The Gailey Family - Genealogical Notes.

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Date 01-01-1715
Document Type Family Papers
Archive Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Citation The Gailey Family - Genealogical Notes.; PRONI T.1284; CMSIED 8809084
                      WILLIAM GALLIE
                       August 1870
                     FAMILY RECORDS
                          OF THE
                      G A I L E Y S,
                  SOME OF THEIR CONNECTIONS.
         " The Righteous shall in everlasting remembrance."
Compiled chiefly from records and memorandums preserved in the
respective families; and also from two obituary notices of the
Rev. [Reverend?] SAMUEL R. GAILEY and the Rev. [Reverend?] SAMUEL M.
GAILEY, which appeared in the "Presbyterian Historical Almanac" for the
years 1863 and 1864; from which also has been collected the informa-
tion [information?] inserted concerning the origin, migration,
and settlement of the family in Ireland.
    Feeling that much which would, at least, be highly instructive
to posterity, if dependent on the plans, arrangements, or, perhaps,
neglect of the individual, would be almost sure to perish, it was
resolved by a few friends, that as many statistics of the respective
families, as could be collected, should be compiled, and a copy
furnished to each family for private use only, and thus, while
giving additional interest to each, likely to render the whole more
The family of the Gaileys is of Scotch origin, they belonged
to a Highland Clan, the Chieftain of which was Buchanan.*
   When the house of Hanover ascended the throne of England,
the adherents of the house of Stewart were still numerous and
influential in Scotland.  When the rebellion of 1715, which had
for its object the placing of Prince James, son of James II., on the
Scottish throne, broke out, the ancestors of the Gaileys were living
in the island of Bute.  Being staunch Presbyterians, and in politics
Whigs, they supported the house of Hanover and the Protestant
succession, and opposed the claims of the Stewarts and the schemes
of the Jacobites.  About the beginning of the reign of George 1.,
three brothers - perhaps owing to the disturbed state of Scotland
at the time - removed from the island of Bute to Ireland.  One
settled near Letterkenny, and the two others in Tyrone; one at
Killenure, near Omagh, the other in the Parish of Ardstraw.  This
last married the daughter of Mr. Brown, of Creevy, and with her
received the lands of Cavnabun. [Cavanbun?]  The house, slightly modified,
in which he lived, still stands, and with part of the lands is still
in possession of the family.
   The family of the Browns, and also of the Crawfords, with
which they were afterwards connected, had removed to this country
from Scotland, at an earlier period.
  *Buchanan it would appear, was the original name of the family, but from
the success of one of the family in a tournament and the flower profusion of
the spot on which the victory was achieved they were henceforth called
by the name of Gay-Lea or Gealy.  Such is the oldest spelling of the name.
In the license of the Rev. Daniel Gealey, an "e" is inserted before the "y".
The American branches have adopted the spelling "Gayley," and those in this
country "Gailey," within the last fifty years.
The only issue, recorded, of Mr. Gealy's marriage with
Mr. Brown's daughter is John Gealy (the name was so spelled
then), neither the date of his birth nor death has been preserved.
He married Martha Love, who died 17th March, 1783.
    A memorial stone in Mr. Gealy's house bears the inscription
1776, though the house was built eight years before this date.
There is also a stone built into the front of the office houses with
the initials "A. G. 1777".
John Gealy and Martha Love, Children -
1. Andrew Gealy, born 9th Nov., [November?] 1746.  Died 1st Dec, 1813 or 1814.
2. Rev. [Reverend?] DANIEL GEALY, A.B. died at Kilkenny, 20th March, 1790.
   Nothing is known of his wife or family.*
3. John Gealy, died in America, 1781.  Nothing further is recorded of him.
4. Robert Gealy, lived and died at Kilrail.
5. Betty Gealy, married David Cuthbertson, of Ardstraw, went to
   America, 17th October 1797.
