Letter from John Ferguson, Philadelphia

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Document ID 200909001
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Letter from John Ferguson, Philadelphia;Donated by Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 200909001
Oct 1871

[Part of a letter]                        [Probably Oct 71 or Nov]

[page 1]

Thomas has got the Charge of the Squad of working men in his 
work and as regards myself I have been very fortunate since I came 
here. I am Distinguished from a greenhorn, the men I am working 
with rather thinks I have been here a number of years and Johney 
is well thought of by his boss and he keeps all his accounts 
[accounts?] I bought him a suit of close [clothes?] last week and 
one to Thomas at 50 Dolars it helps a 

[page 2]

great dale [deal?] of money to keep a family in this Countey 
[Country?] and Little Seragh gets all she makes to put Clothing on 
her. She is got well [enlifened?] now by what she was at home. 
David is working in a Barrle [Barrel?] factory at 6 Dolars [dollars?] 
per week. Thomas Graham came to see us that is the schoolmasters 
son and he took me to see Bidy Sheering. She was so glad to see me 
she had to kiss me and likewise Mary Mullin They live convenient 
to other and treated us kindly. Bidy ownes [owns?] her hause 
[house?] and is about to buy another.