Nathaniel Taylor, Philadelphia to Robert Taylor, Shanrod.

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Document ID 0701088
Date 16-10-1826
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Nathaniel Taylor, Philadelphia to Robert Taylor, Shanrod.;The Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor; CMSIED 0701088
Mr Robert Taylor
Parish of Garvaughy  [Garvaghy?]  

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Philidelphia [Philadelphia?] 
October 16th 1826

Dear Brother,

It is with pleasure I embrace this favourable opportunity 
of sending these few lines with the Bearer Mr Stewart 
(going to Banbridge) to let you know we are all well
at present thanks be to god for his mercies to wanderers. 
Hoping you are in the same. I recd [received?] no letter 
from you since one  dated Jany 20th 1824 which I recd 
[received?] the 6th of May following some time late in 
the same summer or early in fall I answered it  by hand 
with a Mr Malcomson going to Portadown and  directed it 
to Joseph Gamble. This spring I seen [sic] a young man 
from the same place which [sic] said Malcomson arived 
[arrived?] safe and I think you must have got it. If 
you did, Dear Brother I strange very much you have 
forgot me so soon for I think you never will wear out 
of my mind (If it was your Mariage [Marriage?] which I 
was very Glad to hear of, that caused it then let me
know and you shall hear no more from me. [after this 
7 lines have been scratched out]

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I understand you have heard of the death of Thomas 
Brown before I heard it. I got no word of it until 
last May. I lost a good friend and fellow travler 
[traveller?] I can inform nothing concerning
his Death only what I got from John. The last account 
I had from him he said he would been here last fall. 
I expected him every week until spring and the news 
was his Death which grieved me very much. I hope he has 
gone to a better world than coming to see me. When
we parted last I believe we both felt as sorry as the 
day we left home.
I understand you had a very hot summer this last and 
crops bad. The summer of 1825 was the hottest ever known 
here the Thermometer stood at 96 in the shade (but yet 
healthy although many dropped down dead in the streets) 
this spring was dry we had no rain until the beginning 
of harvest which hurt vegetation much  but Markets are 
cheaper this summer than last. If you will write to me 
again let me know something  abot [about?]Mother for in 
your last you never mentioned her, and  something about 
the rates of the country and what change has taken place 
this while back and who is living on unkles [uncles?] 
place. My family is no larger than when I wrote last, 
that is two sons and two daughters John and Robert Mary 
Matilda and Jean the latter being twins and now beginning 
to talk. I had a letter from John a few days back. I 
understand he is studying law and going to come out an 
Atorney [Attorney?]. If you will write please to let me 
know where Mother and Nancy is. 

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James Brown left here a 
few weeks back and recd [received?] a package from home 
consisting of Shirts and stockings which John brought 
from Baltimore when he went to see About Thomass afairs 
[affairs?]. I am working in A Distillery at twenty Dollars 
per month  at the corner of Callowhill and twelfth streets.
John has forwarded A letter to me to send Alongst [along?] 
with mine Directed to Mr Chambers [and?]  [Care?] of Mr 
Massey Post Master Dromara requesting you to forward the same.

Dear Brother I might say more but perhaps you will not be 
pleased with what I have said therefore I defer any more 
untill [until?] I hear from you.
                                         I remain your 
                                        affectionate Brother 
                                        Nathaniel Taylor
PS Mary Carol is [---------?]
Two letters one for Mrs Porter of Fedeny hoping you will
forward the same.
I see Wm [William?] McNeight frequently and he is well 
likewise Hugh Mooney a few days ago and he is well.
When you write direct as before to Callowhill above Broad 
street Please to let me know how to direct my next