6. Jane Gealy, married Anthony Forbes, Lower Clare one son Thomas,
   went to America.  Nancy, her daughter, married John Johnston,
*Copy of Rev. Daniel Gealy's Deacon's Orders:-
  "William by Divine permission, Lord Bishop of Ossory, to all whom it may
concern, Greeting: Know ye that we, on Sunday the tenth day of October,
instant, in the Catherdral Church of St Canice, Kilkenny, celebrating
Holy and General Orders under the guidance of Almighty God, did promote to
the Holy Order of Deacon, our beloved in the Lord, Daniel Gealy, of the
University of the Holy Trinity, Dublin A.B. and well recommended to us for
his life, morals and virtue; and after examination approved of by us,
he having first taken all the oaths required to be taken and subscribed all
things necessary to be subscribed and did then and there legally and
duly ordain the said Daniel Gealy, Deacon according to the rites and
cermonies of the Church of Ireland, as it is by law established.  In
witness whereof, we have caused our episcopal seal to be hereunto afixed.
The eleventh day of October, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand seven
hundred and eighty-four"
                                                   "B. HARTFORD, Reg.
Copy of Mr. Gealy's Priest's Orders:-
  "William by Divine permission, Lord Bishop of Ossory, to our beloved in
Chirst the Rev. [Reverend?] Daniel Gealy, Clerk, Batchelor of Arts,
Greeting: whereas you are nominated unto us by the Rev. [Reverend?] Thomas
Jacke Rector and Vicar of the Union of Burn Church in our Diocese of Ossory to
serve the cure of souls within the said Union. We therefore, by these
presents, do grant this our License, and give you full power and authority,
to celebrate divine service, to administer the Sacraments, to preach the
word of God and to do all other things belonging to the office of a
Priest and Curate-Assistant within the said Union: and we do hereby
appoint you Curate of the same during our will and
pleasure, you having first taken all the oaths required to be taken,
and subscribed all things necesary to be subscribed; and to support
the burthen of said care, we allocate to you the yearly salary or sum
of fifty pounds, sterling to be paid you by four quarterly payments of
the issues, profits and emoluments of the said Union. In testimony whereof,
we have caused our episcopal seal to be hereunto affixed this
fifteenth day of October, One thousand seven hundred and eighty-five.
                                           "B.Hartford, Reg.
"William Ossory.
  Both these are here transcribed from the original parchments. Part of
Mr.Gealy's library is still preserved by the family.
Andrew Gealy, Cavnabun, [Cavanabun?] married 11th June 1779,
Margaret Crawford, Hunterstown near Carnone, Co. Donegal;
the Rev. [Reverend?] Mr. Law was their Minister.  Children-
1. Daniel Gealy, born 14th April, 1780. Carrickadartans.
2. John Gealy,    "    5th Oct,   1781. Carncorn died 1st July, 1867
3. Joseph Gealy,  "    4th Feb,   1784, Maghrelough; d [died?] 18th Aug,1850
4. Martha Gealy,  "   21st Dec,   1785, Creevy.
5. Robert Gealy,  "    9th Jan,   1788, Went to America, 7th July,
   1816, died unmarried in Kingston, Upper Canada.
6. Andrew Gealy, born 26th Mar,   1790, Cavnabun; [Cavanabun?] died 1st
   July, '57. [1857?]
7. James Gealy   "     6th May,   1792, Went to America, 15th July,
   1817; married Esther Thornton, Drumlegagh.
8. Mary Gealy, born 25th July, 1796. Went to America, 15th July,
   1817; married Rev. [Reverend?]  Mr,Crooks, Maryland.
9. Samuel Gealy, born 2nd June, 1798 or 1802.
10.Thomas Gelay, born 12th Feb, 1801.  Went to America, 20th May,
   1821; died unmarried.
   Mr. Gealy ruled well his household and was for many years a Ruling
Elder in the Presbyterian Church of Drumlegagh.  Mrs Gealy, his wife
was a woman of very signal piety, she gave a character to the society in
which she moved; and her children have risen up and called her blessed.
To her zeal, combined with that of her former pastor, the Rev. [Reverend?]
Mr. Law must be attributed the establishment of the Drumlegagh Congregation.
One of her sons, Samuel entered the Ministry and four of her grandchildren,
namely Samuel R. Gailey, whose field was Shanghai and Tung Chow, China
James Gailey, Annan, Scotland; Samuel A. Gayley, West Nottingham, Maryland;
and Andrew Brown, Hollymount.  All her grandchildren, who came to years of
discretion numbering over fifty, with two or three exceptions, have become
members of the Church of their fathers. When very weak and near to death,
she asked the family to engage in singing the 40th Psalm, which had been
with her a subject of delight and meditation; when they had proceeded as
far as the words-
       "He put a new song in my mouth,
        Our God to magnify,
        Many shall see it, and shall fear;
        And on the Lord rely."
the tremulous voice which had joined in the singing of the first
became still, and her happy spirit passed away to join the choir who
praise Him day and night in His temple for ever.
