Letter from Mitilda Ferguson, Philadelphia,to dear friends. Elisa Steele?

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Document ID 200912015
Date 05-04-1881
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation Letter from Mitilda Ferguson, Philadelphia,to dear friends. Elisa Steele?;Dermot Lyttle; CMSIED 200912015
[Page 1]

 April 5th 1881

My Dear loving friends Once
more lift up my pen to right [write?]
to yous [you?] to let you know that 
we are all well thank God
for his kind mercy to us all
hoping that when this reaches
yous [you?] that yous [you?]will be all the
same I am long waiting for 
a leter [letter?] I cannot waight [wait?] no longer
right [write?] as soon as you read
this as I am longing for some
news from yous [you?] the [they?] say the [there?]
are troubled times in
Ireland I hope it has not come
your lenth [length?]  Dear Elisa I am very
sorry that you are not in this
country it is a plentiful country
for them that does what is 
right the [there?] are hundreds of people 
landing here at present from Ireland

[Page 2]

Dear Elisa we had the coldest
winter here ever was seen in A
merica  Dear daughter I was poorly
all winter myself I fell and sprained
my foot it is beter[better?] now thank
god for his kind mercy to
all I supose [suppose?] Elisa you see bela [Bella?] 
Graham often there she will
soon be coming back here again
let me know how aunt Jane and
Maryan [Mary Ann?] is and how they are getting
along well Elisa I had my cousin Margaret
hutchin [Hutchison?] cousin Elisa Melon and
cousin Jorge hutchins[Hutchisons?] daughter
to see me on Sunday last the[they?]
tell me that aunt Betty is
well she wants me to go and
see her I will go some of these days
Thomas and Mark Graham was 
in our house on Sunday he
has young son born to him
on the 26 March I was over

[Page 3]

their [there?] yeraday [yesterday?] Martha and
the baby looks first rate she says
the [they?] will call the baby thomas
Mary and Sary [Sara?] went to New York
the[they?] stops in your aunt Elisa Carsons
Sary [Sara?] has lerned [learned?] a trade of making
boys suits it is a good trade here
Mary is sails [sales?] lady in the store
that Aunt Elisa young son is in
it is the largest in New York the[they?] say
the [they?] would not stop their [there?] the [they?] will
come back to Philadelphia the [they?]
were in cousin James Colhoun
at a grand party he had three
children babtised [baptized?] he has a splendid
home of his one [own?] the [they?] see Maryann
McNickle often and likewise 
Ann Melon the[they?] are all well
John is always [always?] working in the
oil works he has ten and a half 
Dolers [dollars?] per week Samuel is their [there?] too
in a tin shop he has four Dolers [dollars?]
                                        as well

[Page 4]

David and Wiley [Willy?]
is in Aboss? shop  David
can make twenty Dolers [dollars?] per
week and he pays Willy eight
dolers [dollars?] per week out of that
his baby is bad with the hoping  [whooping?]
cough it is the fates [fattest?] baby I ever 
saw your uncle David and the family is all well the [they?] were here
on Sunday eving [evening?] with the rest
of the friends the [they?] enjoyed them
selves well Dear Daughter when 
you right [write?] let me here [hear?] a good bit
of news as I here [hear?] that people in
Castletown is greatly reduced the
times being so troublesome I suppose
Elisa dear you can tell aunt Janey
that aunt Katy Calhoun is living
with her brother the doctor in 
Toronto and Margred [Margaret?] and Samuel
is dead and the rest all
 keeps store  John keeps a hotel his wife is
 dead and left no family

{Kate is alive at home with 
myself she wishes me to remember 
          her to yous [you?] }             [written upside down at top of page 4]

Dear friend Joseph I hope you will be kind enough to
rite [write?] to me if Elisa does not  good by and God bless all you     

  [written upside down across top of pages 2&3]

No more at present but remain
Your ever affectionate mother                                [written at top of page 1]
to death right [write?] as soon as you receive this 
and excuse this bad righting [writing?] as it is old woman