John Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod

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Document ID 0701097
Date 14-11-1833
Document Type Letters (Emigrants)
Archive Mellon Centre for Migration Studies
Citation John Taylor, Pennsylvania to Robert Taylor, Shanrod;The Taylors of Shanrod Co Down, Letters from America. Copyright retained by Heather Taylor; CMSIED 0701097
Mr Robert Taylor
County Down

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      United States of North America   
            Washington City, D.C. Nov 14th 1833

Dear Brother,
           Without having anything important 
to communicate I sit down merely to say 
that all is well, and have been so since 
the date of my last letter, which was in June.
My wife and two youngest daughters have returned
to this city and we have taken boarding, for which
I pay ten dollars per week. We find this more 
economical than keeping house where everything
is so extravigantly [extravagantly?] dear. My 
oldest daughter is still in Carlisle with her 
grandparents and at school. I myself am still 
in the same situation - not without the expectation, 
however, of yet obtaining a better one.
               Our city was remarkably healthy the 
past season. We had no cases of cholera nor indeed 
has there been much of it this year on this side of 
the Alleghany mountains; but in the Western country 
and particularly in the city of New Orleans it raged 
with frightful malignancy.  In the latter place both 
it and the yellow fever prevailed at the same time and 
swept off in immense number of the inhabitants.

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In the city of Mexico in August last the deaths
were as high as 1400 a day from Cholera alone.
It is estimated that 20,000 souls perished in that
city with the pestilence in the past summer.

I have not heard from Jane or the children 
since I wrote you last. I expected to have 
seen them before this time but was prevented
by some uncontrollable causes. I am looking
anxiously to hear from James Brown, I presume
he is still with you and I hope his health
is improving. I envy him the pleasure of 
visiting his native home-a pleasure Im 
afraid forever lost to me.
James Johnston of Baltimore was in this 
city a few weeks ago. He informed me that all
our acquaintances in his city were well and 
since his return he sent me a present of a few
bottles of Irish whisky distilled in Belfast.

Since writing the foregoing I have met with 
a gentleman (a Mr ONeill) just on the eve 
of starting for Dublin and to send this by 
him must cut it shorter than I intended.

Remember me affectionately to my 
Mother and Sisters- God bless you all
Yr [Your?] affectionate 
                  Brother John Taylor
Mr Robert Taylor