4:1 DANIEL GEALY, married MARGARET FYFE, Silverhill;
by whom there were four children, viz:-
1.  Andrew Gayley, emigrated to America. Died there unmarried several years
2.  Joseph Gayley, died when young.
3.  Martha Gayley, remained unmarried.
4.  Margaret Gayley, died in America many years ago; her piety was
    of a very high order; she was a very sweet character.
Daniel Gealy married again Nancy Fyfe, Silverhill, by
whom there were five children, viz:-
5.  Joseph Gayley, died in America many years ago, a most amiable and
    religious young man.
6.  Oliver Gayley, remains unmarried.
7.  James Gayley, M.D., [Doctor of Medicine?] Physician of extensive
    practice; with a mind  naturally penetrating and highly cultivated:
    a man of high standing in his profession in Philadelphia. He also
    takes an active part in educational and religious matters.
8.  Rev. Samuel A. Gayley, Lower West Nottingham, Maryland
9.  John Gayley, died young.
Andrew and James emigrated to America about thirty years ago; about five
years after followed Margaret and Joseph, and Mr. Gayley with the remainder
of his family about five years still later; still later; he with [?] and their
children, Martha and Oliver, still live near Parksburg Pena.  He is highly
and justly esteemed by all who know him.  He and his wife are models of
parental faithfulness and success, in training up their children in the
way they should go.  Their house has ever been sanctified by piety.
4:2 JOHN GAILEY, married RUTH THOMPSON, daughter of
John Thompson and Rhoda Beatty, Lawstown, 16th May, 1813,
by whom there were ten children:-
1.  William Gailey, born 1815.  Killed by a Cart, 17th August, 1836
2.  Margaret Gailey, born [?]   Married Alexander Hill, near
3.  John Gailey, born [?]       Went to America, and died Jan, [January?] 1860.
4.  Ruth Gailey, born [?]       Married John Gailey of Killelaston, they
    went to America some twenty years ago.
5.  Rhoda Gailey, born [?]         Died when two years old.
6.  Andrew Gailey, born 1828, Castlederg.
7.  Robert Gailey, born  [?]  Cavnabun. [Cavanabun?]
8.  Marida Gailey, born  [?]  Married Mr. Gilmore, 12th Feb,  [February?] 1867,
    who died three months after marriage.  There is one Child.
9.  Mary Gailey, born [?]     Married John Cooper, March, 1858.
    They removed to America some two years ago.
10.  Joseph Gailey, born [?]  Removed to America in May of 1849
     or 1850.
Mr. Gailey was a man of unostentatious but genuine piety: he had long
been a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, Castlederg; his upright
and blameless life was in perfect harmony with the Gospel he professed and
the hope he entertained.  his charity was perfect; he was never known to
have spoken evil of any man.
4:3 JOSEPH GAILEY, Maghreclough, married JANE HAWKS,
Cavan, Parish of Stranorlar, only child of James Hawks and
Betty Wilson; they had ten children-
1. Andrew Gailey, born 29th Sept. [September?] 1812 or 1814.  Castlederg.
2. Rev. James Gailey, born 7th Sept. [September?] 1817. Annan.
3. Robert Gailey, born 7th Nov, [November?] 1819. Maghrelough.
4. Alexander Gailey, born 6th Feb, [February?] 1822. London.
5. Samuel Gailey, born 17th Mar., [March?] 1825. Died, March, 1844.
6. John Gailey, born 25th July, 1825 or 1828.  Dublin.
7. Elizabeth Gailey, born 20th Aug, [August?] 1829.  Castlederg.
8. Margaret Gailey, born 14th Nov, [November?] 1831. Married Andrew White,
   Rosshill, 3rd September. 1852.
9. Jane Gailey, born 10th Feb, [Febraury?] 1833.  Married Jeremiah Roulston,
10. Joseph Gailey, born 10th Feb., [February?] 1835.  He represents the Firm of
    Messrs. A & J. Gailey, in England, Wales, and Scotland.
