [Inn Keeper?]
      [County Down?]
   [For Robert Taylor?]

[Stamped above address]
PAID [--?]

[Stamped on left


[Page 1]

   Cumberland Co Pennsylvania 
          Sept 28th 1821

  Dear Mother Brother & Sister
                    Your kind letter
of March 9th I Recd [received?] 18th June which give 
[sic] me great satisfaction to hear that you are all well. 
I am in a tolerable good state of health at present 
thanks be to God as he has always favoured me with his 
mercies, I have been much afflicted to a pain of the
breast for some time [but?] I never felt it after the 
sea sickness [---?] [----?] [------?] I [immediately?] 
[---lied?] to a Doctor [That?] [put?] a [blisking?] 
[plaster?] on my breast and kept me taking medicine for 
two months the blister relieved me a little but [Did?]
[not?] [banish?] [it?] [altogether?] as I always feel 
it yet and [when] I ride or walk and sometimes
a very heavy spitt [spit?] [also?] reduced my diet to weak 
tea and [bread?] twice [and?] [it?] [is?] [---?] during 
that time I remain very weak and delicate yet [unfavorable?]
always to attend my school the doctors tell me that it to
[too?] [censsing?] for me and rather injurious to me [that?] 
say if I had another sail on the sea it would do me good I 
only [be?] about eight days in February during which time I 
get the best attendance from the gentleman and Lady I [boarded?] 
with she takes as much care of me as if I had been her son and 
I believe there was as many people coming to see me as if I had 
been in my own [native?] land I Returned to my school as soon 
as I got up fatthery [feathery?] not very able for [fear?] I should 
[lapse?] it as that is the [time?] the [they?] are largest I 
was far [spent?] in spring for my appetite was gone I thought 
the time very [long?] [---?] [--?] [many?] a time I was at 
[home?] although I wanted nothing unless I was in a strange 
house what is all the riches or pleasures of this world to me
if I have not my health [along?] with [theirs?] I moved in May 
from that schoolhouse about two miles farther Down the creek 
where I have got about thirty schollars [scholars?] at two 
doller [dollars?] per quarter and in [winter?] I will have more 
scholars I board with [Mr?] Winter a brother in law to the sheriff 
of this county and gets it for one dollar per week I have a good 
comfortable schoolhouse a few paces of the [trunk?] of the creek 
yellow [beeches?] by name which is nearly as large as the 
[Banwith?] but much handsomer the [two?] nearly meet across and 
I can sit on in the house and view the fishes playing.

[Page 2]
which I assure you is very handsome -----
I live about five miles from Carlisle where we have meeting houses 
[of?] all [sorts?] and [Denominations?] I go to hear the [Revd?] 
George Duffield Presbyterian clergyman in Carlisle as there is none 
nearer except some Methodists and Dutch my schoolhouse
was built [chiefly?] for a Dutch [meeting?] house and they have
meeting [sic] in it every thirteen weeks  for the Dutch [Dont?] care 
much for religion  here times are getting no better here farmers 
cannot get any price for their produce and then they will not employ 
any hand that they [can?] [--?] [-----?] [--?] [--?] [---?] [----?] 
[----?] [no?] [w---?] [it?] [nursery?] and [---?] [be?] [paid?] 
[fall---?] is going [adle?] as there is no work going on except 
[public?] and very few of them [and?] may travel weeks and never 
get a days work [--?] flower [flour?] [is?] 5 Dollars per 
barrel and whiskey 25 cents per Gallon beef 4 cent per lb if a man 
[could?] [be?] [in?] [----?] [---scion?] [money?] he could purchase 
property [cheap?] at sherriffs [sheriffs?] [rules?] as there is 
plenty of them [every?] Day and you may guess when old [freeholders?] 
are a [selling?] [out?] [what?] [could?] a beginner [Do?] and a man 
that has five hundred acres of land  has [to?] work every Day or he 
[could?] not keep going  a man here will plow [plough?] an acre and 
a half in one day and he will cut three acres of [grass?] in a day 
with a [cradle?] the [they?] [have?] [generally?] done [seeding?] 
now and and they share [all?] the [harvest? settled in July this 
summer has been [deplorable?] [each?] all along and they [the?] 
winters are very cold here the water has been frozen to my hair 
frequently  before I get dried in the morning and [we?] [have?] 
[no?] [have?] [no?] [sic] [wet?] [weather?] [we?] have great fun 
riding in slays [sleighs?] on the snow drawn by one or two horses 
that will [go?] fifty miles a day quite easy I would have wrote 
[sic] sooner only when I heard  Peter McCavet  was in Baltimore 
I [wished?] to see him first he came here the 12th inst and is 
well and has 7 seven dolars [dollars?] per month and found working 
[sic] at a turnpike about two miles hence I assure it was a great 
satisfaction for me to see him he was along with James Brown in 
Baltimore who is well and speaks of going home this fall Peter will 
write in a few days

