Letter from John & Mitilda Ferguson, Philadelphia, possibly to Samuel Park

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Please rite [write?] soon and give us
all the news your last letter
was directed to Elsworth St.
but I got it by chance
direct to John Ferguson 254
Gallaway Street Philadelphia
A young man lived on the 
same street with us went
home a month ago he went
by Liverpool he said he said he 
would give you a call
his name is Charles Rob from
Castlederg  Let Mrs.Worthington
now [know?] her brother Willy is well
he boards right beside us
Mary Anne and Seragh is getting
their winter dresses made the [they?] 
will cost about 30 dollars Dress
is expensive here that is 6 English

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I had this letter rote [wrote?] 3 days
back but kept it to I would
get a leter from Magy
I had a letter from her She
is intend to stop in New York
but did not tell me that 
Sammy had got work but
I had a letter to day from
your Aunt Elisa Carson She
tells me he had a job and
run around drinking on Friday
last and got discharged and
that he went to Mr.Berghoff
and beged [begged?] 10 dolars [dollars?] of him to
take him home to get his
farm sold so there is no
greater roge [rogue?] in the country
rite [write?] soon and give us all the news 
we are always glad to hear
from yous [you?]no more.