    Mr. Gailey was for many years a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian
Church, Drumlegagh; he held clear and decided doctrinal views in
favour of Calvinism, as opposed to the views of Arminius; his piety
was of an unmistakable type, approaching near to that of his sainted
mother.  Mrs. Gailey was a woman of superior mind; and co-operated
zealously with her husband in carrying out the injunction, "Train up
a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from
4:44 MARTHA GAILEY, married DAVID BROWN,* Creevy 26th
December, 1812; they had nine children_
1. Ann Brown, died when seventeen days old.
2. Andrew Brown, died next day after birth.
3. Rev. [Reverend?] Andrew Brown, born 20th November,1815 Hollymont
4. Robert Brown,  born 27th Nov, [November?] 1817.  Died of small pox
   [smallpox?] when six years old.
5. Margaret Brown, born 18th Aug, [August?] 1820.  Died in small pox
   [smallpox?] when four years old.
6. John Brown, born 5th Nov, [November?] 1822.  Married 21st Nov
   [November?] 1867, Elizabeth
   Gamble, daughter of James Gamble and Catherine Crocket, Bridgehill.
   Children-David, Elizabeth.
7. Margaret Brown, born 18th Feb, [February?] 1825.
8. Matilda Brown, born 21st April, 1827.
9. Joseph Brown, born 11th June, 1829.
Mr Brown had been previously married to Nancy Johnston, Legenvy, [Leganvy?]
   near Drumquin, by whom there were five children -
1. Annabella Brown, born 26th Feb, [February?] 1800.  Married James Rankin,
   Glenswilly; had three children, James, Brown, and Nancy.
2. Euphemia Brown, born 16th April, 1801.  Married John Wilson,
Aughaseagh; had five children - David, James, John, Matilda, and
Lisa Jane.
3. Elizabeth Brown, born 20th March, 1803.  Married Robert
Cladwell, Maghricrigan.  Children - James, Nancy, and Matilda.
4. James Brown, born 8th May, 1805.  Married Jane Alexander, Drumadone.
Children - David, James A., Margaret Jane, and Nancy.
5. David Brown, born 28th Feb, [February?] 1811.  Married in America, Margaret
Somerville, and died some four years ago.
It will be seen from these records that the family of the Browns and
the Gaileys had been previously united: the first union was of the
Browns with the Gaileys: the second union was of the Gaileys with
the Browns.
*Mr. D. Brown was the son of David Brown and Arabella White, Derrygoon,
daughter of Andrew White.  He had four brother and three sisters,
namely -
a. Andrew Brown, died when a young man.
b. John Brown, married Peggy Gealy, and was drowned in a storm at
sea, on his way to America.
c. James Brown, died when a young man.
d. Isabella Brown, married Mr Fyfe, Drumlegagh; their only child
and daughter married Hugh McCay, Drumlegagh.
e. Margaret Brown, married Thomas White, Derrygoon.
f. Mary Brown, married William Aiken, Creevy, and had seven children,
viz:- David, Jane, John, James, Joseph, Isbella, and Sarah.
Mr. Brown had been over forty years a Ruling Elder in the
Presbyterian Church.  After a long and useful life, he died
27th August 1861, in the 90th year of his age.
4:6 ANDREW GAILEY, Cavanbun, married ELEANOR RANKIN,
Glenswilly, 2nd April, 1818; she died 29th October, 1862.  They
had seven children-
1. Andrew Gailey, born 30th May, 1819 Borrisokane  Married Elizabeth
Smith; they have nine children viz:- Samuel S. Jane, Andrew, Robert,
Mary, John, Elizabeth, Ellen and Sarah, who died when a child.
2. Elizabeth Gailey, born 8th Nov, [November?] 1821.
3. Margaret Gailey,   "   24th Mar, [March?] 1824.
4. Rev. [Reverend?] Saml. R. Gailey, " 18th Oct, [October?] 1826 or 1828.
5. John James Gailey  "     6th May, 1829.  Died March 9th, 1858.
6. Matilda Gailey,    "     29th Jan, [January?] 1832.  Married Mr. Doak, and
removed to America, he died, leaving her with one child.