[Page 3]
Brother you mentioned to me about going on with my buisiness
[business?] to which I cannot give you any satisfactory answer 
from the state of my health at present. they had a [fine?] 
[college?] in Carlisle to the misconduct of the students in fighting
[Duels?] broke it up [but?] the [they?] will have [professors?] 
in it again spring as the Legislature has granted them one thousand 
Dollars and the [they?] have raised in Carlisle and its [vicinity?] 
[fifty?] [thousand?] Dollars a year for [five?] [years?] by 
Supscription [subscription?]; if James [Magowan?] comes to this 
[country?] he should bring the [-ncestariar?] [plan?] of [teaching?] 
with him I believe I could have got [one?] hundred dollars  a year  
in town for teaching [[p--ers?] one hundred and [ninety?] [fewer?] 
[in?] [number?] if I had undertaken it and a man that [understands?] 
[it?] it will meet [with?] [increasing?] [encouragement?] [alone?]
[----?] [----?] [----?] [----?] [----?] [sent?] [a?] [letter?] [--?]
his [sister?] [he?] [lives?] [about?] [----?] [alone?] [this?] near 
the turn of mechanicsburg [then?] [all?] and family [--?] [---?]
and [June?] [wrote?] [--?] his sister about a [month?] [---?]    
Betsey [Magivern?] [is?] [well?] and lives  [in?] [Carlisle?] 
she is [thinking?] [----?] [a?] [letter?] [from?] [her?] sister 
for she has got none yet [---?] [---?] send home  [some?] [money?]
the first oppurtunity [opportunity?] [---?] Hugh Magowan is well 
[and?] [David?][---?] well Robt [Robert?] [Magowan?] and family is 
well and lives  [----?] last [saturday?] night and Sunday [---?]               [--?] [---?] [your?] [patience?] but it is a little worth [---?]               [it?] [---?] [better?] [th---?] [----?] paper please [---?] [---?]
[love?] [to?] [Aunt?] and [Hugh?] and if he would write me a little
I should be very happy to receive it [perhaps?] [he?] [Doesnt?] 
[count?] me worthy of one please to remember me to [William?] Brown
and family to [Mr?] William Brown and family [and?] William
Wallace and family to [Messrs?] James and Charles Gilespies
[Gillespie?] to Robt [Robert?] Watt and to all my enquiring friends
acquaintances and schoolfellows and any of my old acquaintances 
[that?] [would?] [count?] me  [worthy?] [of?] [a?] [letter?] 
I would feel very happy to receive it please to write as
soon as this comes to hand and send me word [hence?]
Mother and sister [has?] there [their?] healths [sic] I can 
[encourage?] no person to come here except Girls and they can do well 
as it is  an assylum [asylum?] for them
Please to write immediately 
[South?] Township              I remain with very         
                                      great respect Sir
                                      your affectionate
[Mr?] Robt [Robert?] Taylor               Brother
                                          John Taylor

[Written along right side of Page 3]
Dear Mother if you [conveniently?] could get any oppertunity [opportunity?]
[of?] sending me I set in at the [---?] in the same purple of more fine 
shirts [as?] made with the sleeve gathered in [broad?] again as [---s?]
you made one at the wrist and the shoulder strap [about?] [-?] [another?]
[pair?] of [trousers?] [when?] [stockings?] and wrist[bands?] a little 
[broader?] together with the same as I had you might send me [and?] if you 
could get a piece of linnen [linen?] [twil---?][-eers?] and I [will?] [get?] 
[them?] [made?] [here?] [as?] [much?] of it [as?] [would?] [make?] [one?]
Or two pairs of [b--?] and perhaps some time [--?] [would?] be in those articles [able to recompense [would?] [be?] [very?] [acceptable?] to your loving son
I am for ever [y---?]      [John Taylor?]