7. Eleanor Gailey, born 5th Oct, [October?] 1836.  Died April 26th, 1858.
Mr. Gailey was a man of much geniality of character; he was a very
agreeable associate.  His piety was without display.  He had been for
many years a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, Drumlegagh.
4:9.  Rev. [Reverend?] SAMUEL M. GAYLEY, married 31st July, MARGARET MORROW,
eldest daughter of Samuel Morrow, Philadelphia.
Their children-
1.  Andrew Gayley, married Margaret Algeo, real Estate Agent,
2.  Thomas Gayley, married Ellen Horner, Wilmington.
3.  Lizzie Gayley, married Dr. [Doctor?] Simson.
4.  Margaret Gayley, married James Algeo, he died shortly after,
    leaving one child.
5.  William J.Gayley, lieutenant in the Navy during the American War.
6.  Martha Gayley, married Thomas Mortland, May, 1869.
Mr. Gayley was designed for the ministry of the Gospel by his excellent
mother, and his studies were directed with a view to fit him entering
college.  On 26th April, however, he sailed for the United States of
America.  He landed in Philadelphia 31st May.  On the 4th June, he began
his studies with a view to the ministry, under the late Rev. [Reverend?]
S.B. Whylie, D.D. [Doctor of Divinity?] of Philadelphia.  He was licensed to
preach the Gospel, for some time missionary and supply in various places,
he was ordained and installed at Wilmington, Del, [Delaware?] 25th December,
1832.  In October, 1833, joined the Presbytery in connection with the
General assembly. In 1832, opened Wilmington Classical Institute, and
conducted it with great effect and
success until 4th July, 1854, on which day his establishment was burned to
the ground.  In October of the same year, he removed to Madia, Del.
[Delaware?] Co., [County?] Pen, [Pennsylvania?] and established the Media
Classical Institute, which he conducted with success until his death, on
19th December, 1862.  He was a man of very extensive acquirements,
especially in classics.  As a teacher of youth he had few equals.  He had
had more than one thousand youths under his training for twenty different
States; and from Canada, Cuba, England, Ireland, Indian, Mexico, Barbadoes
and Poland.  Of these; more than seventy have entered the Ministry; still
more have become laywers, and a large number of physicians and teachers;
others have become professors and presidents of colleges, judges and Members
of Congress, Twenty have become missionaries in Africa, India, and China.
His piety was founded on Scriptural principles, and his labours for the
good of men adundant.  He was for many years a Trustee of Delaware College,
Newark, and Chairman of the Executive Committee.  He was twice offered
the Chair of Languages, and once invited to the  Presidency of the
Institution, all of which he declined.  He was also for many years a
Trustee of Lafayette College, and always took great interest in its
prosperity. Few have lived more for the good of his race and the glory
of God than Mr. Gayley, and few have left a name more savoury, and more
closely associated with all that is honourable and of good report.
4:2:6  ANDREW GAILEY, junior, Castlederg, married his uncle Joseph's
daughter ELIZABETH, 25th Aug., [August?] 1857.  Their children are:-
John Gailey, born 19th Dec, [December?] 1858.
Joseph Gailey, born 7th Sept, [September?] 1860
Elizabeth Gailey, born 10th Jan, [January?] 1863.
Matilda Gailey, born 8th June, 1864.
Margaret Gailey, born 8th Sept, [September?] 1865.
Andrew Gailey, born 11th Feb., [February?] 1868.
Mr. Gailey is well read in both religious and political subjects; and is
highly respected as a member of society.
4:2:7. Robert Gailey, Cavanbun, married his uncle Andrew's daughter,
Margaret, 25th Nov, [November?] 1858.  Their Children are:-
Ellen Jane Gailey, born 21st Sept, [September?] 1860
William John Gailey, born 21st Aug, [August?] 1862
Andrew Gailey, born 6th Feb, [February?] 1864.
Robert Henry Gailey, born 6th April, 1868. Died in infancy.
4:3:1  Andrew Gailey, senior, Castlederg, married 25th Aug, [August?] 1857,
Margaret, daughter of John Ramsey and Margaret Wilson, Ballyroen, near
Letterkenny.  Their Children are:-
Jane Gailey, born 27th May, 1858.
John R. Gailey, born 23rd June, 1862
Andrew James Gailey, born 28th Nov., [Nvember?] 1867.
Mr. Gailey is Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church, Castlederg.
4:3:2 Rev [Reverend?] James Gailey, married April, 1841, Jane
Hamilton youngest daughter of Robert Hamilton, Esq., [Esquire?] M.D.,
[Doctor of Medicine?] R.N.[Royal Navy?]
Their Children are:-
Mary Hamilton Gailey, born Feb., 1842.
Edgar Gailey, M.D. [Doctor of Medicine?] born Sept., [September?] 1844
Alice Anna Downdon Gailey, born July, 1848.
John Alexander Gailey, born July, 1852.
George Knox Gailey, born 1862.
Mr.Gailey having completed his course at College, was licensed to preach
the Gospel, Oct, [October?] 1838; ordained in Strabane, Jan., [January?]
1839.  Removed from Strabane, April, 1843, and ministered for some time in
Queenstown (Cove of Cork).  Removed from thence to Annan in Dumfriesshire,
April, 1850; on the 29th of April of the same year was inducted Minister
of the Annan Congregation, in connection with the Free Church of Scotland.
4:3:3 Robert Gailey, Maghrelough, married 3rd Sept, [September?] 1852,
Mary Anne White, Rosshill.  Their Children are:-
Joesph Alexander Gailey, born 15th June, 1853.
Maggie Anne Gailey, born 3rd Jan, [January?] 1855.
Andrew Gailey, born 28th Jan, [January?] 1857.
John James Gailey, born 15th April, 1859.
Mr. Gailey is an influential Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Church.
4:3:4  Alexander Gailey, married 9th July, 1857, Catherine Honees, eldest
daughter of William Brown Carter, and Mary Carter, Nottingham, England.
Their Children are:-
William John Gailey, born 10th June, 1858, died in infancy.
Mary Jane Gailey, born 24th June, 1859.
Robert Alexander Gailey, born 14th Dec, [December?] 1860.
Catherine Elizabeth Gailey, born 21st July, 1862.
Joseph Alfred Gailey,)
                     born 11th July, 1863, both died in infancy.
George Albert Gailey,)
Priscilla Louisa Gailey, born 8th April, 1865.
Floxina Margaret Gailey, born 24th June, 1867.
Mr. Gailey after serving an apprenticeship in Letterkenny, resided for
several years in London, where he was a Deacon in connection with the
Regent Square Presbyterian Church, presided over by the late Dr. [Doctor?]
James Hamilton; commenced business on his own account in Liverpool, in
partnership with his brother John, in 1856.  The extension of the trade
rendered a removal to London necessary in the latter end of 1865.  The
The business is now conducted at 19, St. Dunstan"s Hill, in the City of
London.  His residence is Haringey Park, Hornsey, where he holds an
influential position in connection with the Independent Church, there being
no Presbyterian Church in the neighbourhood.
4:3:6 JOHN GAILEY, married 22nd June, 1862, Jeanette, eldest
daughter of Thomas Little, Liverpool; she died the 6th April,
1863, three days after giving birth to her first child, leaving
Mr. Gailey to mourn her early removal.  The child that remains
of this marriage is John Joesph Albert, born 3rd April, 1863.
Mr Gailey married again, 7th December, 1865, ELIZABETH COOKE,
only daughter of Robert Disney Cooke, Esq., [Esquire?] Griffinstown House,
Co. Wicklow.  The children are-
Edward James, born 14th Aug., [August?] 1866.
Kathleen Elizabeth, born 19th Oct., [October?] 1867
Alice Anna, born 3rd Jan., [January?] 1869.
William Disney Alexander, born 26th Dec., [December?] 1869.
Mr. Gailey's parents had intended him for the ministry and his
education was directed with a view to fit him for entering college,
but his attention was turned to business, and after serving an
apprenticeship in Strabane, he continued in the same department of business
for some years in Belfast.  In 1857, commenced business on his own account,
in the Tea trade, in Liverpool, in partnership with his brother Alexander.
In order to superintend the Irish branch of the Business, he came to
reside in Dublin, on 7th Dec, [December?] 1865; his success has confirmed
the wisdom of the arrangement.
4:4:3 Rev. [Reverend?] Andrew Brown, having completed his studies at the
College, was sent as missionary to Newpark, County Sligo, by the
late ADr. Edgar, where he laboured from May, 1851, to May, 1854; residing
for the time at the house of Mr Duke, Newpark.  He was licensed to
preach the Gospel by the Connaught Presbytery at Sligo, 9th Sept,
[September?] 1851.  In May, 1854, was invited by the Congregation of
Turlough to become their minister; ordained 20th Sept, [September?] 1854,
as minister of Turlough, and missionary in the district of Castlebar.
Received a unanimous call from the Congregation of Hollymount to
become their minister; removed from Turlough to Hollymount in Jan,
[January?] 1863, and was installed as pastor of the Congregation on 17th
Feb, [February?] 1863. Married 26th Aug, [August?] 1863, Sarah M. Gailey,
widow of Rev. [Reverend?] Samuel Gailey, missionary in China.  The
children of this marriage are -
David Henry Brown born 8th June, 1864
Lucy Sophia Brown, "   7th Jan, [January?] 1866, died Tuesday, 4th May,
1869, at nine o'clock, A.M., after four days' illness of Scarlatina.
Andrew Allen Brown, born 7th Oct, [October?] 1867.
Martha Emily Brown,  "  14th Oct, [October?] 1869.
4:4:8 Matilda Brown, married William M'Askie Creevy, 13th July, 1859.
Their children are-
Ann Jane M,Askie, born 28th May, 1860.
Margaret M'Askie,  "   18th Oct, [October?] 1861
Matilda M'Askie,   "   29th May, 1863
Henrietta M'Askie  "   24th Nov, [November?] 1864
Joseph M'Askie     "   21st Sept,[Septeber?] 1866
Wm. James M'Askie  "    9th Aug, [August?] 1868
4:4:9 Joseph Brown went to America about twenty years ago; was drafted
into the American War, and though he offered 600 dollars, no
subsitute could be found.  He accordingly entered the army, and
served for nine months at the close of the insurrection, under
General Sherman; marched to the City of Nashville, in Tennessee;
through Georgia to Savannah and the coast, through North and South
Carolina to Goldsborough; thence to Raleigh, the capital of North
Carolina; thence to Hollysprings, where General Johnston surrendered
to Sherman.  There was fighting less or more every day through all
this route; and men fell by hundreds in the midst of  showers of shot
and shells through fifteen States.  He endured great hardships lying
in swamps; and part of the time had nothing to eat, which was the
worst of all.  Yet at the close of the war he returned to the bosom
of his family without wound or impediment.
4:6:4 Rev. [Reverend?] Samuel R.Gayley, son of Andrew Gailey, Cavanbun, was
designed by his parents for the ministry of the Gospel, and his studies
were directed accordingly. In June, 1847, he sailed for the United States
of America; in August he joined the family of his uncle, Rev. [Reverend?],
Samuel M. Gayley, and became assistant in the Wilmington Classical Institute,
of which his uncle was Principal. In 1849, he was received under the care of
the Presbytery of Newcastle, as a candidate for the sacred ministry. In
1850, he entered Lafayette College, and graduated in the summer of 1853.
He entered the Princeton Seminary, and in 1854-5 applied to the Board of
Foreign Missions, and was designated of Northern China.  In 1855, he was
licensed to preach the Gospel, and ordained as an evangelist, 1st July,
1856. Married Sarah S. Mills, of Buffalo, daughter of Calvin Mills, Esq,
[Esquire?] Alden, Erie County, N.Y. on 20th August, 1856.  Sailed for
ShanBghai on 11th October, and arrived 7th February, 1857.  After four years
missionary labour in Shanghai, he removed to Tung Chow, as a less relaxing
climate; after two years and a half of successful missionary work in Tng
Chow, he died of Asiatic Cholera, during the fearful ravages of that
maligant diease, on Tuesday, 29th July, 1862.  "Blessed are the
dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labours, and their works do follow them."
Mr. Gayley had three children,-
Charles Mills Gayley, born 22nd Feb, [February?] 1858.
Andrew James Gayley,   "   29th Aug, [August?] 1859.  Died 18th Nov,
[November?] 1860.
Francis Spencer Gayley "    7th Dec, [December?] 1860. Died of Cholera,
5th Aug, [August?] 1862, one week after her father.